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Top 10 Games That Should Get the PUBG Treatment!

It’s time for a Battle Royale between all the games that should get the Battle Royale treatment! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Need the PUBG Treatment!

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Top 10 Game Franchises that should get the "PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds" Treatment

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Game Franchises that should get the "PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds" treatment.

For this list, we’re looking at the top game franchises we think would make for an awesome one-hundred-person battle royale game a la PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

#10: “Far Cry" Series (2004-)

This series is no stranger to throwing players on to remote, hostile, environments and forcing them to fend for themselves, so a battle royale spin-off doesn’t seem like such a *ahem* far cry… Anyway, with the addition of wild life and some player vs. environment elements, as seen in previous Far Cry games, this franchise could give the PUBG formula some welcome innovation. Just imagine an enemy trying to secure a care package next to a caged tiger… only for you to snipe the lock off and let nature do the dirty work for you.

#9: “Metal Gear" Series (1987-)

One of the best feelings in PUBG is getting into one of the four wheeled death machines they call “vehicles” and wreaking havoc on those less fortunate. So, what if you replaced cars with Metal Gears? Those brave enough to fight their way into one of the giant mechs would be rewarded with some serious firepower, while those without one would need to utilize the signature stealth mechanics of the Metal Gear series in order to sneak around without getting detected, and potentially even hijack Metal Gears from other players. How’s that for Tactical Espionage Action?

#8: “Star Wars Battlefront" Series (2004-)

We know, we know... but just hear us out! Sure, the last two Battlefront games didn’t go exactly the way we wanted, but come on how cool would it be to have free-for-all battles on your favourite Star Wars planets and locales? Plus think of all those cool weapons and vehicles! You could even do a class based squad mode! Or a Heroes Only Mode! Come on, EA, we’ll even let you throw loot boxes in, so long as they’re purely cosmetic. Just please give us a cool Star Wars game, PLEASE!

#7: “Ghost Recon" Series (2001-)

As tense and nerve-wracking as the solo PUBG mode is, the Squad game mode is just as exciting. People love to loot, strategize and survive with friends and that’s where Ghost Recon comes in. With a more team-focused battle royale mode, you could have certain members of your squad fulfill specific roles, for example one person might have the ability to scout zones discretely with their drones, while another member of the squad is the designated medic with unique healing abilities. Plus, throw in the impressive map, weapons, and high-tech gear from the most recent entry, “Wildlands”, and you’ve got one interesting co-op battle royale experience.

#6: “Red Dead" Series (2004-)

The wild west could get a whole lot wilder. Just imagine how tense the every-player-for-themselves standoffs of PUBG would be in unique old west environments, accompanied by the weapons of the era like Revolvers and Winchester rifles. Or picture frantic horseback battles between your posse and another as you fight for the Old West equivalent of a chicken dinner. Lassoing an enemy would be so damn satisfying! The best part, this one seems in the realm of possibility considering Red Dead Redemption 2 is fast approaching, and Rockstar has already implemented a battle royale mode to Grand Theft Auto Online.

#5: “Just Cause" Series (2006-)

What could be better than PUBG? PUBG with a kickass grappling hook. The Just Cause franchise could literally take the battle royale genre to new heights with the addition of the game’s signature tool. With maps focused on verticality, players could use grappling hooks, gliders, and air vehicles to take the carnage to the skies. Toss in the arsenal of explosive weapons the series is known for, alongside some destructible environments to add even more mayhem, and you’ve got a game we are dying to get our hands on.

#4: “Halo" Series (2001-)

This one is for those people who love the idea of PUBG, but just don’t have the patience for all that early game looting. Our idea, take the already existing Free-For-All mode from Halo, bump the player count to 100, give each player one life, put them on a slightly larger map, maybe even a previous Big Team Battle arena, then watch the chaos unfold. Every player would start with a standard loadout of their choosing and then fight in a fast paced, close quarters death match, to grab the best power weapons and vehicles available to secure their position as the last player standing.

#3: “Fallout” Series (1997-)

The world of Fallout is pretty much already a post-nuclear Battle Royale, so why not go the extra mile and add another 99 players that are out to kill you too. With a focus on crafting mechanics to improve your loot, players would hunt each other down in a wasteland full of deadly creatures, booby traps and a constantly closing circle of radiation. Instead of vehicles, players would be tasked with finding or building their own Power Armor suit to gain a significant advantage in the battle… and also look super bad ass.

#2: “The Elder Scrolls Series” (1994)

If there’s one thing this list was missing, it’s magic. Strip away the guns and machinery of PUBG and replace them with spells, shouts, swords, and other medieval weaponry, to get a truly unique battle royale experience. Rather than simply looting weapons, players would also scour the play area to find potions, alchemy ingredients, and scrolls to heal themselves or gain stat bonuses to give them a competitive edge. To top it all off, the Elder Scrolls series hosts a vast array of beautiful and familiar locales that would make perfect free-for-all arenas. Skyrim alone has almost too many to count.

#1: “Tom Clancy’s The Division” (2016)

While this game suffered some bumps and bruises after it’s initial buggy launch, there is still something in the core gameplay that keeps players coming back for more. We think this franchise could get a second wind by turning its most interesting mechanic, the PvP area known as “The Dark Zone”, into its own high-stakes battle royale game mode. In this mode players would risk bringing in their precious loot from the main game for a chance to win some off other players in battle royale death matches. The chance at winning real in-game loot over an imaginary chicken dinner, has us hoping Ubisoft is listening!


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