Top 10 Most Rewatched Victorious Moments
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Top 10 Most Rewatched Victorious Moments

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Alexander
We lost count of how many times we rewatched these "Victorious" moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the scenes in “Victorious” that had us hitting 'replay' over and over. Our countdown includes Ke$ha, take a hint, Trina's sabotage, and more!

Top 10 Most Rewatched Victorious Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Rewatched “Victorious” Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes in “Victorious” that had us hitting ‘replay’ over and over.

What “Victorious” moments keep you coming back? Let us know in the comments below!

#10: None Like it Hot
“Survival of the Hottest”

Tensions and temperatures rise when a trip to the beach goes awry. After Tori and friends are trapped in an RV during a heat wave, this sitcom starts looking a lot like Lord of the Flies. Hilarious chaos ensues as the gang tries, and fails, to adapt to their predicament. They do everything from wrestle over a water bottle to swarm a tiny handheld fan. At the same time, Cat keeps getting distracted and delaying their shot at freedom. Watching the increasingly desperate and hilarious measures they take to fight the heat never gets old. All their wild antics lead to the sweet point where they put a smile on our faces by running out of that boiling RV.

#9: Trina’s Sabotage
“Who Did It To Trina?”

Accusations aren’t the only things flying when the ropes to Trina’s vest get cut in a pivotal scene of a school performance. While it’s amusing to see Tori and her friends cast blame on each other through their own versions of the same story, the real highlight of the episode is Trina’s disastrous flight. When something goes wrong with her flying harness, a helpless Trina hits walls and flails around as she’s flung around the set. The audience can only watch, or in Jade’s case, record, as she struggles. It’s a great feat of physical comedy. While Trina might regret being in the spotlight for this performance, we loved her failed flight.

#8: The Diddly Bops Debut Song
“The Diddly Bops”

Fair warning— once you hear this catchy song, it’ll be stuck in your head for days. The main cast gets hired to write and perform a new children’s song. Their resulting tune is a delightful earworm you’ll be humming for days. Admittedly, the teens kind of hate the idea of dressing up as food and performing. But the song’s catchy melody, playful lyrics, and hilarious side comments from characters throughout make it a moment we can’t resist playing on repeat. It’s a shame the ‘new’ Diddly Bops didn’t quite live up to the original. We would have loved to see a second single from the new band.

#7: Tori’s Transformation
“Freak the Freak Out”

This two-part special already blew us away with a fantastic duet by Cat and Jade in ‘Give It Up’. But Tori’s performance of the title song was the scene that left our jaws on the floor. After learning that the local karaoke contest is rigged, Tori and friends scheme up the perfect plan for payback. She dresses in a ridiculous disguise so that no one would suspect she’s a performer. Once Tori gets on stage, she stuns the audience by nailing the song while removing her disguise. The combination of the lively song, an iconic transformation, and a successful scheme made this number one to remember.

#6: Monster Face
“Tori the Zombie”

After a botched class project leaves Tori stuck in monster makeup, she tries to fix her face before a big performance. But with opening night looming and the show’s writer in attendance, she’s forced to take the stage with her scary mug. Tori pushes past her embarrassing situation and decides to perform anyway. Although she does an amazing job with the makeup on, things get even better when Cat arrives with supplies to take it off. Tori’s fellow dancers and musicians stall for time while she frantically tries to get her face back. The tension and comedy brilliantly builds to a grand reveal where she can finally show the audience her true face.

#5: Day of Detention
“The Breakfast Bunch”

While “The Breakfast Bunch” episode serves as a great homage to the John Hughes classic “Breakfast Club”, it also finds clever ways to surprise audiences who are familiar with the film. Along the way, the “Victorious” story also includes some fantastic and mature jokes that likely went over kids’ heads when they first watched. Eventually, the cast needs to avoid the vice principal. As they frantically try to get away, they give us a nearly frame by frame recreation of an iconic “Breakfast Club” sequence. The “Victorious” version even ends like the movie by having Tori volunteer to distract the vice principal. The accuracy of this chase scene made it the best homage in an episode that was full of them.

#4: Take a Hint
“Tori and Jade’s Playdate”

There are few things as satisfying as seeing Tori and Jade finally team up. Although they're usually fighting, the duo is forced to play nice for a night so they can bond for an upcoming show. While they struggle to find common ground at first, a pair of obnoxious boys quickly remedy that. Jade and Tori decide to make their lack of interest very clear with a toe-tapping number that goes down as an instant classic. It’s intensely satisfying to hear this pair share the mic. Not only do they tell two obnoxious boys off in the best way possible, but we get to see the sparks that fly when they team up.

#3: Sikowitz’s Sleepover
“Sleepover at Sikowitz’s”

When Sikowitz hosts a contest to see who can stay in character the longest at a sleepover, we get one of the wackiest and funniest episodes of the show. This setup is full of golden and hilarious moments. We loved seeing fun reversals like mean-girl Jade playing a sweet farmgirl and Andre posing as a pregnant marathon runner. And we never know what to expect when these various characters play off each other. The cast’s commitment to their method acting hijinks leads to the best and highly anticipated scene where the winner is determined. After Beck makes an innocent slip-up, Tori claims victory. Her celebration put a fantastic cap on a great episode.

#2: Ke$ha
“Ice Cream for Ke$ha”

Even though “Victorious” is full of random storylines, we never would have guessed that the writers would bring Ke$ha and ice cream into the mix. After winning a personal concert through a hilarious ordeal involving ice cream, the icon herself appears for an excellent performance of “Blow.” Seeing Ke$ha alongside our favorite Hollywood Arts students is an absolute treat. And all the wacky hijinks that led up to her appearance make it all the more worthwhile. While we would’ve loved this episode for Ke$ha’s reaction to Trina alone, we keep coming back for the singer’s great performance.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Broken Glass Song, “The Diddly Bops”
This Song Never Fails to Crack Us Up

Birthweek Song, “Birthweek Song”
One of Tori’s Standout Performances

“I Want You Back”, “Locked Up!”
Tori and the Gang Break Out of Prison in the Best Way Possible

“Tell Me That You Love Me”, “The Great Ping Pong Scam”
Tori and Andre Pay For Their Meal With a Last Minute Performance

Trina’s One Woman Show, “Jade Dumps Beck"
Trina Puts on a Hilariously Bad Performance.

#1: Trina’s Audition
“How Trina Got in”

How did a talentless, self-absorbed wannabe like Trina make it into Hollywood Arts? Well, Tori and her friends seek the answer to that very question in this unforgettable episode. The story has everything from kung-fu action sequences to injury-induced angelic singing. Each sequence is more insane than the last. But all the zaniness paves the way for an answer we’ve been waiting for. After Sikowitz drinks some questionable coconut juice at Trina’s audition, he begins hallucinating. He believes that she’s so good that he instantly moves to get her into the school. This scene’s hilarity and sheer absurdity was a fantastic representation of what we love about “Victorious.”