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Top 10 CRAZIEST Things To Happen in PUBG

VO: DP WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Script written by Ty Richardson It’s a crazy game, so crazy things happen all the time! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 CRAZIEST Things to Happen in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! Special thanks to our user “Laballs” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Craziest Things to Happen in PUBG

These guys have certainly earned their share of a chicken dinner. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Things to Happen in PUBG!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the most impressive, unbelievable, and bizzare plays from gamers across YouTube and Twitch, from skilled shots to crazy warzones to outstanding victories.

#10: Hit & Run!


Solo runs require you to stay ever so vigilant and alert. You never know when might encounter another player or become the victim of an ambush. As for this player, nothing shall escape his sight. Making his way through cargo boxes, he quickly notices a speeding Jeep close by. Not only does he manage to take out the driver, but he does so using only ONE shotgun shell! Considering how much spread a shotgun blast has, this should have only affected the Jeep. A well-placed shot, good sir!

#9: Saved by a Puddle


When it comes to games like PUBG, it is crucial to always be aware of your surroundings. ALWAYS. So, maybe jumping around isn’t exactly the best idea when you aren’t familiar with the terrain. Unfortunately for this player, he jumps right onto the edge of the cliff, which consequently slides him off the ledge. Just when we think he’s about to splatter on the ground, he manages to land in a small section of water and he comes out uninjured. Watch where you step next time, okay, pal?

#8: Holding the Bridge


One of the marvelous things about PUBG are those rare moments where you feel like a badass action movie star. After setting up a roadblock at the end of a bridge, player Dcop and his squad find themselves assaulted by enemy teams trying to them into roadkill. As cars bolt all over the place and beat the broken car physics, Dcop and friends explode two cars and successfully drop the survivor count from thirty-eight players to twenty-nine. The insanity that takes place in this moment is just pure gold.

#7: Motorcycle Sniping


Not all gamers can play a mean sniper. Those rifles require a heavy amount of accuracy and precision. You’d have to calculate your distance between you and the target and anticipate where their next position might be. That being said, this player has earned mad respect from us. After spotting an enemy from a massive distance away, the player takes a shot that, from a glance, looks like a bad aim. Boy, were we wrong. Whether you want to call it a lucky shot or skilled shot, you can’t deny the eagle eye this guy holds!

#6: A Streaker’s Streak

The Average Gamers

Up for a challenge? Well, how about this; try going an entire round of PUBG without any weapons and no clothes. You are to have absolutely nothing equipped! Sounds like a suicide mission until you see this. The Average Gamers spent much of their time laying low high up in the mountains, moving only to just barely get inside the ever-shrinking circle. It isn’t until after nine minutes in when two of them get shot. In the end, one teammate survives just long enough to place the squad in second.

#5: Beep, Beep, Grenade in a Jeep


When you and your squad find a Jeep and feel like you can take on the world…well, up until your Jeep gets hijacked by an enemy player. Yeah, this is exactly what happened to G Gaming and pals when one of them accidentally exited the Jeep. Rather than try to make the car burst into flames, the enemy hijacked the Jeep and took a little joy ride. Unbeknownst to him, G unpinned a grenade and jumped out of the Jeep just before it exploded. It’s a confusing moment we can’t help laughing at, and that close-up of the smoking Jeep is just hilarious!

#4: Some Serious Sniper Skills


Look, we know aiming can be difficult, especially when said target is moving. As we’ve seen on this list so far, this isn’t much of a problem for some gamers. This gamer hid behind a tree and took out a speeding motorist. Shortly after, he nearly avoids getting run over by another player, and succeeds in taking them out as they drive away. Its pretty funny to see these guys not even try to pull off serpentine maneuvers or anything. And, we noticed those aren’t his first kills—FIVE KILLS?? I can’t even get more than two in every game!

#3: Pacifist Winner


Its one thing to go an entire game with no weapons or armor. The only way that can be topped is to win through pacifist means—and someone’s already done it. Twitch streamer kurtjmac entered in a game that lasted just over thirty-six minutes, and he did so without killing a single opponent. In the last minute of the match, it was down to him, his teammate and one opponent. At this point, the circle had gotten so small that the game turned into a race of health bars. This was one of the most interesting and intense matches we’ve seen in PUBG game yet.

#2: Hiding in a Flipped Car

Sir Lance

There’s no doubt that PUBG has some of the worst car physics in gaming. They’re not downright broken, but they could definitely use some tweaking. However, these players used their car wreck to their advantage…and hid in plain sight. How nobody noticed the squad sitting in the car is beyond us. Once the remaining teams had eliminated most of each other, the squad pulls off an upsetting ambush to steal the victory. We can only imagine the rage from the opposing teams, but, hey, way to take advantage of a total accident!

#1: Super Stuntman!


Is it true that video games can improve your hand-eye coordination? After watching this highlight, we’d like to think so. Like a legendary Evel Knievel, our reckless lone wolf launches off the side of a hill, dismounts, and survives the fall. Barely surviving, he takes out two players almost immediately! Something tells me his victims were not too happy about this, but you gotta admit, it takes a huge amount of skill and precision to pull off something like this. Hey, when you play like a god, you become a god!

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