Top 10 Supernatural Plot Holes You Never Noticed
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Top 10 Supernatural Plot Holes You Never Noticed

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Even if you've seen every episode, we bet there are a few Supernatural plot holes you never noticed. We're looking at those Supernatural inconsistencies that you wouldn't have spotted or thought twice about on your first watch. Since you need to know the plot to find out the inconsistencies behind them, here's your one and only Spoiler Alert! MsMojo ranks the biggest Supernatural plot holes. Are there any Supernatural plot holes we missed? Let us know in the comments!
Wait a second… how did we miss that? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Supernatural Plot Holes You Never Noticed.

For this list, we’re looking at those “Supernatural” inconsistencies that you wouldn’t have spotted or thought twice about on your first watch. Since you need to know the plot to find out the inconsistencies behind them, here’s your one and only Spoiler Alert!

#10: Why the Angels Are Still in Their Vessels When They’re in Heaven

In the world of “Supernatural,” the spiritual beings known as angels need vessels or “meatsuits” in order for them to walk the Earth. This basically means they have to possess some poor human soul. This is because the angels’ true form isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. In Heaven, though, they are described as marvelous beings of creation. Since we’ve first been introduced to them and learned all this, we’ve seen the angels gather in numerous non-earthly situations like conducting their heavenly duties, holding board meetings and in their personal prison known as Heaven’s Dungeon. But for some reason, these angels are always in their vessels, even when they don’t need to be. The same seems to go for demons, who aren’t as “smokey” as they should be when we see them in Hell.

#9: Being Wanted by the Police

When we say the boys have had their fair share of run-ins with the authorities, that’s really more of an understatement. We’ve seen them pursued by the police, have their own wanted posters, and even incarcerated after the Secret Service believed they were attempting to kill the President. In Season 7, Leviathans posed as Sam and Dean while on a crime spree, sparking a nationwide search for the boys. Although the Winchesters travel from one city to another frequently, it’s hard to believe no one recognized these two “Most Wanted” criminals. Meanwhile, our heroes never showed any concerns over possibly being identified, nor did they bother to change their appearance in any way. It’s not like these two blend in with the crowd that easily, especially considering their heights, their good looks, and Sam Winchester’s gloriously long locks.

#8: Jimmy’s Body Harboring Lucifer, Castiel & Crowley Despite Not Being Their True Vessel

The rules of angelic possession are pretty clear: a human needs to give consent in order to become a vessel. There’s one little catch though - only possessing a true vessel allows an angel to have access to all of their abilities. The use of temporary vessels isn’t always a pretty sight, and it took Lucifer consuming gallons of demon blood to prevent Nick’s body from exploding. However, Season 11 had both Lucifer and Castiel share the body of Jimmy Novak with no such problems on the outside. Hell, even the King of Hell himself, Crowley, entered the vessel at the same time while trying to reach out to Castiel and it took quite a while before Jimmy started to burn out. We saw Lucifer destroy Vince Vincente’s body through prolonged possession in Season 12, but this just didn’t apply to Jimmy’s body - and the only “explanation” we’ve ever been given is that this is because it is “strong.”

#7: God Not Realizing Gabriel Was Still Alive

The archangel Gabriel seemingly met his end at the hands of his brother Lucifer in Season 5. After several seasons of teasing his survival, Gabriel returned in Season 13, this time as a prisoner of the Prince of Hell, Asmodeus. Flashbacks revealed that Gabriel had staged his death in order to live a life of splendor, before being kidnapped by demons. This doesn’t explain how Gabriel’s survival went unnoticed by God, who believed his son was dead when the heroes needed him to fight Amara in Season 11. Considering God is supposed to be all-knowing, you’d think a regular old demon like Asmodeus would’ve been easy for him to spot. Maybe God should’ve done a little more searching, and a little less singing...

#6: Amara Calling Lucifer ‘First’

The endgame behind the Apocalypse was the fated fight between younger brother Lucifer and older brother Michael, with Sam and Dean acting as their vessels to perfectly parallel this dynamic. Lucifer’s repeated goofy antics made it clear he was supposed to be the younger sibling, with the devil openly acknowledging this fact. Season 11 saw Amara hold Lucifer captive, in order to force Chuck out of hiding to rescue his son. However, the Darkness calls Lucifer the “First Son” of God while he's in Castiel’s body, which completely throws the apocalypse storyline into disarray. If Lucifer was the elder brother, that would make Dean his true vessel, not Sam. Either that, or it looks like Auntie Amara might have forgotten her nephews’ birthdays.

#5: Angels Resurrected from The Empty

Resurrection is a little bit more complicated for angels than humans. Deceased angels find themselves in The Empty, which is a realm shrouded in total darkness and that is ruled by an entity called the Shadow. This being claims it has sole dominion over The Empty, where angels and demons remain sleeping for eternity. However, Castiel has ‘died’ quite a lot on the show. We’ve seen him explode multiple times, be stabbed to death, and still come back to life. Four of Castiel’s resurrections have been explained as revivals by God and an angel named Gadreel - both of which are beings that aren’t the Shadow. But if the Shadow is the only Cosmic Entity that’s supposed to have power in the Empty, then that means Castiel shouldn’t have woken up on previous occasions. Are we to believe that God and/or Gadreel somehow sneaked in while the Shadow was sleeping?

#4: Souls Dying in Purgatory

Souls in the “Supernatural” universe have apparently limitless energy. Even beings as powerful as God and Death have claimed they can’t destroy a soul, which seems to make them indestructible. So, this is why we’re scratching our heads over what happens to these particular souls in Purgatory. The realm is an eternal Hunger Games-style wasteland where the souls of deceased monsters are fated to hunt each other. In the year Dean and Castiel were trapped in Purgatory, we saw our heroes kill numerous monsters, but there’s no explanation over what happened to their souls. If souls truly are immutable, then where do the essences of these monsters go once they’ve been killed?

#3: The Winchesters’ Resurrections

Remember when “Supernatural” would make you cry your heart out whenever one of the brothers met their deaths? Sam and Dean grieving the death of the other was one of the most moving aspects of the show, but after awhile it did start to feel like an all too common occurrence. After dying and returning so many times, one would expect that Sam and Dean would know that death is just temporary for either of them, and that they’d somehow be able to bring their deceased sibling back to life like they’ve done before. Instead, every time one of them comes close to death and/or kicks the buckets, the boys act as if they’ve never been in a similar situation, are completely devastated beyond belief and have to think of an entirely new way to resurrect or be resurrected.

#2: The Inconsistent Damage Made by Ruby's Knife

In Hell, the demons have a hierarchy of their own, with the white-eyed spirits being at the very top. Ever since Lucifer corrupted Lilith into becoming one, they’re considered the strongest demons of all. They’re obviously very hard to kill, especially permanently, so this is where the Demon-Killing Knife comes in. We’ve seen lower-level demons brush off attacks by this weapon, which is also known as Ruby’s Knife. So logically, this immunity should apply to Lilith as well. However, during the one instance where she did face this knife, Lilith was more than a little terrified. If other lesser demons have shown resistance to this weapon, then it should have been a joke against the Queen of Hell. But since Sam killed Lilith in Season 4, it seems we’ll never know why the First Demon feared it so.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Boys' Source of Income

Dean Survived in Purgatory Without Food (& Had No Hair Growth)

The Subsequent Absence of the Boy Supposed to be the Antichrist

Whether or Not They’ve Been to the Grand Canyon

Knowing What a Rugaru Is

#1: Forgetting Adam

The underlying theme of “Supernatural” has been family. The Winchesters are fiercely loyal to blood, and protect those they consider as part of their surrogate family. Unfortunately, this sentiment doesn’t seem to extend to their half-brother, Adam Milligan. The youngest son of John Winchester fell into Lucifer’s Cage along with Sam in the Season 5 finale, where he’s remained ever since. For all the Winchesters’ talk about placing family first, the boys don’t seem too worried about the fact that their little brother is in Hell. Aside from Dean trying to unsuccessfully convince Death to let both Sam and Adam out in Season 6, as well as a few brief references later on, it seems that Dean’s too busy looking for pie to remember that “saving people, hunting things” is “the family business.”