Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in Victorious
Trivia Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in Victorious



Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in Victorious

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Shaina Higgins
These "Victorious" mistakes were left in the show, but only keen-eyed viewers caught them. Our countdown includes food fight, tuna fish, sudden shower, and more!

Top 10 Victorious Mistakes That Were Left in the Show

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Victorious Mistakes That Were Left in the Show.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the continuity errors and inconsistencies at Hollywood Arts High that made it onto the Nickelodeon screen.

Have you ever spotted a mistake on “Victorious?” Tell us about it in the comments!

#10: That’s a Cap
“How Trina Got In”

Robbie did a nice thing when he offered to treat Tori to a sushi lunch off campus. Sweet though the gesture might have been, the afternoon goes downhill when Robbie realizes he has forgotten his wallet. The two find themselves conscripted into squid chopping duty to pay their check. It was a stressful experience, for sure, that restaurant owner does not mess around. Maybe that’s why just seconds after removing his sanitary cap, Robbie has it firmly back on his head. Though, another few seconds later and it’s gone again, so maybe we’re reading too much into this. We do, however, still have questions about why Tori would use Nozu’s computer to update her status rather than just contact help directly.

#9: Food Fight
“Freak the Freak Out”

Don’t mess with Jade West. Throughout the show she has proved time and again that she is a devious diva who will size you up, cut you down, and ruin your lunch. Or maybe not. When a pair of troublemaking rivals start slinging shade, Jade and Cat aren’t prepared to take it lying down. They storm the stage and deliver a karaoke smackdown of epic proportions. In typical Jade fashion, she isn’t afraid to get messy when she upsets the food on the table. Except when we jump to the wider shot we can clearly see that the plate has never been touched. Maybe this karaoke joint just has really fast waiters?

#8: A Prophetic Locker
“The Great Ping Pong Scam”

Tori Vega was a later addition to Hollywood Arts High than her friends. It doesn’t seem to matter though. She fits right in with the school and her group, and before long it’s like she’s always been there. In the episode “The Great Ping Pong Scam,” we see a flashback to freshman year, where eagle eyed viewers noticed an interesting detail. Tori might not be a student there for another year, but her locker is already waiting for her. We know that the students make a big deal out of their individualized lockers, so there’s no chance this was ever somebody else’s door design. It looks like Tori was always destined to walk those hallowed halls.

#7: Sudden Shower
“Stage Fighting”

Much though we enjoy Jade for the quintessential frenemy that she is, we can appreciate that many of her schoolmates might fantasize about throwing a drink in her face. Though it wouldn’t be without consequences. Luckily, it doesn’t seem that bad this time around. Despite getting splashed right in the face, Jade’s hair barely even looks damp. A few seconds later, however, is a different matter. When Jade runs into Andre her hair is suddenly visibly wet. If we hadn’t seen her get doused with our own eyes, we’d think that this was just another part of Jade’s victim ruse.

#6: Two Places at Once
“Tori the Zombie”

Getting a full-face prosthetic removed mid-musical number and still making the final verse is quite the impressive feat. It’s nothing compared to Tori’s more subtle magic trick though. When Cat and Trina arrive backstage with the solvent Tori needs to strip off her zombie makeup, she’s not exactly smooth in making her exit. But shortly thereafter we can see her sneaking back onto the stage with no one the wiser. Except that the next shot shows us that she is apparently still in the middle of her de-zombification. Any performer would kill to be able to be in two places at once. Tell us your secret, Tori!

#5: Tuna Fish
“Robarazzi” & “The Wood”

Jade is someone who seems to have a very clear idea of what she likes and what she doesn’t. In fact, when asked directly about the latter, she is prepared with a very specific list. What is surprising is how quick Jade is to mention tuna. Earlier in the season we hear Jade talk about eating tuna with so sign of strong feelings. About the fish, anyway. Is there a deeper story here? Did something happen to turn Jade off tuna so definitively? Probably not, but considering how easy it is to get on her bad side, anything is possible.

#4: To Prom or Not to Prom?
“Pilot” & “Prom Wrecker”

Like many shows set in high school, “Victorious” gave us an entire episode dedicated to the celebration of prom. In the season two episode “Prom Wrecker” we learn that Hollywood Arts has never bothered to host the classic high school ritual. Tori, of course, sets out to change that. The funny thing is, that the anti-prom sentiment might be more recent than everyone is letting on. In the pilot episode, Rex certainly makes it sound like the school has some kind of history with the dance. Maybe Cat just tries to get invited to all the social events at all the schools. We could see that for her.

#3: Vanishing Glasses
“Survival of the Hottest”

The episode also sometimes called “Stuck in an RV” is widely considered to be one of the series’ funniest. When the gang is trapped in a sweltering trailer in the middle of a heat wave, things turn desperate. Desperately hilarious, anyway. With so much that stands out about the episode, little details don’t necessarily make an impression until repeat viewings. Like the fact that Jade’s sunglasses keep disappearing. In some shots they are on top of her head, while in others they are nowhere to be found. We guess if we were stuck in that RV we would probably lose track of our accessories too.

#2: As Seen on TV
“Helen Back Again” & “Who Did it to Trina?”

The shared universe of the Nickelodeon live action shows has always been a fun unifying feature. Among other things, it’s allowed for some great crossovers. When Yvette Nicole Brown appeared as the new Hollywood Arts principal, it was cool to discover that she didn’t just look like “Drake and Josh’s” Helen Dubois, she actually WAS her. So questions arose in “Who Did it to Trina,” literally the next episode, when Cat got her wires crossed. Establishing that “Drake and Josh” existed as a TV show in the “Victorious” world got us wondering, was “Drake and Josh” supposed to be a reality show all along? But then we never saw Principal Helen again. So was it all just a dream? So many unanswered questions...

#1: Future Phone Call
“The Wood”

When the show “The Wood” sets up production at Hollywood Arts it’s clear that their priority is a juicy story, no matter if it’s true or not. As the friends sit down to watch an advance cut of an episode, they get to see the lengths the producers will go to with their creative license. Jade of course, does not take this particularly well. It’s not out of character for Jade to be jealous, but the two scenes are so obviously completely unrelated, with Beck’s occurring in the middle of the day, and Tori’s happening later at night. Maybe it’s a crack at the hack editing of reality shows, but making Jade look so easily manipulated is a mistake either way.