our story

Launched in 2006 by husband and wife team Ashkan Karbasfrooshan and Christine Voulieris as a young guy's lifestyle and entertainment channel, WatchMojo is now one of the most successful media brands ever built on YouTube. Ranked by subscribers and watch time, it is one of YouTube's top 10 channel groups.

WatchMojo ranking lists have become a pop culture phenomenon, generating over a billion minutes of watch time each month. The company now counts 125 full-time and part-time employees in Montreal, New York City, Los Angeles and London.

we are a video company built around fandom.

Moments are now defined less by the medium and more by whether we experience them together. Watchmojo has capitalized on these pop culture moments, by surrounding them with "trigger content" that turns interest into frenzy. We produce original entertainment news, film, gaming and tv content for gen Y and Z superfans.

our beliefs

  • 1

    Our audience...and giving them a voice

  • 2

    Producing quality content quickly and efficiently

  • 3

    Organic views & viewability matter

  • 4

    Watch time

we also believe we can


leverageour voice for brands


buildcustom content that our audience will watch


distributeat scale


replicateour success on other platforms

our content

our content pillars

pop culture

channel ecosytem


  • Our flagship channel
  • One of the biggest channels in YouTube history - 16+ mil subscribers
  • Recognized authority on tv, movies, gaming and pop culture
  • Over 12,000 original videos posted
  • 50+ billion minutes of watch time
  • 5+ minutes/video on avg across 10 billion views


  • Age: 18-35yrs
  • Gender: 80% female
  • Watching: Entertainment, Celebrity, Pop-Culture
  • Geo: >75% U.S.
  • Audience: 25 million Monthly
  • Over 1500 videos and new original content daily


  • Age: 6-12 yrs
  • Gender: 50/50
  • Watching: Cartoon, Educational, Hosted Kids Show
  • Geo: >75% U.S.
  • Audience: 100k
  • newest channel, 100 original videos created and more weekly

watchmojo fran����¯�¿�½������§ais

  • Age: 18-34yrs
  • Subscribers: 1 million
  • Gender: 75% Male
  • Watching: Entertainment, Pop Culture, Gaming.
  • Audience: 25 million Monthly
  • Over 800 videos and new content daily

watchmojo espa����¯�¿�½������±ol

  • Age: 18-34 yrs
  • Subscribers: Over 2 million
  • Gender: 80% Male
  • Watching: Entertainment, Pop Culture, Gaming
  • Audience: 40 million monthly
  • fastest growing channel, over 650 videos and new content daily

what is mojo plays

Mojoplays is a multi-platform, original channel of exciting, fresh, and intelligent video game content. We engage both live and on-demand audiences with entertaining personalities, lively discussion and insider access to the hottest new releases, esports news and more. We cater to a broad array of gamers, serving as a portal to the most important topics as well as the dynamic world of esports while helping to elevate gaming to a legitimate sports & entertainment medium.

Mojoplays - game smarter, game together.

lead editorial team


Editorial Director


Senior Video Producer


Senior Writer

Naomi Kyle - contributor

  • Established gaming celebrity (formerly IGN)
  • Currently developing new projects for mojoplays
  • Will also host a regular Ã���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½letÃ���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½s playÃ���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½ series on the channel - to debut Spring, 2018

new channels and formats


Up close and personal interviews with media industry luminaries, news, perspective and our very own OP-ED, come to Mojo talks for "conversation in the moment" hosted by WatchMojo insiders and founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

mojowatch club

Our soon to be launched "playlist" on all things television, we'll tackle the increasingly challenging question "what to watch" in this exploding new age of original programming where some of the best content ever produced is now streaming daily on a site, platform, channel and app near you.

original programming

We launched an original series, Worst Travel Show, on FB Watch in Q4 2017 that explores the difference between 1-Star and 5-Star reviews on sites like Tripadvisor. What is causing these vast discrepancies? We aim to find out by sending our intrepid host, Kyle, to these locations. It's a fun approach for a travel show and it allowed us to visit some pop-culture landmarks which have decidedly mixed reviews.

editorial calendar

Game of Thrones

16 videos


Stranger Things

9 videos


Rick and Morty

12 videos



20 videos


Star Wars

8 videos

8M views (projected)

Summer Superhero Movies

25 videos


our fans

rapid publishing

we publish ten original ten minute fandom videos that fuel ten million organic YouTube views (on average)

10+ billion all time YouTube channel views

50+ billion all time minutes of watch time

19,000+ all time original videos uploaded

a super fan audience built under the radar

  • 24 million+ global subscribers
  • 70% male and 70% 18-34 years old
  • 6+ mins of watch time on average per video (US)
  • Top 10 YouTube channel
  • 20,000 new subs/day/avg

our mymojo community

  • Superfan destination on watchmojo.com
  • 250,000+ fans recommend, vote and interact on new ideas, and find more of their favorite content
  • Output also used for programming development
  • Over 10 mil votes on 500k+ video ideas

user interaction/participation

WatchMojo listens to its users through our Suggest Tool on mywatchmojo. Our fans recommend the content we create - making them invested in the content we produce.


influential, affluent & active

we������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½re all about tech & gaming

passionate about TV & film


media sponsorship custom content

holistic content media and distribution


WatchMojo will create custom targeted and relevant video content with a direct connection to your brand to live not only on the WatchMojo family of properties, but also your brand.


WatchMojo will "associate" your brand with our best known and successful formats and topics. We'll tag your brand in our top-ten lists or other established WM programming. These will be thematically aligned with predictable viewership.


Your brand will alsow "borrow" off the WatchMojo equity for distribution of all your brand messaging across the channel.

watchmojo theme weeks 2017-2018

WatchMojo Theme-Weeks are the equivalent of an editorial tsunami spotlighting a specific genre/topic/event/release. A multi-format, multi-platform publishing approach that pushes new and archived content to our audience in a meaningful way. Each Theme-Week is bookended with an introductory video that sets up the week and gives the audience a reason to watch, engage and then watch more!

Horror Week

Halloween 2017

15 videos

Star Wars Package

Halloween 2017

5-8 videos

Gift Guide Series

Early December 2017

6 videos

End of Year Review

December 2017

15 videos

New Year Preview

Early January 2018

6-8 videos

Oscars Package

Early March 2018

5-8 videos

Marvel/Avengers Package

April 2018

10-12 videos

Summer Movie Guide

Mid-March 2018

10-12 videos

case studies

branded content program

Chevy logo
E3 logo
Watchmojo logo

Chevy, Nintendo and NVIDIA took us on a road trip to E3

Bolt to E3 campaign cycle


2017 WM E3 Coverage

5 WatchMojo E3 original edit videos


Archived WM E3 Content

4 E3 videos

Bolt on

Targeting Push on FB

custom, new and archived videos pushed directly to Chevy's target


Original Brand Content

4 original episodes featuring Chevy debuted on YT w/ cutdowns on FB

contextual alignment with our editorial calendar

Challenge: PayPal was trying to reach an 18-34 dual audience and had determined that this group over-indexed for their interest in filmed entertainment and pop culture.

Solution: WatchMojo������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½s Fall TV coverage lined up perfectly with this demo. We crafted a package that included a paid and organic component. Key elements:

  • 20 total sponsored editorial videos
  • Custom trailer promoting Fall TV Takeover program
  • Custom co-branded banners for YouTube, Facebook and WatchMojo.com
  • Custom thumbnails for all videos
  • Platform optimized social campaign (FB, Twitter, Insta)
  • Pre-roll, sponsorship

4.2MOrganic Views

25MMinutes Organic Watchtime

86kSocial Actions (Comments, Likes, Shares)

content partnership

We������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½ve worked with Timehop to design a daily ������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½Retro Video������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½ that is released each morning and gives their users a dose of what������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½s happened in pop culture. This is a ongoing partnership with over 180 videos released and more.

anime package


WatchMojo will create custom targeted and relevant video content with a direct connection to Crunchyroll to live not only on the WatchMojo family of properties, but also Crunchyroll O&O.


WatchMojo will "associate" Crunchyroll with our best known and successful formats and topics. We'll tag Crunchyroll in our top-ten lists or other established WM programming. These will be thematically aligned with predictable viewership.


Crunchyroll will alsow "borrow" off the WatchMojo equity for distribution of all Crunchyroll messaging across the channel.

editorial sponsorship

Challenge: Wix needed to build broad awareness and new customers for their website building products. Target: tech savvy millenials and GenZ consumers as well as small business owners

Solution: WatchMojo created custom, contextually relevant video like: Top Ten Hacks for Lazy Parents that incorporated the brand's value prop (quick/easy/professional) that appealed to the Wix target of young-professionals and freelancers.


ways to license our content

vertical feeds

  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Music
  • Comedy


  • Anime
  • Horror
  • Comic
  • Science & tech
  • Entertainment


  • Game of Thrones Companion Content
  • Stranger Things Companion content
  • Star Wars Week December 2017
  • Anime Week February 2018
  • Oscars Red Carpet Coverage March 2018


  • New Gaming Last 30 Days
  • New Movie Last 60 Days
  • New TV Last 30 Days
  • New Anime Last 30 Days
  • New Comedy Last 100 Days

distribution partners

why watchmojo?

  • 1

    Brand safe videos that avg 6+ minutes of watch time

  • 2

    Real organic views with 96% viewability

  • 3

    20mm subs and content verticals that matter

  • 4

    Collaborative and flexible content studio team


Raphael Daigneault

Vice President of Content Operations

Kevin Havill

VP Products & Partnerships

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

Chairman & CEO

Patrick Lauzon

Chief Audience Officer

David Mass����¯�¿�½������©

Chief Financial Officer

John McCarus

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt McDonagh

Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Punch

VP of BD

Christine Voulieris

President & Editor-in-Chief

David Woodley

VP, Ad Sales


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