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Top 10 BEST Celebrity Halloween Costumes (2018)

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
It’s that time of the year again when celebs bring that costume A-game! For this list, we’re looking at the most creative, impressive and hilarious get ups from this spooky season. We’ve included the reigning queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum’s awesome Princess Fiona costume, Harry Style’s incredible Elton John get-up, Alexa Chung’s statement mermaid costume, Rita Ora’s eerily accurate Post Malone costume and more!

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Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018

Ready for some costume inspo? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018.
For this list, we’re looking at the most creative, impressive and hilarious get ups from this spooky season.

#10: Bette Midler

Every October, Bette Midler hosts her Hulaween charity event and this year the theme at the party at St. John the Divine in New York was a celestial one. Midler looked otherworldly in a silvery outfit that made her look like a chic interplanetary visitor. And in case you were wondering who specifically Midler was dressing up as, she cleared things up on Twitter saying she was, “A diplomat from the planet Fallopia, bringing a message of peace, tolerance and kindness for all on planet Earth”. Obviously.

#9: Lily-Rose Depp

Sometimes Halloween is the chance to don an outlandish costume you’d never be caught dead wearing in your everyday life . . . but sometimes it’s just an opportunity to wear something impossibly chic. Lily-Rose Depp chose the latter option at a Brooklyn party thrown by V Magazine, who are featuring her as their cover star. Chanel was the theme of the night, and Depp created a ringleader outfit using pieces from the classic designer. She finished the look off with Christian Louboutin boots for flawless high fashion perfection.

#8: Kaia Gerber

Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber has recently become the talk of the fashion world, walking in the biggest runway shows and starring in major ad campaigns. So it’s no surprise that she caught our attention this Halloween when she dressed up as one of the greatest figures in the history of rock. She looked fantastic all grunged up as Joan Jett at the Casamigos Halloween party in Beverly Hills, alongside the rest of her family who also took inspiration from the world of music for their costumes. This look definitely works for her!

#7: Joey Fatone

These days it’s rare that celebrities - or anyone really - dresses as something truly scary for Halloween. But this year, Joey Fatone decided to buck that trend, opting for a look that evoked one of the most frightening moments in cinema, but also giving us a good laugh. The former NSYNC singer and girlfriend Izabel Araujo were . . . well, almost convincing as the twins from “The Shining”. His dress and knee socks were spot on, although the facial hair made the look just a tiny bit less believable. Mark this one down on your list of great couple costume ideas!

#6: Ryan Seacrest

There is perhaps no more iconic figure in the world of modern fashion than Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel. Ryan Seacrest opted to channel the famous designer this Halloween, replicating his white hair, oversized sunglasses and even the little dog on his arm. The only problem is Seacrest’s signature smile, which is definitely not a look we’ve ever seen on the real Karl Lagerfeld. Seacrest’s girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, didn’t seem quite as committed to the authenticity of her Anna Wintour outfit, choosing a slightly more sultry interpretation.

#5: Kendall Jenner

As one of the world’s top models and a member of America’s first celebrity family, all eyes are on Kendall Jenner pretty much every time she leaves the house. For her Halloween 2018 look at a party in Las Vegas, she picked quite the throwback outfit, dressing as a fembot from the Austin Powers series. She teased the outfit on social media before the event, and continued to snap away throughout the night. She even had some friends in tow to help her complete the look!

#4: Alexa Chung

Fashionista Alexa Chung may be known for her sartorial statements, but they’re usually more pretty than they are political. Yet her 2018 Halloween costume definitely had an edge to it, as she dressed as “Mermaid with Plastic” for The Misshapes Halloween party in New York City. Chung hasn’t issued any statement on the meaning behind her outfit, but we can only assume that the plastic bag she was holding wasn’t just a stylish accessory, but rather a commentary on pollution in our oceans. Who says you can’t look good while taking a stand?

#3: Harry Styles

What better choice for Halloween than to take the opportunity to dress up as one of your idols? Singer Harry Styles may have made a name for himself in One Direction, but he has since emerged as a solo artist and chose to emulate another great pop star for his costume this year. Styles dressed as Elton John for the Beverly Hills Casamigos Halloween party, and the sparkling Dodgers uniform, similar to what Elton sported during a 1975 performance at the Dodger Stadium, was a particularly nice touch.

#2: Rita Ora

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...right? Rita Ora went all out when she opted to dress up as Post Malone this Halloween, showing that she definitely doesn’t take herself too seriously. She recreated his face and neck tattoos perfectly, and was completely unrecognizable in her getup. She performed in full get-up at the KISS Haunted House Party 2018 in London. Now that’s dedication. In a social media post, she said that some of her fans didn’t even realize it was her under the costume!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Nicky Hilton

Nina Dobrev

Ross Butler

#1: Heidi Klum

And the best halloween costume goes to…none other than the queen of halloween herself, Heidi Klum. The “America’s Got Talent” judge finally revealed her elaborate costume at her 19th annual Halloween Party at Lavo nightclub in New York City. While it’s no secret that Klum is a huge halloween fan, fans were perplexed at what her costume would be this year after she teased her Instagram followers with clips of her undergoing a full prosthetic makeup transformation to become Princess Fiona. Accompanied by her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz who went as Shrek, the couple slayed Halloween 2018.

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