Top 10 Things on Victorious That Made NO Sense



Top 10 Things on Victorious That Made NO Sense

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
Now that we're older, we're starting to notice things on "Victorious" that made no sense. Our countdown includes Jade West is untouchable, one crazy scheme, Helen Dubois, and more!

Top 10 Things on Victorious That Made No Sense

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things on Victorious That Made No Sense.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the head-scratching moments and plot holes in the hit 2010 Nickelodeon sitcom that still confuse us to this day. Note that a few of these moments are pretty plot-heavy, so expect spoilers ahead.

Think we missed a particularly puzzling moment? Let us know in the comments what confused YOU the most in “Victorious.”

#10: No Prom?
“Prom Wrecker”

Hollywood Arts is a treasure trove of concerts and school dances, and yet Tori is flabbergasted to learn that the school has never had an official prom. But is that actually true? In the pilot episode, Rex mentions –in his usual rude manner- that Cat did attend a prom… and that she didn’t get a date for it. So wait, does that mean that the school DID have a prom and then just stopped, or did Cat go to a prom at ANOTHER school before coming to Hollywood Arts? It’s never explained and just leaves us confused, but at least we can say that the school has a prom now… or “prome”, as the case may be.

#9: Was Any of This Safe?
“Brain Squeezers”

The Hollywood Arts gang gets a chance to compete on the new game show, Brain Squeezers… but is it really worth it? Throughout the whole show, the kids are humiliated and subjected to painful “doinks” …most of which could’ve possibly caused permanent and or fatal damage to any of the players. How did this show get greenlit in the first place? We’re pretty certain that deliberately injuring the contestants like this isn’t safe or legal –slapstick or not. To top it all off, even though Tori’s team won, she doesn’t get the money due to an unfair bonus challenge, which makes the whole ordeal pointless and just plain cruel.

#8: Stuck at Nozu
“How Trina Got In”

Tori and Robbie find themselves in a terrible jam during their lunch at Nozu. They have no money and there’s seemingly no way to contact anyone to help them out. However, at one point, we see Tori tweet out an S.O.S. on the restaurant’s computer… so why she didn’t just use the computer to get in contact with their friends? Or better yet, why didn’t they try to use the restaurant’s phones –if they have any- to call for help? The two could’ve easily saved themselves a lot of trouble, and avoided having to chop that much squid if they only had the foresight to use what resources they had.

#7: Jade West Is Untouchable

Let’s be honest: as much as we love Jade… she isn’t always the nicest person. She’s done some pretty nasty things throughout the show –especially to Tori. These misdeeds include, but are not limited to, humiliating Tori in front of the class, identity theft, sabotage, fearmongering, and even attempting to get rid of her. What really puzzles us is that Jade hardly –if ever- faces any repercussions for her actions; in fact, most folks seem to brush off her heinous acts. Are people really so scared of her that they let her get away with whatever she wants –even at someone else’s expense? Fortunately, Tori is brave enough to try and stand up to her frenemy… usually.

#6: André Harris’ Unfair Grade
“A Christmas Tori”

André is feeling the holiday blues when his teacher gives him a D for his Christmas song. Why did André get such a low grade? The only explanation given is that the tune “deserved” the D… and that’s about it. Not only is the explanation just lazy, but it also didn’t even answer the question properly. Did the teacher really not like the song or was he just being a Scrooge? We’re going with the latter since we later see that the actual song is a catchy, festive, swinging tune that could instantly be a classic. Thankfully, André’s grade is changed to an A in the end, but you really have to question this teacher’s priorities.

#5: One Crazy Scheme
“The Great Ping-Pong Scam”

Tori learns the shocking truth about her friends’ “ping-pong” team. It’s actually a cover-up to earn some money to buy a fake trophy for the school to save their principal’s job, while they spend the rest on a fancy, expensive dinner. The scam on its own is pretty insane, but there’s a lot about it that doesn’t add up. For starters, can a principal really lose their job over a lack of sporting trophies? Add to this: if the players never show up to any actual tournaments, it’d look mighty suspicious and raise a few red flags. Honestly, it astounds us that the kids were able to pull this whole rigmarole off for so long without getting caught.

#4: Ke$ha’s Contest
“Ice Cream for Ke$ha”

Desperate to win the Ke$ha ice cream contest, Tori and the gang end up buying TONS of ice cream pints in search of the remaining letters… with little success. However, something about this Willy Wonka-like scenario confuses us… how’re they able to afford so much ice cream? Seriously, if you look at the number of empty cartons and full buckets, they must’ve bought HUNDREDS of cartons’ worth, and that much dairy can’t be cheap. Do the kids just have money to spare lying around whenever they need it, or just when the plot demands it? Most likely the latter, since otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed to pull that Ping-Pong scheme we mentioned earlier.

#3: The Sleepover
“Sleepover at Sikowitz’s”

To teach his students the difficulties of method acting, Sikowitz invites them over to a sleepover/method acting challenge. The night plays out as a zany, hilarious evening with everyone struggling –and some failing- to stay in character. There’s something, however, that we can’t help but ponder - how’d the students get permission to attend this sleepover? Even though he’s a great teacher, Sikowitz doesn’t give off a professional vibe. He drinks straight out of coconuts, he dresses very casually, and his teaching methods are a little TOO eccentric. No offense, but if your teenage selves told your parents you were invited to a sleepover at this guy - who’s also their teacher -’s house, there might be cause for concern.

#2: Helen Dubois
“Helen Back Again”

In the episode “Helen Back Again”, Helen Dubois from “Drake & Josh” makes an unexpected guest appearance in “Victorious” as the new Principal of Hollywood Arts. This ended up confirming that both shows take place within the same universe… or do they? Not only is Helen never seen or mentioned again after this episode, but in the very next one, “Who Did it to Trina”, the kids talk about “Drake & Josh” as a TV show… wait what? So hang on, how can Helen be both a real person AND a TV show character at the same time? There’s a hole in the series’ continuity that you can drive a truck through and it still drives fans nuts.

#1: Trina Vega’s the Untalented One

Even if Trina can be annoying, it doesn’t seem right for the show to keep hammering in how untalented she is. It makes us wonder: how is she still allowed to attend Hollywood Arts then? Even the way she was admitted doesn’t make sense – she only got accepted because of a coconut milk-induced hallucination. And yet no one had the thought that she wasn’t really right for this school afterward? The closest we got to her being kicked out is when she failed Helen’s re-audition… and then she’s let back in shortly after thanks to Tori. It’s confusing and feels more like they only keep Trina around just to keep reminding us how untalented she is… which seems just plain cruel.

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