Top 10 Best Victorious Moments



Top 10 Best Victorious Moments

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
These Victorious moments remind us why there was never a dull day at Hollywood Arts! We're looking back at some of the funniest, most touching, and downright victorious scenes from this hit Nickelodeon sitcom. We're only including the non-musical moments, so be sure to also check out our Top 10 Songs From Victorious list to see our favorite young artists belting it out. MsMojo ranks the best Victorious moments. What's your favorite Victorious moment? Let us know in the comments!
Never a dull day at Hollywood Arts! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Victorious Moments.

For this list, we’re looking back at some of the funniest, most touching, and downright victorious scenes from this hit Nickelodeon sitcom. We’re only including the non-musical moments, so be sure to also check out our Top 10 Songs From Victorious list to see our favorite young artists belting it out. Please note that there will be spoilers!

#10: The Method Acting Sleepover
"Sleepover at Sikowitz's"

To teach his students about method acting, Sikowitz issues a challenge to Tori, Beck, Jade, André, Cat, and Robbie. They are to come to a sleepover at his house acting as a bizarre character, and whoever remains in character longest wins – whoever DOES break must immediately leave. Beck and Tori end up being the only ones left –super dedicated to their parts to the point where even Sikowitz has had enough- while everyone else ends up watching “Terms of Endearment” …and laughing like it’s a comedy. This not only highlights the challenges of method acting but also provides non-stop laughs thanks to the extremely zany characters being played.

#9: Tori’s Understudy
"Tori Gets Stuck"

Tori lands the lead role in the new school play, while Jade ends up as her understudy. Needless to say, the latter is less-than-happy –even more so than usual! Jade tries anything that her twisted brain can think of to steal Tori’s part –including, but not limited to, trickery, abusing Tori’s allergies, and fixing it so she gets dizzy after donating too much blood. Near the end, Tori is too disoriented to perform; however, rather than let Jade take over the lead, Sikowitz steps in and plays the part himself –refusing to reward Jade for her deceitful attitude. You can’t always get what you want… but it’s scary to see what lengths Jade will go to try.

#8: Beck & Jade Break Up
“The Worst Couple”

Beck and Jade have been fighting a lot –so much so that they’re named “the worst couple”, and their friends end up stuck in the middle. Finally, after one too many arguments, Jade walks out the door and after a brief hesitation, they both agree that it’s over between them. They’ve broken up before, but they quickly got back together after a thoughtful present went horribly wrong. This, however, felt more permanent –even though it was kind of obvious that they still had some feelings for each other. They get back together in Season Four, but when this break-up happened it hit us all in the feels, changing the show’s dynamic for over a season.

#7: The Boys Trick Trina
“Car, Rain, & Fire”

Tori, Cat, and Jade might be having a terrible road trip, but things are no better back home. Trina spreads a rumor that Beck asked her out to make her look more irresistible, which seems like a fruitless effort… until Beck actually DOES ask her out. Before the “date” can start however, Robbie and André get into the mix and the three boys start pretending to fight over Trina. To make matters worse, when she goes to get help and comes back… the trio acts as though nothing happened. Putting Trina on the spot is a hilariously effective way to teach her a lesson about lying, and the way they execute said lesson is absolutely hilarious.

#6: How DID Trina Get into Hollywood Arts?
“How Trina Got In”

To be blunt… Trina isn’t the most talented student. So how did she end up enrolled at Hollywood Arts? André, Beck, and Jade have their respective theories, but Sikowitz actually knows the truth. Because it was actually kind of his fault. Years ago on the day of the audition, Sikowitz was drinking rotten coconut milk when it was Trina’s turn. While she sang terribly, Sikowitz was enthralled by the absurd and trippy hallucinations the milk was causing; bewitched by what his visions showed him, he allowed Trina into the school without a second thought. While she can be irritating, you can’t help but feel bad for Trina knowing that her place Hollywood Arts was just random luck. It makes for a great story though!

#5: Rex’s ‘Death’
“Rex Dies”

Robbie’s relationship with his puppet Rex is… less than healthy, but how would Robbie react if Rex got mortally injured? We find out one day when a mistake on Tori’s part sees Rex get badly damaged in a wind machine; Robbie is so devastated that he begs his friends to take the puppet to the hospital. They agree so that Rex can “die” and Robbie can finally move on with his life. Despite how ridiculous the situation is, the episode handles it very emotionally by showing how distraught Robbie is at the thought of losing his best friend –even if he IS just a puppet. Fortunately, Tori can’t stand to see her friend miserable, and “miraculously” brings Rex back to life –much to everyone else’s annoyance.

#4: Sneaky Secret Tacos
“The Breakfast Bunch”

With the gang stuck in school for Saturday detention, they manage to sneak away to retrieve some tacos stashed away in Tori’s locker. Unfortunately, before they can chow down, they have to overcome a final obstacle – Vice Principal Dickers. What makes this moment so funny is how the whole episode is a spoof of the classic comedy-drama, “The Breakfast Club” –and this scene in particular parodies the scene where the gang tries to sneak back with their secret stash of drugs. Unfortunately, like the original scene, someone has to make the sacrificial play so that the others can escape – and Tori’s the one who volunteers. Shoving the tacos down Robbie’s pants though? Pure comedy gold.

#3: Containing Cat
“Cell Block”

Sikowitz challenges his students to go one week without modern technology; such a sacrifice proves torture, but Cat takes it worst of all. Desperate for her cell phone, she tries to cope with a squeaky toy… but it barely fills the void. To ensure that the girls win the bet, Tori and Jade do everything they can to keep Cat under control –including sitting on her and putting her on a leash like a wild dog. Unfortunately, a mere leash is no match for Cat’s desperation as she ends up chewing through it and racing off to find a phone. It’s kind of sad, sure but mostly too funny watching sweet, ditzy Cat Valentine lose her mind - over something besides Bibble that is.

#2: “Sabotage?”
“Who Did it to Trina?”

In a special “Rashomon effect” episode, Trina ends up getting hurt on stage while performing in Tori’s play… and it may not have been an accident. Most of the gang are called in as eyewitnesses… but no one proves to be a very reliable source of information. Tori and Jade accuse each other, Robbie accuses Cat, Cat only remembers an episode of “Drake & Josh”, and André just wants to go on his date. At the end of this funny mystery, everyone just shrugs it off as an accident. Only we, the viewers, learn that it was actually Rex who sabotaged the play –as if we weren’t already concerned about Robbie’s mental state!

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions to make things shine.

Cat’s Sky Store Addiction

André and Robbie's Ballet Dance
“The Bird Scene”

André's Grandma on Speaker
“Tori Fixes Beck and Jade”

Jade’s Eyebrows
“Crazy Ponnie”

“Hammer Time!”
“The Gorilla Club”

#1: Trapped in the Hotbox
“Survival of the Hottest”

A massive heat wave has come to Hollywood, and the gang decides to head to the beach to cool off. Cat runs off to the bathroom while the others end up getting stuck in Beck’s RV. with the entrance blocked by a massive motorhome. Cat lucks out, winding up having a fun day on the beach with some cute guys, while the gang nearly gets cooked alive in a gigantic heat box –even the “cold-blooded” Jade feels the heat. This perfectly highlights what makes “Victorious” great, outside of the music: the comedic quirks of our Hollywood Arts ensemble emerging in a horribly hilarious crisis, which ultimately ends in a hysterical punchline.