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Top 10 RuPaul Outfits

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by William Fletcher Mama Ru knows how to turn it out on the runway! Those gowns are really a sight to behold. We’re taking a look at RuPaul’s best gowns on the runway. Whether it was the catwoman themed outfit, the gold down with the headband, mermaid themed dress or Michelle’s favorite, green shiny dress, all of them are sickening in their own right.

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Top 10 RuPaul outfits

When it comes to serving looks, there’s only one queen that needs to be considered: queen of queens RuPaul Charles. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 RuPaul outfits.

For this list, we'll be looking at the most outrageous, impressive, and down right sassiest dresses RuPaul has ever slipped into and strutted out in.

#10: Black & Red Flower Dress

It may have been an episode with a comedy challenge, but there’s nothing funny about this gown. The rows and row of tulle poppies flowed all the way down that tight black dress, flaring out into a gorgeous mermaid silhouette. Meanwhile, the red petals on black fabric are perfectly complemented by the matching red lips and pop of white earrings. This wasn’t the first time Ru did a red flower gown, but the distinct flamenco flavor of this one really pushed it over the top. We’re surprised nobody called the fire department, because this outfit was smoking.

#9: Galactic Wrap Dress

If Bianca del Rio taught us anything, it’s that wearing the same kind of dress every week is not a crime. Week after week, Ru sticks to what works for her, so when she mixed it up with this opalescent kimono-like robe, it was ovah. The splash of purple and turquoise glitter set against the black gave the garment a galactic feel, complemented by a belt adorned with crescent moons. That glamazonian goddess looked positively out of this world gorgeous.

#8: Metallic Hooded Dress

In keeping with the apocalyptic theme of the episode, Ru served up a futuristic fantasy, putting a sultry spin on the tinfoil hat fashion sense of doomsday prophets. Her gown tells the story of how a supermodel of the world such as her survives and thrives through the nuclear fallout, getting up out of the escape pod, looking radiation-sickening, and making them eat it. The dress featured a form-fitting, silver silhouette covered in tin foil-like details and a long, powerful hood. Grace Jones, eat your heart out!

#7: Red Shimmer Gown

Ruby red and runway ready, this skin tight dress served an expensive sequined shimmer all the way down to the floor. The best part of this crimson couture is RuPaul’s supermodel shape with bunched up fabric highlighting her perfect curves. No sofa cushions here; her hip pads cost some serious coin, hunty, with some perfectly blended cleavage. Not to mention the diamond drop earrings. Those luscious, luminous ripples served up the perfect female illusion – betcha can’t eat just one.

#6: Blue Geometric Dress

Even though she didn’t wear a dress for her Emmy win, it’s not that hard to imagine what she Ru might have worn. With hair teased to the sky and geometric patterns outlining every curve of a nude illusion, Ru delivered a look of craftsmanship that could only come from the expert stylings of makeup artist Mathu Andersen and designer Zaldy. This dangerous duo is responsible for most of Ru’s looks throughout the show. The level of professionalism is far too much.

#5: Snake Queen Dress

It might not be Michelle’s favorite color, but there’s no denying that this dress worked it out. With one long zipper coiling around every curve all the way to the floor and a matching choker collar, Ru was the green envy of any queen to walk the runway. The cobra style of this dress was the best seen so far or since on the show, including Sharon’s short tube dress or Pearl’s king cobra leotard. It was complemented perfectly with her pulled-back bouffant and black hoop earrings. Unlike other drag queens, Ru is not afraid to show off her inner anaconda.

#4: Pink Polka Dot Dress

There are few that can pull off pink quite like RuPaul. This polka dot tulle gown features everything that makes Ru’s drag so good. The devastating femme fatale beat and metallic belt elevated the girly-girl nature of the fabric and the silver butterfly hairpiece to the level of true glamazon. It was all kinds of feminine in one outfit, perfectly accessorized with nude pink nail polish and expensive looking diamond jewelry. It was mother of the house; it was madame of the saloon; it was everything.

#3: Black & White Animal Print dress

Who doesn’t like a drag queen in animal print? Ru more often than not shies away from graphic print dresses, but this surf and turf fantasy must have been too unique to pass up. With a cut and a fit reminiscent to a traditional Chinese Cheongsam dress and hair coiffed for a performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Ru served up a distinct Asian fusion fantasy that was so different and yet still somehow so right. Serving true tiger fish.

#2: Hello Kitty Dress

It’s hard to imagine the irreverence of drag mixing well with the kawaii-ness of Hello Kitty, but in a gorgeous shade of orange sorbet, Ru gave drag a new, delicious mandarin twist. Though the look was quite a little more upscale than Hello kitty’s usual couture. The shimmery fabric bow and playful asymmetric hair caught every light and camera, contrasting perfectly with the plush theme of the episode. Who knew an almost 7-foot tall man in a dress could be so darn cute?

Before we get to our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Purple & Silver Dress

Blue Cutout Dress

Catwoman Dress

#1: Golden Gown

Do we really need to say it? This dress is the height of opulent perfection. The metallic fabric of the dress caught the light just right and made Ru a glowing representation of her then-upcoming Emmy award. It is the perfect attire for a filthy rich ladyboy in her golden years like RuPaul. The bow, the bright highlighting on her cheeks and forehead, the emerald pendant, the rosy lips; all of it was just 24 carat perfection, and we can’t get enough.

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