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Another Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Nathan Sharp

The Internet is so full of poorly received content, we just had to make another instalment of the most disliked videos on YouTube. From Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj to Jake Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro and The Emoji Movie Trailer, WatchMojo is bringing you more of the most hated YouTube videos. Missed our first list? Check it out here:

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Script written by Nathan Sharp

Another Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

The world’s biggest video sharing site certainly isn’t short on poorly received content. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top ten most disliked YouTube videos.

For this list, we’ll be looking at even more of the most disliked videos which can be found on YouTube. To be eligible, a video must have more dislikes than likes. So long as the scales are tipped in favor of “dislike,” no amount of likes can save the video in question. All of these figures are current as of the end of September 2017. If you don’t see a video you think should have been on this list, be sure to check out our original video, the top ten most disliked YouTube videos.

#10: Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Explicit)


As it turns out, audiences do not like repetitive, insulting proclamations set to seizure-inducing colors and editing. The single “Stupid Hoe” was released in December of 2011, and critics immediately assumed that the song was directed at Lil Kim. Even though critical reception to the subsequent video was mixed at best, it quickly set a record by amassing 4.8 million views within 24 hours. While it sits at over 104 million views as of September 2017, it also has over 895,000 dislikes, which is a little more than its 600,000+ likes. While the split is definitely leaning more towards the dislike side, it’s worth noting that “Stupid Hoe” is nowhere near as one-sided as many others on this list.

#9: Cortando O Botão Do YouTube

Aruan Felix

How to ruin your reputation in 3, 2, 1... While this video has amassed nearly 25 million views, it’s like to dislike ratio is a little…off. It has enjoyed over 750,000 likes, but it has also gathered over two million dislikes, making this video, as of September 2017, the seventh most disliked video on the site. In it, Aruan Felix and some friends destroy his silver play button with a knife and various shop tools, complete with the most obnoxious and annoying music possible. Apparently subscribers don’t appreciate it when you blatantly disregard a form of recognition.

#8: YouTube’s New Video Game Watching Service

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel has enjoyed wide recognition on YouTube through his hilarious interviews and the always-funny mean tweets segment. However, he learned a valuable lesson with this skit: don’t piss off the gamers. The segment started with Kimmel showing bewilderment at people watching others play video games, and it got worse from there. The skit involved making fun of those who do so and ended with “God” saying that he created “a race of idiots.” People didn’t take too kindly to the video, as shown by the fact that it stands at over 170,000 dislikes, compared to only 13,000 likes. Also, don’t go into the comment section. It’s for your own good.

#7: Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

Jake Paul

Is this what the kids are into nowadays? Jake Paul has certainly made waves: earning himself over 10 million subscribers as well as legions of haters with his over-the-top style of content. In May 2017, he and Team 10 released “It’s Everyday Bro,” a video which sees them dancing around fancy cars and big houses and rapping about how much better and richer they are than you. While it has accumulated over one million likes, it has also suffered over two million dislikes, making it the fifth most disliked video on all of YouTube that same year.

#6: ApoRed - Everyday Saturday (Remix)


YouTube musicians… there are plenty of great ones out there, but sadly, skill is not a prerequisite to call yourself one. ApoRed is a German YouTuber, and in this video, he raps over flashes of shoes, dancing, and fancy cars. YouTubers love their fancy cars, don’t they? While the video is admittedly slickly produced, its production value is clearly not enough to win over those who actually watched it. Despite amassing over 18 million views, the video has received over 905,000 dislikes, which is enough to secure it a spot as the 23rd most disliked video on YouTube. If this is what Saturday is like, we don’t want the weekend to come.

#5: The Emoji Movie Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Who could’ve guessed that a movie based on the emojis in a phone wouldn’t connect with audiences? The internet was abuzz after the debut trailer for “The Emoji Movie,” as the world, in utter bewilderment, tried to process what we were seeing. Boasting such memorable moments as an emoji slamming into a phone screen, as well as father and son poop emojis laughing about washing their hands... it unsurprisingly landed with a splat. The response was downright toxic. The proof? The video sits at over 75,000 dislikes after just 4 months. Apparently not even the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart can make people care about the daily life of an emoji.

#4: Nicole Westbrook - It's Thanksgiving (Official Video)

Patrice Obin W

Patrice Wilson was the man behind Rebecca Black’s infamous song “Friday,” and, deciding that he wasn’t through with our collective sanity, he wrote and produced “It’s Thanksgiving” - which was given to the unlucky Nicole Westbrook. It’s probably the greatest music video you’ll ever see: you’ve got lyrics about turkey and mashed potatoes, Nicole using a turkey leg as a microphone, a grown man dressed in a turkey suit, and the cringiest rap verse in any song... ever. The video has hit nearly 300,000 dislikes, so while it’s nowhere near as controversial as “Friday,” it’s still not exactly setting the world on fire.

#3: Mighty No. 9 Trailer: Masterclass

Deep Silver

If there’s one thing to take away from this list, it’s this: Do. Not. Piss. Off. Gamers. “Mighty No. 9” was a game which grew from Kickstarter, and despite numerous delays, fans were still relatively excited for some new developments. Well, that all ended with the release of the Masterclass trailer. Not only were the writing and the “jokes” cringy as hell, they just HAD to make fun of anime fans too, which significantly upset a large majority of viewers. While the 43,000 dislikes may not seem like much, the video only has about 5,000 likes. That low approval rating has got to hurt.

#2: Bibi H - How It Is (Wap Bap ... ) [Official Video]


And here we have yet another YouTube song! Surprise! This one actually starts decent enough: it seems to have good production values, and the opening notes sound promising. And then she starts singing. If the verses don’t bother you, the chorus definitely will, as it consists of nothing but the singer doing some sort of scat in a forced cute voice. Despite how cute the video might be, it has still garnered over two and a half million dislikes, making it the sixth most disliked video on YouTube, right behind our boy Jake Paul! Everybody sing, now!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

How Many Dislikes Can This Video Get?


YouTube Copyright School

YouTube Spotlight

Dear White People | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


#1: Nintendo 3DS - Metroid Prime: Federation Force E3 2015 Trailer


Here’s how you ruin the good will that a series has built up over the years. This game’s predecessor, “Metroid: Other M,” significantly derailed the Metroid series and the character of Samus in the eyes of gamers. They were clamoring for a return to form for the series, and that’s when the trailer for “Federation Force” dropped. But it ended up being exactly what the fans DIDN’T want. The trailer and game faced immediate backlash, and the official trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube page has since collected over 90,000 dislikes, with only about 10 000 of the votes being positive. Ouch.

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