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Fortnite Vs PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Which is Better?

Script written by Christopher S. Lozano And now the two most popular games about eliminating the competition must now work to eliminate each other to see who is that last left standing - how deliciously ironic. Fortnite & Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are going head to head in an old fashioned versus match to so you can see which is worth your time. Welcome to and today it’s Fortnite VS. PUBG. Special thanks to our users “Owen Smyth” and “Jonathan M. Oller Jr.” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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PUBG vs. Fortnite

Two games enter one game leaves. Welcome to, and in today's versus matchup, we’re pitting “PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds” against the Battle Royale mode in “Fortnite.”

We’re looking at which “last-player-standing-shooter” is the best in the genre. Forget which came first and who is suing whom: for this matchup, we’ll be looking at the five things that are crucial to the battle royale format.

Round 1: Map

One of the key components of a battle royale type of game is its map. The play area in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is a large sprawling area with different terrains and areas. This creates a rich and diverse experience, even when you are playing on the same map over and over again. Every match feels different depending on where you land and where the circle is. On top of that, PUBG has added weather effects like fog and rain, which helps to create a fantastic and tense gaming experience.

On the other hand, “Fortnite” has a much smaller area within which to kill each other. We have to admit, the flying bus is a bit cooler than a cargo plane. Having a smaller area can create a faster pace of play with more action and less hiding, but it also means the scenery is much less diverse. The bright green grass can become a bit boring. That said, “Fortnite” does have a nice variety of buildings and players can build structures to alter the map, thereby affecting gameplay in interesting ways.

Due to a larger and more diverse area, PUBG takes round one.

Winner: PUBG

PUBG: 1 / Fortnite: 0

Round 2: Art Style

Obviously, games are an inherently visual medium, so graphics and art style are extremely important, but does realism beat style? PUBG goes for a realistic art style which aims to get players feeling immersed in their game. Unfortunately, the level of detail in the game and lack of optimization can create problems for gaming rigs that are less than beefy. Additionally, the realistic style makes any low-resolution texture stand out all that much more. So, in trying to be more immersive, the art style can actually break immersion at times.

Going in the opposite aesthetic direction, “Fortnite” is much more cartoony, in the tradition of games like “Team Fortress 2.” While that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s at least very consistent throughout the game. The style also allows for the game to be better optimized. The “Fortnite” developers don’t have to worry about super high-resolution textures eating up system memory or slowing down read and write speeds. Because of this, “Fortnite” offers a much more consistent and smooth graphical experience.

While “PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds’” attempt at realism at times falls short, “Fortnite” offers consistency and a wholly unique art direction, which gives it the win for round two.

Winner: Fortnite

PUBG: 1 / Fortnite: 1

Round 3: Mobility

In a game that’s all about evading your enemies or killing them, mobility is super important. The PUBG developers understand that players need the necessary tools to kill each other effectively. That’s why it has all the stances you’d expect from a shooter. Walking, running, and diving are all important elements to the gameplay. Being able to crouch and go prone means that the player has many options when it comes to being stealthy or firing from a covered position. On top of all that PUBG also has vehicles, which add a whole extra dimension to the game.

In contrast, “Fortnite” takes a much more straightforward approach. There’s no prone, so the player never really feels like they are being stealthy. This eliminates that kind of playstyle almost completely. There are also no vehicles in the game, so moving around the map is a much different experience. It’s not slower because the map is smaller, but it does remove the sense of vulnerability and risk when driving a car down the road, knowing other players might be tracking you with their gun sights. However, “Fortnite” does add upward mobility in the form of player built structures. This adds a depth of gameplay that PUBG doesn’t have.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to take the round. PUBG wins.

Winner: PUBG

PUBG: 2 / Fortnite: 1

Round 4: Community

Often times, what separates a great game from a terrible game isn’t the game itself, it’s the community. Online games with open voice comms can be notoriously toxic. Unfortunately, communications is one of the most important aspects of team-based games like PUBG and Fortnite, which means that you’ll pretty much have to interact with some questionable individuals if you want to stand a chance at winning. On top of that, PUBG has an infamous hacking scene, so players can sometimes expect to see others cheat the game from time to time.

Since “Fortnite” is the newer game, it has the smaller community. And with a smaller community, you generally get a nicer group of people. Even streamers of the game are more relaxed and curse and yell a lot less. The developers also make a better effort to reach out to their player base. These are good signs for a new game, and hopefully, things stay the same even as the game’s player base grows.

Because the community is a bit larger and a bit more toxic, “PUBG” loses this round to “Fortnite.”

Winner: Fortnite

PUBG: 3 / Fortnite: 2

Round 5: Weapons and Abilities

This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Variety is the spice of life, and the more weapons, the more fun, right? PUBG developers made sure to give players a nice variety of weapons to choose from. They each have a mostly different playstyle from each other, and on top of that, you can add mods and attachments for even more variety. This also adds depth to the game’s loot system because you’re never quite sure what you’re going to find. Maybe you’ll get your favorite sniper rifle, or maybe you’ll only find a crossbow.

Again, “Fortnite” takes a more streamlined approach to this aspect of gameplay. Opting for less variety means that players will more easily find the kind of weapon they want. The guns also handle much more different than in PUBG. “Fortnite” takes an action-y and arcade-y approach. While this means more blasting-their-face fun, it also means less depth to the gameplay. “Fortnite” does have a leg up in abilities, though, since the player can build structures. Due to variety, PUBG wins this round too.

Winner: PUBG

PUBG: 3 / Fortnite: 2

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