Top 10 Fashion Moments in The Queen's Gambit



Top 10 Fashion Moments in The Queen's Gambit

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
These fashion moments in "The Queen Gambit" prove that chess is in. Our countdown includes gingham dress, mint green dress, low cut checkered dress, and more!

Top 10 Fashion Moments in the Queen's Gambit

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fashion Moments in The Queen’s Gambit.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most memorable outfits from this Netflix period drama. Be warned: there are some spoilers ahead.

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#10: Gray Dress
"End Game"

Beth Harmon, the protagonist of “The Queen’s Gambit”, comes into her fashion sense as the series progresses. When we meet her, she’s a simple orphaned child, but by the end of the miniseries she has become a powerful woman with the world at her fingertips. In the finale, she wears this statement gray dress with a structured silhouette, which is reminiscent of many of the other outfits she had worn throughout the series. In the scene where she finally beats Borgov in Moscow, it’s this simple yet elegant shift dress that brings home the win with her.

#9: Mini Skirt & Cat Eye Sunglasses

In the show’s fifth episode, we see Beth meet up with fellow child prodigy Benny Watts again and the two engage in some banter while Beth wears this eye-catching outfit. Most of her looks are prim and buttoned up, so this one stands out for being a little more casual and carefree. She looks like she’s having fun in this scene where she teases Benny, and the buttoned short skirt, striped V-neck blouse and cat eye sunglasses only make the exchange all the more playful. Her printed head scarf adds an extra element of fun to the outfit.

#8: Navy Dress & White Peter Pan Collar
"Doubled Pawns"

By the show’s third episode, Beth’s career as a professional chess player has kicked off and she lands an interview with LIFE Magazine. A reporter comes to speak to her at her home and she’s photographed with her chess trophies while wearing this adorable outfit. This look represents a midpoint between the austere clothing of her orphanage days and the stylish fashionista she will become. Despite their simplicity, the dark-colored dress and white Peter Pan collar are chic in their own way. Beth’s short fringe is supposed to be representative of her youth, but it also just so happens to be pretty on-trend.

#7: Gingham Dress
"Doubled Pawns"

Also in the third episode, Beth wears this outfit when she travels to Las Vegas for the US Open where she meets Townes again, the man whom she has seemingly been harboring a crush on for years. He’s clearly impressed by her womanly appearance in this flared gingham frock with a pattern that is, of course, reminiscent of a chess board. One of the series’ most memorable scenes takes place when he takes her to his room to photograph her in what’s been unofficially dubbed Townes' Dress and they are unfortunately interrupted before their relationship can be taken to the next level.

#6: Emerald Velvet Dress
"End Game"

In the series finale, Beth wears a number of memorable looks in Moscow, and this one is no exception. The emerald green velvet dress features a bow-style collar and long sleeves. The voluminous sleeves create a unique silhouette and the rich texture of the fabric adds even more visual interest. We see her win (another!) game of chess in this ensemble that shows how her style has evolved since we first met her. Her winged cat-eye eyeliner and lipstick add an extra layer of drama to the look.

#5: Mint Green Dress
“Openings” & "Adjournment"

The opening scene of “The Queen’s Gambit” shows Beth waking up after a bender and rushing to get ready for what is clearly an important chess game. She throws on this outfit and somehow manages to look impossibly chic, even though she’s obviously hungover. In the sixth episode, we finally see the events that led up to this rude awakening, and proceed to see Beth play against Borgov when she’s not at the top of her game. While she doesn’t win the match, we’re still impressed by how good she manages to look in this mint green dress.

#4: Low Cut Checkered Dress
"Doubled Pawns"

At the beginning of the third episode, Beth and her adoptive mother head to Cincinnati for her first big out of town tournament. Though she’s still a high schooler at this point, she’s beginning to come into her own in terms of her fashion sense. This outfit has a schoolgirl vibe with a twist, featuring a checkered pinafore style dress with a crisp collared shirt underneath. As she swans through the hotel it’s clear that she’s gaining confidence in her chess game and her ability to take down well-respected players, and that self-assurance displays itself in this outfit.

#3: Black & White Color-Block Dress
"End Game"

The costume department on “The Queen’s Gambit” was hardly subtle about the sartorial references they made to chess in Beth’s outfits. In this scene, she wears a black and white color-block dress that represents the two sides of a classic chess board. The design creates a visually compelling silhouette, resulting in a sleek and elegant look. By this point in the series, Beth’s character development had progressed significantly, and we can see how much she has grown through the outfits she wears in the final episode - like this one.

#2: Pink & White Coat

In the penultimate episode of the series, Beth finds herself in Paris for another tournament. She wears a ‘60s mod Parisian-inspired outfit featuring a pink and white checkerboard - or rather chessboard - pattern. The ultra feminine coat is present throughout the episode and is worn with several different outfits, looking equally stylish with a graphite-colored dress as well as a green turtleneck and a dove gray skirt. This isn’t the only time that Beth’s outerwear mirrors the board that she plays on: she also wears a checkered coat in the final episode that’s just as appealing.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Red Dress in Paris

All-Black Outfit

Geometric Top

Shades of Green & Bold Eyeliner

White Mexico City Tournament Dress
"Middle Game"

#1: White Coat & Hat
"End Game"

The final outfit that Beth sports has got to be her best. In the last shots of the series finale, we see Beth quietly celebrating in Moscow after her big win. As she wanders the streets of the city, she wears a white coat and matching white hat that make her look like one of the pieces on a chess board herself - more specifically the piece known as the Queen. While the trousers are made of a fabric called helanca, both the beret and the coat are from alpaca wool. Together, they make up a monochromatic look that is striking - and the color is especially important because, as we know, white usually has the advantage on the board.