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Top 10 Youtube Feuds

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Sadie Perkins

These Youtube fights got nasty. From Jesse Williams vs. RiceGum, to Trisha Paytas vs. ||Superwoman||, to Onision vs. PewDiePie, in-fighting is surprisingly common among famous Youtubers. WatchMojo counts down the top Youtube feuds.

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Script written by Sadie Perkins

Top 10 Youtube Feuds

Step aside Kardashians; drama is moving from reality TV to the YouTube scene. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 YouTube feuds.

For this list, we’re looking at feuds between YouTubers that turned ugly. To be included, fights should not have spilled over into physical confrontations and should have been contained online to videos, tweets or other social media posts. WARNING: Explicit Content ahead.

#10: Jesse Wellens vs. RiceGum

For reasons unknown, numerous YouTube stars have decided to try their hands at rapping - with mixed results. When YouTubers Jesse Wellens and Andy Milonakis stumbled across some of RiceGum’s “diss tracks”, they posted a diss track of their own, calling out his rap style. RiceGum didn’t take long to fire back, posting a rebuttal track roasting both Jesse and Andy, insinuating the two were lovers and suggesting that Jesse’s online career was faltering. Though after the tracks were posted, Jesse and RiceGum collaborated on a comedy sketch together, suggesting it didn’t cause a serious rift, there’s no denying that the original tracks were pretty savage.

#9: Onision vs. PewDiePie

When Pewdiepie uploaded a video sharing his thoughts about the current craze surrounding “YouTube Drama”, the now-deleted post received its fair share of backlash. Fellow YouTuber Onision commented on Twitter that “There are few things more pathetic than a guy who’s rich for playing video games complaining about this sh*t.” Not one to take things lying down, Pewdiepie responded with a pretty brutal insult about Onision’s notoriously dramatic personal life and effectively ended the thread. Something tells us that unlike Jesse and RiceGum, these two didn’t leave things on good terms.

#8: Trisha Paytas vs. ||Superwoman||

When you’re an internet celebrity, you come to expect a certain amount of recognition, particularly among your fellow YouTube peers. When that doesn’t happen however, things can get a little tense, as they did here. During a collaboration with YouTuber Shane Dawson, online personality Lilly Singh, also known as ||Superwoman||, mentioned that she didn’t know who YouTuber Trisha Paytas was. In a subsequent video with Paytas, who just so happens to be a frequent collaborator of Dawson’s, the mention of Superwoman’s name prompted Trisha to comment that she didn’t particularly like the girl. Though little was said about the feud afterwards, the two clearly aren’t friends.

#7: h3h3 (Ethan Klein) vs. JoeySalads

Capitalize on rampant racial issues in order to get views, and you’re bound to receive some flak. Notorious for his “social experiments” on YouTube, Joeysalads has a reputation for posting controversial, fake, and often racist pranks online. After posting a fake prank where a crowd of black men trashed a Trump supporter’s car, YouTuber h3h3 chimed in on Joey’s behavior. Expressing his frustration about the YouTube “prankster” community and the racist fake prank, Ethan even conducted an interview with Salads in an attempt to get an explanation. Though the feud was conducted in a fairly civil way, neither party changed their opinion of the event.

#6: Cyr vs. Onision

This is a case of best friends turned worst enemies. Former roommates, YouTuber’s Cyr and Onision have collaborated on a number of videos together. However, after a falling out, the two began posting diss tracks about each other, beginning with Cyr’s “A Dramatic Reality” video. In the video itself and in the description, he called out Onision for monetizing his life and doing anything for views, money, and to create drama. Only days afterward, Onision posted a scathing comeback calling out Cyr for being a freeloader and a less successful version of himself. The videos inspired a fierce war between fans of both Onision and Cyr, and was one of the more hostile feuds on our list.

#5: LeafyIsHere vs. iDubbbzTV

Yikes. In his famous series “Content Cop”, controversial YouTuber iDubbbzTV didn’t hold back in sharing his thoughts on YouTube commentator LeafyIsHere. Calling Leafy a “greasy snake” and making fun of his chin, videos, and bullying style, iDubbbz’s roast went viral. Though Leafy responded to the video with his own roast of iDubbbz, many viewers thought the Content Cop’s diss sent Leafy’s career into a tailspin. When iDubbbz released a second video in reply, he effectively won the feud and arguably decimated Leafy’s career. Filled with harsh language and almost every insult under the sun, this was a feud that went viral and stayed that way.

#4: h3h3 vs. LeafyIsHere

A second appearance for both of these YouTubers on our list, this feud was a hot topic on YouTube for more reasons than one. After Leafy posted a video mocking an autistic YouTuber for doing a good deed, many YouTube stars called him out for bullying and his generally toxic behavior. h3h3 productions posted a video condemning Leafy's bullying and the general acceptance of bullying on YouTube. The negative response to Leafy’s video was so large he posted an apology video. Though all original videos the two posted have been deleted, fans caught them fast enough to re-upload, keeping the feud going.

#3: FreeLee vs. Blogilates

Even the health and fitness community on YouTube isn’t free from fighting. Notorious for calling out other YouTubers for their diets, vegan YouTuber FreeLee the Banana Girl began this feud by heavily critiquing fitness YouTuber Blogilates low-carb dieting style. Not shy about her disdain for the diet, FreeLee posted frequent videos slamming Blogilates for her “unhealthy” and non-vegan eating choices. Though no official comment was made by Blogilates, the feud escalated when FreeLee posted a video claiming Blogilates was trying to get her channel shut down. The channel managed to stay up, but there’s clearly no love lost between the two.

#2: PointlessBlog vs. velvetgh0st

Monetizing videos has long been a controversial topic among the YouTube community. After the release of the app Vessel, that charged audiences to watch YouTube videos, YouTuber Gabriella Lindley, or velvetgh0st, was quick to express her disdain for the platform by tweeting out that whoever used the app was just in it for the money and that it was “disgusting”. Fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes, or PointlessBlog, tweeted back saying that she should be more mature when expressing her opinion. What really made this feud stand out was the fact that Alfie’s girlfriend and Gabriella were very close. Awkward...

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Onision vs. MrRepzion
- Sam Pepper vs. Laci Green
- Matthew Santoro & Rob Dyke vs. Nicole Arbour

#1: KSI vs. PewDiePie

In another response to Pewdiepie’s “YouTube Drama” video, YouTuber KSI was quick to point out that by creating a video about drama, Pewdiepie had in fact created more drama. Posting a video called “Talking About YouTube Changing to Get Views”, KSI expressed his opinion about the video and accused Pewdiepie of being a hypocrite. Coming back to the video, Pewdiepie tweeted a brief roast of KSI and made a reference to YouTuber Toby Turner, who had been accused of sexual assault in the past. Here’s an example of an ugly feud all around that ironically caused more drama than it settled.

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