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Top 10 Worst Battle Royale Games

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
If we had a dollar for every time we heard that a new battle royale game was being released, we could probably make our very own. With Fortnite conquering the world right now, it seems like every game developer is creating or implementing a battle royal into their content. And while some look interesting, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's "Blackout" Battle Royale, most are pretty terrible. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Battle Royale Games. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Worst Battle Royale Games

These games have earned themselves a Victory Royale...for being the worst battle royale games we’ve ever seen. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Battle Royale Games.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the worst titles in the insanely overcrowded battle royale market.

#10: “Radical Heights” (2018)

Credit where credit is due, “Radical Heights” wasn’t completely terrible. The game brought an interesting concept that involved a game show theme, with a map that contained bikes and zip lines to help you navigate across the map. However, what killed it for players was how rushed the entire game felt. The lackluster graphics and occasional glitches made it a slog to play. It certainly didn’t help that thousands were already playing “Fortnite” or “PUBG”, which meant matchmaking took forever, and games would very rarely contain a few dozen players.

#9: “Islands of Nyne” (2018)

If a certain battle royale game frustrated you with its awful optimization, we’re hoping you didn’t jump into “Islands of Nyne”. Otherwise, you may have thickened your thyroids. Users have reported that “Islands of Nyne” is horrendously optimized, citing frequent crashes and glitches across multiple sessions. As one would expect, almost everyone was gone within two weeks after launch. According to SteamDB, there’s only about a hundred people or so still playing the game. Oh, and did we mention the game is in Early Access with a twenty-five-dollar price tag?

#8: “Rules of Survival” (2018)

“Rules of Survival” is doing anything but surviving. While the game claims to have game modes to support up to three hundred players, that’s really the only selling point to justify its $2.99 price tag. Other than that, we hope you don’t mind cheaters because users have reported that the game is littered with them! The mobile version, on the other hand, is equally terrible, but not just in visuals. Tell us, what kind of game requires you download the first-person mode?! That should already be implemented in the game!

#7: “Die pig die” (2018)

Two questions arose when we found this; what the hell kind of a title is that and what do pigs have anything to do with it? Aside from a helicopter with a pig snout and a port-a-potty with a pig on the door, absolutely nothing. As for the game itself, there was very little reason to keep playing. The graphics are as disgusting as a bad prototype for a PS3 game, and the controls are insanely stubborn to tolerate. Clearly, players have become so repulsed by the game that practically no one is playing.

#6: “FortCraft” (2018)

It’s like this game couldn’t decide whether to rip off of “Fortnite” or “Minecraft”. Well, we’re guessing it went with the former, as “FortCraft” is practically screaming, “I want to be Fortnite!” Every detail and idea has been torn straight from Epic Games’ money printer, from the art style and weapon grading system to the concept of “the Storm” and, of course, the building mechanics. The only difference between the two is that “FortCraft” replicates “Fortnite” in the most lifeless way possible. There’s no satisfaction in eliminating opponents and the animations are as bad as a straight-to-DVD kids movie.

#5: “Totally Accurate Battlegrounds” (2018)

We’re very well aware of the purpose behind the “Totally Accurate” games. The self-aware humor and derpy animations are what make the games entertaining, but this is was just a blatant cash-in. “Totally Accurate Battlegrounds” tries to jump in on the battle royale bandwagon, yet fails in making a good game. The crappy quality can only be funny for so long before it becomes frustrating. The wobbly camera is nauseating and makes it difficult to properly aim at enemy players. “Totally Accurate” can be enjoyable for some, but in this case, no one is having fun.


With a title that looks like someone “forgot” to disable Caps Lock, “PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND” takes the voxel style of “Minecraft”, the gameplay of “PUBG”, and mashes the two together like a toddler playing with action figures. Only rather than creating something interesting, the game makes something you could only expect from a Minecraft-PUBG clone. Controls are stiff, and the sound design is unnecessarily loud. Also, why is everything covered in a gross fog?! How are we supposed to develop a strategy if we can’t get a good scope of the world? This game is nothing more than an irritating Minecraft-PUBG cash grab.

#3: “Last Fort Night Craft Survival Battle Royale” (2018)

The name really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? “Last Fort Night” is so terrible and filled to the brim with pop-ups and advertisements that we’re pretty sure it only exists to get kids to click on ads. Just… don’t play it. Avoid it like the plague.

#2: “Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale Online Survival” (2018)

Nothing screams “cash grab” like attempting to capitalize on a dead meme… The game is exactly what the name explicitly describes it as a battle royale game where everyone is Ugandan Knuckles. If you were to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, you’d find the blandest battle royale game out there. The textures are simply there to attract die-hard “Minecraft” players, and there’s very little visual variety. Plus, look at those animations! Are we even playing against real players? The lawls aren’t worth it.

#1: “The Culling II” (2018)

Alright, alright, Xaviant Games! You can be the worst thing that exists for this list! Seriously, “The Culling II” was a disaster in every meaning of the word. The graphics looked like an amateur Steam game, and it was riddled with more bugs than a local dump. Adding to the fire was how the heavy focus on ranged weapons made “The Culling II” look like a “PUBG” ripoff, neglecting everything that made its predecessor enjoyable. Fans were so outraged that Xaviant Games pulled the game from Steam and refunded everyone. The studio is now focusing on new updates for the first “Culling”. Good customer service on their part, but this was a migraine for everyone.


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