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Top 10 Supernatural Episodes

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean When things go bump in the night, these boys bump back. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Supernatural Episodes. For this list, we’ve selected the best of the best when it comes to episodes of this long-running fantasy horror series. We’ve chosen our entries based on their quality, popularity and memorability. As you’d expect, this list is full of spoilers, and as such a spoiler alert is now in effect! Special thanks to our users exile660, Norris Vaughn, Piotr Pornobolszewik Wielki,Khodor Ahmad Alrifai, Lauren Horan Tomlinson, Ulises A. Herrera, Alonso Ruiz, Jonny Kane, Johanna Wahlert, Kelli Buckley, Rachel Gordon, The Ultimate Guide and Norris Vaughn for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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Top 10 Supernatural Episodes

When things go bump in the night, these boys bump back. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Supernatural episodes.

For this list, we’ve selected the best of the best when it comes to episodes of this long-running fantasy horror series. We’ve chosen our entries based on their quality, popularity and memorability. As you’d expect, this list is full of spoilers, and as such a spoiler alert is now in effect!

#10: “Wendigo”

Hot off the heels of its debut, the series hits the ground running with this thriller of an episode that sees the Winchesters tracking down, and consequently being hunted by, a cannibalistic creature called a Wendigo. While we weren’t under any illusions that our heroes would die in episode two, seeing Dean hung up in the Wendigo’s den definitely gave us white-knuckles. In-between the scares, there were also conversations between the brothers that gave deeper glimpses into their characters, what with Sam’s growing need for vengeance and Dean’s desire to find and please their father. With a good balance of tension and character study, the episode was an excellent way to carry over high from the pilot.

#9: “What Is and What Should Never Be”

By this point in the series, it had clearly been established that both of the Winchesters want a life outside of being Hunters. Fittingly enough, Dean awakens one day to find his life practically perfect in every way. His mother is still alive, he’s dating a gorgeous nurse, and Sam even has the love of his life back. Unfortunately this ideal life is a false one, as in reality Dean has been captured and is slowly being sucked dry by a Djinn. When push comes to shove, the older Winchester is given the choice to either stay in his paradise or face the cold hard truth. While he chooses the latter, the pain of that choice strikes a particularly tearful chord and makes this an utterly unforgettable episode.

#8: “Baby”

What would this franchise be without the Impala? The signature ride of our two heroes has been with them through thick and thin, and for once we see the entire narrative completely from the car’s perspective. Seemingly mundane moments that wouldn’t be normally be shown in your typical “Supernatural” episode are shown in this Season 11 episode, such as the arduous process of researching the “monster of the week,” as well as the Winchesters’ morning routines. While the subplot involving what they think to be a werewolf is intriguing, the real treat is the unique route “Baby” took to telling its story.

#7: “The Monster at the End of This Book”

While “Supernatural” may be a much loved piece of fiction in and of itself, the last thing Dean and Sam themselves probably expected to find out was that their entire lives had been printed in a series of fantasy novels. The author of said books turns out to be a rather skittish man named Chuck, who is revealed to be a Prophet of God that is able to foresee the events in their lives before they come to pass. Unfortunately for Sam, this includes an encounter with the demonic Lilith in which they are destined to get frisky with one another. While Chuck’s prophecies don’t come to pass in the exact way the Winchesters thought they would, they do raise some vital points about Sam’s unsettling desire for revenge.

#6: “Fan Fiction”

It’s no secret that Supernatural has a fiercely devoted fan community, and the creators have certainly tipped their hats to them in episodes such as “The Real Ghostbusters.” However, for their special two-hundredth episode, they went all out with one of the most meta of all “Supernatural” episodes. While investigating the disappearance of a teacher, the Winchesters discover that her students are putting on a musical based on Chuck’s books, and the production even makes references to popular fan fiction tropes such as “Destiel” and “Wincest”. Despite how awkward the subjects can be, the episode still radiates a great appreciation for the fan community – known as the SPNFamily - that helped make “Supernatural” what it is today.

#5: “The End”

The threat of Lucifer and his goal of possessing Sam is present in pretty much every episode of the fifth season, but nowhere was this made all the more apparent than when Dean finds himself in the near future - where the Winchesters have lost the final battle. Both Jared Padaleki and Jensen Ackles really get to stretch their acting muscles here as they play much darker versions of their regular characters. The conflict between Dean and his much more militaristic, unforgiving future self raises questions about his reluctance to accept his position as Michael’s vessel, while the confrontation with the Lucifer-possessed Sam was as awesome as it was heart-breaking.

#4: “Changing Channels”

When “Supernatural “wants to go all out with its comedy, it goes all out! The return of the Trickster throws Sam and Dean in an alternative universe that parodies all manner of popular television shows. From wacky Japanese game shows to over-the-top sitcoms, cheesy-but-sexy medical dramas, “Knight Rider,” and even a commercial about genital herpes, this episode is high on laughs. But it’s also just grounded enough to keep the narrative running smoothly. While the reveal of the Trickster turning out to be the angel Gabriel was a decent enough twist, we can’t get over that shot Sam took to the crotch. Brutal.

#3: “Lazarus Rising”

At the conclusion of the third season, we were greeted to the lovely sight of Dean getting ripped apart and getting sent straight to Hell. It turns out to not be a permanent stay however, as he is raised from perdition by a celestial being who later becomes everyone’s favorite angel, Castiel. This episode not only reintroduced the brothers in a shocking but heart-warming reunion, but was also the first stepping-stone towards what would become the battle between Hell and Heaven, with the Winchester boys and the rest of humanity stuck in the middle. Not to mention Castiel’s one heck of a badass entrance!

#2: “The French Mistake”

It’s a premise so hilarious that it can only be pure gold. In an effort to save the Winchesters from one of Raphael’s assassins, Balthazar sends the brothers to a parallel universe that is scarily similar to our own. However, rather than being the supernatural hunters we know and love, in the alternate reality, Sam and Dean are mere characters on the “Supernatural” series we know and love... kind of. Meta to the core, the irony level is off the charts in “The French Mistake,” as Sam and Dean, er... Jared and Jensen... encounter “Supernatural”'s creators, a Twitter-obsessed Misha Collins, and even some of Jensen Ackles’ earlier acting performances. Of course, none of it compares to watching Sam and Dean trying - and failing - to act.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“The Man Who Would Be King”

“Devil’s Trap”

“Yellow Fever”

“Mystery Spot”

“Weekend at Bobby’s”


#1: “Swan Song”

In the finale of season 5, all hope seems lost, as Lucifer has taken control of Sam. He is also on the verge of clashing with the Archangel known as Michael, the result of which would be a battle that would bring about the Apocalypse. Castiel and Dean thus launch a final assault that ends as well as you might expect it to. However, before Lucifer can kill Dean, Sam takes control at the last second, willingly throwing himself and the Devil inside of him back into Lucifer’s Cage in Hell. Dean is left broken due to the loss of his brother, which prompts him to return to an old flame so he can try to live a normal life. The episode’s ending may be bittersweet, but if this was how “Supernatural” as a series was to end, it would have certainly been a high note to go out on – and that’s why it’s our number one pick.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite episode of “Supernatural”? For more fantasy top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo!

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