Supernatural: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends
Trivia Supernatural: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends



Supernatural: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends

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After nearly a decade and a half, there are a few things that need to happen before Supernatural ends. Before they carry on and we cry way more from saying goodbye, there is some unfinished business for the Winchesters to see to. It's time to run through the scenarios, appearances and total fan service that we'd love to see on the longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series before the curtain closes on the 15th and final season. MsMojo ranks the things that need to happen before Supernatural ends. How do you want Supernatural to end? Let us know in the comments!
Before they carry on and we cry way more from saying goodbye, there is some unfinished business for the Winchesters to see to. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That Need to Happen Before Supernatural Ends.

For this list, we looked at scenarios, appearances and total fan service that we’d love to see on the longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series before the curtain closes on the 15th and final season. Note that there will be spoilers, so here’s your spoiler alert!

#10: Taking Down ‘The Shadow’

After being literally stabbed in the back, Castiel found himself trapped in an infinite space of dark and loneliness, appropriately dubbed: ‘the empty’. Turns out though, he wasn’t as alone as he thought, finding himself squaring off against a shadow-doppelganger like creature who ruled the endless place of nothingness he was trapped in. The ‘shadow’ claimed to be as old as time itself, pre-dating the darkness, death and even God himself. An entity that ancient and filled with malevolent intent can’t be good news for the universe and could serve as one final ‘big bad’ for team free-will to tackle.

#9: The Return of Chuck & Amara

Last we saw God and his sister, they had mended their differences and went on their merry way. While we’re happy they buried the hatchet, it has been quite some time since we got an update on the sibling duo’s status and what they’ve been up to since we last saw them. After all, they are all powerful deities; don’t they have universes to create and natural laws to bend to their will? What have they been doing all this time? They could even be useful allies if the aforementioned threat found in the evil ‘shadow’ entity ever comes to light… er, dark. Point is, bring back the once squabbling siblings turned best buds!

#8: Heaven Back at Full Power

Heaven has been anything but heavenly during the second half of “Supernatural,” with the angels having had one bad turn of events after another. First, they fall down to Earth. Then, Metatron royally screws up the order of things even more. Did we mention that Lucie held the heavenly throne for a little while? Yeah, a big fixer-upper is overdue and we feel they deserve it. While having done some questionable deeds, the angels were never motivated by pure malice, just a misplaced sense of duty, so for them to be eternally punished wouldn’t feel right. Maybe Cas lending his brothers and sisters a helping hand would be the perfect redemption story for him as well.

#7: Sam Is Reunited with Jess

Sam had it made when the series began, with an enrollment at Stanford and his whole life ahead of him with his loving girlfriend Jessica. Tragically, the demon known as Yellow-Eyes sadistically murdered Jess the same way he killed Sam’s mother years before, traumatizing him and sending him on a rage-fueled vendetta. Years have passed since these events and Sam has attempted to settle down a few times, only for his life as a hunter preventing him from truly living a normal life. This big softie deserves another shot at love after all he’s endured, and we can’t think of a better match to mend his broken heart than his original sweetheart: Jess.

#6: Flashbacks to the “Pilot” Episode

Vamps, demons, ghosts and wendigos, oh my! The Winchesters have gone up against quite the treasure trove of dastardly creatures over their monster hunting career, so what better way to capitalize how far they’ve come than with a flashback to where it all began? For instance, tt could be an entire episode where the brothers have to investigate a case where Sam went to school, one that eerily mirrors when Dean came to fetch him in pursuit of daddy dearest all those years ago. To really drive home the feels, it would emphasize how happy Dean is to have spent all this time with his brother and how Sam equally wouldn’t have done anything differently.

#5: Diving into Untapped Lore

We’re not knocking the writers, as they have done an excellent job crafting stories around tons of different supernatural adversaries for the boys over the years; but…there’s always room for a little more. How about the Villisca Axe Murders in the Moore House in Iowa? That could serve for a good ‘who dunnit’ style episode. Or even West Virginia's infamous Mothman legends, about an anthropomorphic moth-like creature terrorizing local citizens? From urban legends to modern mysteries, there are still quite a few things that go bump in the night for the Winchester brothers to open a case file on, such as the supposedly haunted Winchester Mystery House that the boys were reportedly named after?! Oh, and gank, can’t forget the ganking…!

#4: Crowley Makes a Comeback

Everyone’s favorite crossroad demon turned king of the underworld sacrificed himself for the greater good back in season 12 and we haven’t seen him since. It has been quite some time since we saw the mischievous, red-eyed scoundrel but as any true Supernatural fan would know; no character really stays gone for long and eventually makes another appearance down the line. We aren’t saying he needs to come back full time, but to see him cross roads with Sam and Dean (pun intended) one last time would certainly be a welcome addition to the final season. Heck, even if it was for a flashback sequence, it’d be great.

#3: A Winchesters Hunt Abroad

For the most part, Sam and Dean have stuck to North America for the majority of the series. But to really shake things up, we feel they should travel overseas and hunt monsters from abroad. We already mentioned the untapped lore the show hasn’t dived into and there is so much more from other religions, mythologies and regions that could provide equally creepy entertainment. New antagonists in a new environment would cause the Winchesters to step their game up, simultaneously keeping us on our toes from all new scenarios. Unfortunately, all this means Dean will have to get his butt on a plane though; sorry, Dean-O.

#2: Another Crossover Episode

‘Scooby-Natural’ was such a ridiculous yet satisfying collision of two worlds that it left us craving another similar situation in which the Winchesters meet up with other popular franchises. It proved that a creative gamble can really work, and with the 15th being the last season, why not go all out? They could cross over with other shows from the CW network like ‘Arrow’ or ‘Riverdale’. Heck, if you want to go really crazy, The CW’s parent company, Warner Brothers, is behind the new ‘Godzilla’ film franchise of the 2010s. We don’t know how they’d do it but…can you say: Winchesters hunting enormous Kaijus?

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Dean Returns to an ‘Apple Pie Life’ with Lisa

‘Wayward Sisters’ Resolution

Dean vs Jacob Pond

A ‘Silent Film’ Episode

#1: The Gang’s All Here

After fifteen seasons of travelling cross-country, saving people, hunting things and doing the family business, we feel it only appropriate to unite Sam and Dean with all the comrades they’ve met along the way. We’re not just talking about family members like John, Mary, the long-awaited return of Adam or even everyone’s favorite ‘idjit’ caretaker Bobby. No, let’s get everyone, including allies and unofficial members of Team Free Will, in there - like it’s some kind of high school reunion. Remember Jo and Ellen? How about Rufus, fellow hunter extra-ordinaire? Getting everyone in the same room, no, the same shot would be the ultimate form of fan-service to end things on a bang. Do it, cast ‘n crew. Do it!
Be cool if God & Amara return. With God actually making true Reparations work Lucifer, his favorite son. Also, I want Rowena to get everything her little heart desires... Like a spin off of her own on the CW. I mean c'mon think of all the special guests!!
Until they whammies her and her some memories away. I would Love to see Crowley back ... Oh yes I would! Would also love to see Jo and Ellen back. Would like to see (Jewel Staite's) son come after Dean. Loved Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. I think it would
Personally I think that Sam is way way beyond Jess now. He has changed so much from the guy she knew I don't see it working out. Dean and Lisa.. now that might work out fine as she knows the truth about things that go bump in the night. Or rather she DID