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What CoD Blackout Does BETTER Than Fortnite

VO: Andrew Labelle WRITTEN BY: spencer sher
Call of Duty's Battle Royale mode Blackout may only exist because of Fortnite's popularity (what is a PUBG?) but that doesn't mean that Blackout didn't improve on the formula. We love us some Battle Royale but here are the ways Call of Duty's mode beats out Fortnite's.

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Justin Giglio
Thu, Oct 25, 4:44 PM
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5 Things CoD Blackout Does Better Than Fortnite

Despite their differences, these two games have one thing in common; they’re both totally addictive! Welcome to MojoPlays and today we’ll be taking a look at 5 Things Call of Duty’s Blackout Mode Does Better Than Fortnite Battle Royale.

For this list, the goal will not be to decide which game is better but to see which aspects of Call of Duty’s Blackout mode are superior to Fortnite.

It Takes A More Realistic Approach

There’s no other way to say it; Fortnite Battle Royale took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2017. And while the game’s less conventional take on a familiar genre is admittedly a breath of fresh air it simply cannot compete with the more grounded approach taken by Treyarch. Call of Duty’s Blackout mode feels like Fortnite’s big brother, giving players the opportunity to experience the fun and mayhem of a battle royale mode but in a more realistic setting. This approach gives Blackout a more cohesive feel and is the perfect example for why Call of Duty has been able to remain relevant for so long.

Vehicle Warfare

This one was a no-brainer. While Fortnite does have some vehicles such as the shopping cart and the golf cart, Blackout offers gamers the opportunity to battle it out in the air, on water and of course, on the ground. ATV’s, speedboats and helicopters make traversing Call of Duty’s largest map ever created that much easier and adds another layer of fun to a mode that’s already a blast to play. The helicopter is particularly alluring as it allows players to bail out from great heights and to use their wingsuits to take out unsuspecting opponents from above. Fortnite, it’s time for you to get on the bandwagon… literally.


Adding yet another layer of depth to Call of Duty’s Blackout mode is the inclusion of zombie hordes, which can be found roaming the map in various locations. The AI-controlled zombies pop up in places like Lighthouse and provide players with a high risk, high reward scenario, as they often drop rare items such as the Cymbal Monkey and Ray Gun. The inclusion of zombies in Blackout helps to diversify the mode from its competitors and gives players one more thing to look out for. Really though, it’s just fun to kill zombies.

Better Loot

As previously mentioned Blackout takes a more realistic approach to battle royale mode and this is reflected in both the loot and the gun carrying system. The latter improves upon that of Fortnite’s because it’s more believable. Whereas in Fortnite you can carry up to 5 weapons at a time Blackout only allows players to carry two, forcing them to come up with a more concise gameplay strategy. Additionally, the loot system improves upon Fortnite’s by allowing players to customize their weapons instead of simply making them more powerful. This creates a more level playing field while simultaneously adding depth to a game that’s already incredibly detailed.


The Call of Duty franchise has long been known for having one of the best perk systems in the business and they’ve only managed to make it better in Blackout. In this game mode, perks are loot and can be found all over the map. Consuming perks grants players special abilities for a short period of time. Additionally, specialist equipment such as the grappling hook and barricade can also be picked up. Whereas Fortnite requires players to devote a percentage of their attention to the building mechanic, Blackout is all about gunfights, so the more perks and equipment you can find the better equipped you’ll be to fend off waves of opponents. Happy hunting!

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