Top 10 Best Songs from Victorious



Top 10 Best Songs from Victorious

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
The songs from Victorious are guaranteed to “make it shine”. We'll be looking at some of catchiest toe-tappers performed by Tori Vega and the Hollywood Arts crew. We're only considering the original tracks the show gave us, so song covers -no matter how amazing they were- are ruled out. MsMojo ranks the best songs from Victorious. What's your favorite Victorious song? Let us know in the comments!
The tunes on this list are guaranteed to “make it shine”. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Songs from Victorious.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of catchiest toe-tappers performed by Tori Vega and the Hollywood Arts crew. We’re only considering the original tracks the show gave us, so song covers -no matter how amazing they were- are ruled out. Also, since a few of these songs contributed to the episodes’ plots, we’re issuing a spoiler warning just to be safe.

#10: ‘You're the Reason’
“The Birthweek Song”

Tori is in desperate need of a “Birthweek” present for Trina –rather than birthDAY because... it’s Trina. Thankfully, André has the perfect idea – a guitar driven pop tribute. The song makes it clear – her sister might be a little nuts, but Tori can’t help caring about her; after all, Trina WAS the reason she got into Hollywood Arts in the first place. Unfortunately, she’s also too shallow to fully appreciate such a thoughtful, well-performed performance. Oh well, it’s her loss! Meanwhile, listeners can still appreciate Tori’s gift –as well as the captivating acoustic version, where Victoria Justice’s singing and piano playing are beautifully showcased.

#9: ‘It's Not Christmas Without You’
“A Christmas Tori”

Poor André is feeling blue after his teacher gives him a D for his Christmas song, especially since he never even gave a solid reason for the grade. Fortunately, Secret Santa Tori has the perfect gift for her friend – dressing up in festive attire and performing the carol with Cat and Jade in the middle of the hallway. Why DID André get a D for this song? The music is upbeat and the lyrics are festive and meaningful – embracing the spirit of the season, and getting together with your friends and loved ones. Thankfully, the performance earns André the A he deserved, and we can all swing to a new Nickelodeon Christmas carol.

#8: ‘All I Want Is Everything’
“Locked Up!”

Victoria Justice stated herself that this peppy dance number is about wanting something bad enough and not being afraid to try and grab it. The official music video used this song as part of a storyline involving Justice wanting to capture the affection of a guy named Dean Stanland; the story was continued in a flash mob performance at Universal CityWalk. Unfortunately, the song performance in the show itself was NOT as fun – Tori and the gang are forced to perform it in Yerba, but get interrupted when Tori accidentally injures the country’s chancellor. She is taken to jail, and now all she wants is to go home.

#7: ‘You Don't Know Me’
“Tori Fixes Beck and Jade”

After he and Jade break up, Beck has been thinking long and hard about what kind of girl he likes… conveniently right as Jade starts her performance for the Full Moon Jam. This rocking melody fits Jade to a T– people act like they can easily figure her out… but they’re always wrong. She’ll make life difficult for anyone who thinks they know her, and she’ll fight back any chance she gets. Beck finds that’s exactly the type of girl he’s looking for –prompting them to get back together. While Jade CAN be a bit of a gank, she usually makes things interesting for the two, and she definitely nailed this rocking solo.

#6: ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’
“The Great Ping Pong Scam”

The Hollywood Arts students land into trouble when they can’t pay their bill at a fancy restaurant –thanks to Robbie. Thankfully, Tori and André have the solution to settle their debt – André takes to the piano, Tori borrows Jade’s dress, and the two perform a live ballad for the other customers. Unlike the fast and energetic songs featured on this list, the tempo and sound for this tune are slower and more comforting; with equally smooth –yet confusing- lyrics. Tori and André’s voices complement each other fantastically, and while they’re not romantically together, this was the perfect tune for their very first duet.

#5: ‘Beggin' on Your Knees’
“Beggin' on Your Knees”

Tori accepts to be partnered with the handsome Ryder Daniels to perform a duet for a class assignment. It feels like love is in the air, until she discovers that Ryder’s only using her. Fortunately, revenge is a beat we can all dance to; so Tori turns the duet into a solo, and belts out a powerful synthpop song to humiliate the weasel in front of the whole school, and all the other girls he’s manipulated. In addition to a catchy beat, this pop tune carries a warning to ANYONE who tries to cheat on their girlfriend – you mess with her, she’ll put you in your place, and make you regret it.

#4: ‘Shut Up N' Dance’
“April Fools’ Blank”

After a long, absurd April Fool’s Day at Hollywood Arts, the main cast has all gathered at the Vega house in the final act. Tori’s neighbor comes in looking for advice, and the kids help him by breaking out into an upbeat, pumping pop song. While the whole group sings in the episode, Victoria Justice performs it as a solo on the soundtrack. Even though Justice definitely has the talent, it’s more fun to see the whole ensemble singing –even the normally tone-deaf Trina is on-key this time. The title and lyrics speak volumes about the song’s message: actions speak louder than words, especially if you came to dance.

#3: ‘Freak the Freak Out’
“Freak the Freak Out”

Jade and Cat rock their R&B duet of “Give it Up” in a karaoke contest, but the contest is rigged so that two rude, tone-deaf girls win. Later, Cat and Jade make a bet with them that ANYONE can sing better than these two brats –including a rather homely girl. The girl is revealed to be Tori in disguise, who belts out an electric rock jam that ultimately wins the bet for her friends. It’s no surprise why this song won – the fast paced music is energizing, and the lyrics aggressively berate anyone who refuses to listen –be it an inattentive boyfriend, or two arrogant teens who can’t accept when someone outclasses them at singing.

#2: ‘Make It Shine’

In the series opener, this song was SUPPOSED to be performed by Trina for the Big Showcase …but Tori thankfully took over and put on a stellar performance –one great enough to get her enrolled into Hollywood Arts. Along with being the series’ theme song, this is one of the most referenced tunes in the show – it’s on Tori’s locker, it has been remixed, it has even been mashed together with the iCarly theme song. Wherever you hear it, the meaning is all the same: don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and show the world what you can really do, because someday, you’ll truly make it shine.

Before we tap our toes to our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

‘5 Fingaz to the Face’
“Driving Tori Crazy”

‘365 Days’
“Jade Gets Crushed”

“André’s Horrible Girl”

#1: ‘Take a Hint’
“Tori & Jade's Play Date”

Tori and Jade are forced to spend a night together to try and get along… but their awkward evening only gets worse when two obnoxious boys continuously flirt with them. The girls decide to show their disinterest with some karaoke, and soon the whole restaurant is dancing to an uptempo duet. This delightfully savage pop tune features creative censoring in certain areas, and a crystal clear message: if you’re too pushy, back off! All and all, this works perfectly as Tori and Jade’s first duet of the series – putting their rivalry aside to tear into some sleazy idiots, and bounce their incredible singing talents off each other.