10 Times Jade Was the Best Character on Victorious



10 Times Jade Was the Best Character on Victorious

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
She may be a gank, but these Jade Moments from Victorious make us chuckle.
She may be a gank, but she knows how to make us chuckle. Welcome to MsMojo, and today
we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jade Moments from Victorious.

For this list, we’re looking back at some of the most iconic and funniest scenes featuring the bad girl of Hollywood Arts, Jade West. We won’t be looking at any of her musical moments since we want to focus more on her as a CHARACTER than a singer. If you’ve never seen her in action, there WILL be spoilers.

#10: Betty-Sue Goldenheart
“Sleepover at Sikowitz’s”

When Sikowitz challenges his students to a method acting sleepover at his house, Tori has Jade portray a happy farm girl from Alabama. While it's pretty much everything Jade isn’t, she actually does well staying in character – wearing a peppy smile even when making snide remarks. Near the end, she accidentally burns her hand on a hot tray of quesadillas… and STILL manages to stay in character despite the pain. However, she then leaves Sikowitz’s house to let out her frustration - breaking character… and someone’s car window. Honestly, if it weren’t for her injury, Jade actually could’ve won the challenge!

#9: Jade’s Re-Audition
“Helen Back Again”

When Helen from “Drake & Josh” takes over as principal of Hollywood Arts, she has the students perform and produce re-auditions to be allowed to stay at the school. For Jade’s re-audition, she writes, directs, and stars in her own horror movie and… it’s difficult to describe. It’s disturbing, it’s intense… it’s pretty much Jade in a nutshell. While we can actually laugh a bit at it, the film terrifies Helen and the judges, so it’s pretty safe to say that Jade passed her audition. If her trippy little flick has taught us anything, it’s that Jade’s got a bright future in the horror genre – especially if she can achieve so much all on her own.

#8: Driving with Tori & Cat
“Car, Rain & Fire”

When Cat reads online that her favorite actress has passed away, she asks Jade to drive her and Tori to the actresses’ house so that she can say goodbye. Jade agrees, but mostly because it means she can be around the soul of a recently deceased person . . . It’s Jade, what do you expect? Unfortunately, the trip is more trouble than it’s worth – the girls get rained on, Jade gets tricked into eating an old muffin, and it turns out that the trip was all for nothing. Cat’s idol is alive and well. So maybe Jade’s meanness isn’t ALL for nothing.

#7: Tori & Jade’s Date
“Tori & Jade’s Play Date”

Since the show’s beginning, Tori and Jade have clashed every chance they could. So you can imagine the comedic irony when they’re expected to play husband and wife in Sikowitz’s play. To help them seem more believable in their roles, Sikowitz forces the two to go on a date. To no one’s surprise, neither girl is thrilled by this idea. Nonetheless, they do manage to stay civil and say something nice to each other. While it doesn’t happen often, it’s always a treat to see these two get along; and of course, there’s no better bonding experience than putting creepy guys in their place!

#6: “What do you hate?”
“The Wood”

The kids get a chance to audition for a new reality TV series called “The Wood” – and naturally, Jade is among those trying out. During her interview, the producers ask Jade what she hates, and she proceeds to list a multitude of things she absolutely despises –including, but not limited to, rainbows and ducks. What makes this moment extra funny is that not only do the producers not know how large Jade’s list of hatred really is, it feels like we didn’t even hear HALF of her list. Ironically, her personality earns her a spot on the show… but it doesn’t end well for her or Tori.

#5: Her Cat Voice
“Opposite Date”

When Cat accidentally lets it slip that Tori and Beck are hanging out that night, Jade abducts the loudmouthed redhead to help her keep tabs on the sneaky twosome. Every now and then, Jade “borrows” Cat’s phone to check in on Tori… by imitating Cat’s voice. We all know how unflattering her “Tori” voice is – trust me, we’ll cover that later - but surprisingly, Jade’s Cat voice is an almost perfect imitation. From Cat’s mannerisms to her trademark laugh, it’s completely on-point – even if Cat doesn’t think so. Thankfully, it turns out that she didn’t have to worry about Tori and Beck after all, but we still get to enjoy her skills as an actress.

#4: Jade & Beck Break Up… Again
“The Worst Couple”

Anyone can clearly see that Jade’s relationship with Beck is… unpredictable at best. They first broke up in season one when Jade’s jealousy got the best of her, but were able to patch things up in the same episode. Around season three, however, Beck finally gets tired of their constant fighting. Jade gives him an ultimatum, but although he hesitates, he decides they’re better off broken up. For the rest of the season after this emotional moment, the two remain separated – with small hints that they still care for each other. Fortunately, they get back together in season four when Beck realizes how much he missed her dangerous attitude.

#3: Her Eyebrows
“Crazy Ponnie”

Anyone who’ met Jade knows that if you cross her, nothing will stop her from settling the score. A prime example occurs when Cat accidentally waxes Jade’s eyebrow. Throughout the episode, Jade is hell-bent on catching her and… well, it won’t be pretty. Thankfully, someone is always there to stop things from escalating; but in the end, Jade gets her ultimate revenge… by completely shaving Cat’s head. To be honest, based on what Jade’s capable of, Cat got off way easier than she could have. Hopefully, her bald head will serve as a reminder of what happens when you stir up Jade’s wrath.

#2: Spiteful Jade
“Who Did it to Trina?”

Probably one of Jade’s funniest methods of messing with Tori is her unflattering imitation – where she makes Tori sound like a Southern belle. Unfortunately for Tori, this isn’t Jade’s only way of making her look bad. When Trina gets hurt during a mysterious stage accident, Jade automatically accuses Tori of being the one to cause it. Her story makes Tori look like a complete monster, while portraying Trina as a meek little victim. To be fair, though, Tori’s story accusing Jade isn’t so flattering either. It’s amazing how far Jade will go just to spite her rival/frenemy. But then, that’s also what makes her such a good antagonist.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Ruining Tori’s Prom
“Prom Wrecker”

“Never” Sweating
“Survival of the Hottest”

Being the Giant Hamburger
“The Diddly-Bops”

Hugging Tori
“Wok Star”

Chasing Off the Yerbanian Girls
“Locked Up!”

#1: Jade the Understudy
“Tori Gets Stuck”

Jade hoped to be cast as the lead in the new play, but Tori gets the part while Jade is just her understudy. Naturally, she doesn’t take this sitting down. She goes through every underhanded tactic she can think up – nearly tricking Tori into dropping out, trying to get her sick, and –worst of all- causing her to get stuck at the hospital giving blood until she’s too woozy to perform. While it’s entertaining for us, this is unquestionably Jade at her most depraved – going so low as to jeopardize Tori’s health over a school play part. Unfortunately for Jade, she can’t always get what she wants –ESPECIALLY when she acts like the mother of all ganks!