Top 10 Adult Jokes on Victorious You Definitely Missed



Top 10 Adult Jokes on Victorious You Definitely Missed

VOICE OVER: Emily - WatchMojo WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
It might've been aimed at kids, but these are the funniest adult jokes in “Victorious” you might have missed. For this list, we're looking at adult jokes from “Victorious” that somehow made it past the censors. Our countdown includes plastic surgery, the shake weight, code words, and more!
This is a show for kids? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Adult Jokes on Victorious You Might Have Missed.

For this list, we’re looking at adult jokes from “Victorious” that somehow made it past the censors.

#10: From an A to a D

Season two’s “A Christmas Tori” opens with a visibly distraught Andre complaining about the poor grade he received in his creative music class. A passionate musician, Andre is taken aback by the mark, as he’s always managed to get A’s in music. However, Jade’s quick reply takes the conversation in a very different direction . . . It’s pretty clear that she isn’t talking about a sudden decline in grades that year - but about her body experiencing dramatic changes. The quip gets a laugh from Cat . . . although with Cat, that doesn’t mean she actually got the joke.

#9: Plastic Surgery

In one of the first season’s most memorable episodes, Cat accidentally glues a horrifying zombie mask to Tori’s face while practicing for her stage makeup class. Desperate to get the monster makeup off her face, Tori convinces Trina to call a doctor to see if there’s anything they can do. During the call, Trina asks the doctor if she needs her parents’ permission to have “minor cosmetic surgery”. At first it’s not clear what she means, but a not-so-subtle glance down at her chest implies that Trina was talking about breast augmentation surgery. This one was clearly meant for the parents, not the kids.

#8: “I Like Where This Is Going”

Far and away Hollywood Arts’ creepiest student, Sinjin has run afoul of the school’s female population numerous times. For instance, in “Wok Star”, Tori informs him that his fly is undone … but turns out he already knows. Then there was the time Tori kissed him on the cheek and he insinuated that he was right on the verge of getting a certain “feeling”. Speaking of which, in “Wanko’s Warehouse”, Tori cozies up to Sinjin hoping he’ll let her cut the line. When she puts her arm around him, his anticipation is sky high. Tori then glances at his crotch and winces in disgust. We doubt many tweens caught that one.

#7: The Shake Weight

Unless “Victorious”’ younger fans had an advanced knowledge of obscure exercise equipment and Ellen DeGeneres, this joke likely flew right over their heads. In the episode “Helen Back Again”, Tori and her mother are seen using shake weights – a piece of exercise equipment that vibrates back and forth while being held with both hands. It’s an objectively hilarious device, and Ellen DeGeneres was more than happy to make fun of it on her show during a segment on silly infomercials. Although Tori and her mom hold them sideways (definitely not by accident), the showrunners were clearly attempting to sneak in an adult-themed joke that only the older viewers would get. And to that we say, bravo.

#6: Feeling Wonky

One of the challenges when it comes to a show like “Victorious” is coming up with ways to broach adult topics while using the vernacular of a younger audience. This was never more apparent than in the season two episode “Jade Gets Crushed”. In it, Andre suddenly finds himself overwhelmed with feelings for Jade – despite the fact that she’s dating his best friend. He later attempts to kiss Tori (because she’s dressed like Jade) and admits it’s because he’s feeling “wonky”. To some, this probably just sounded like a goofy word for lovesick, but adult viewers knew right away that it was a euphemism for horny. Keep it in your pants, Andre.

#5: Slapped with a Sausage

Okay, this one was just gross. During the annual Kickback party at Hollywood Arts, Tori is offered a sausage by Sikowitz, who’s manning the barbeque. When Tori asks what kind of meat it’s made of, Sikowitz laughs off the question and refuses to tell her. Strange, but we’ll let it slide. With her sausage still in hand, Tori goes to talk to Jade. When Jade comments on the fact that Cat is dancing with Tori’s ex, Tori threatens her with the sausage, only to find that Jade is into the idea . . . . We think that one is pretty self-explanatory.

#4: Sexually Active

In the season one episode “Robarazzi”, Robbie suddenly becomes popular when he starts posting embarrassing videos of friends on a TMZ style vlog. One of the videos shows Beck and Jade sitting in a car discussing what sounds like a very sensitive topic. While we don’t get to see the full conversation, we do hear Jade turning Beck down with an ... interesting … excuse. While not overtly sexual, the fact that this conversation takes place between two teens sitting in a parked car at night certainly makes it suggestive. You probably didn’t think twice about this scene when you were younger, but now it’s painfully obvious what was going down.

#3: Oral Insinuations

In the episode “Rex Dies”, Beck and Andre are excited to show off the school’s newest toy: the Turblow Jet. Meant for use in an upcoming play, we think the real reason the writers introduced it was so they could slip in dirty jokes. For instance, when Tori sees it, the first thing she wants to know is if it blows; and the boys are more than happy to answer that question for her. But wait! There’s more! Not only does this massive excuse to have teenagers say dirty things blow, it also sucks! And when Tori sees the Turblow Jet’s sucking power, she quips: . . . SB [“Now that, is some serious suckage”]

#2: Code Words

Season three of “Victorious” kicked things off with an episode-long parody of the seminal 1985 teen comedy “The Breakfast Club”. Just like in the movie, Tori and the gang are forced to spend their Saturday in detention. While there, they parody a number of scenes from the film, including the part in which Bender teases Claire and Brian for being virgins. “Victorious” pays homage to the moment in its own way, substituting sex for tacos and virgin for vegan. Jade plays the Bender role while Cat subs in for Claire. Seeing as how “The Breakfast Club” came out 25 years before “Victorious” premiered, we doubt many kids caught on to this sly reference.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions:


Rex Gets Too Excited


Foot Fetish

Robbie Catches Rex in the Act

#1: The Wood

This episode featured a number of sexual innuendos, with the title serving as perhaps the most obvious one. While said title refers to the name of a reality TV show filming at Hollywood Arts High School, it’s also a slang word for something else. So it’s more than a little cringey when Trina excitedly exclaims that she wants to be on “the wood”. Later, we see Lane squirting lotion all over Robbie and Trina, in a not-so-subtle allusion. Oh, and “sneaking a peek at The Wood”? That’s a double entendre if we’ve ever heard one!
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