Top 5 Michelle Phan Facts



Top 5 Michelle Phan Facts

She's one of YouTube's first mega celebrities. Michelle Phan has had many hardships in her life but one thing's for certain: She knows how to overcome difficulties and push through to achieve her dreams. In this countdown we shed light on 5 facts about Michelle Phan you may not have known about!

Top 5 Michelle Phan Facts

Of all the popular beauty gurus out there, few can compare to this one. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Michelle Phan Facts.
For this list, we’re looking at the most interesting tidbits about one of YouTube’s best known faces.

#5: She Was Rejected by Lancôme Before Becoming Their Spokesperson

Before she was an Internet sensation, Michelle Phan was just like any other girl looking for a job. She applied to work at the Lancôme counter at her local department store but was rejected due to her lack of sales experience. In a cosmic twist of fate, several years (and a few million YouTube subscribers) later, the brand reached out to her to offer her a much more significant position. Michelle became Lancôme’s first ever official “video makeup ambassador”, creating video tutorials featuring the line’s products.

#4: She Launched ICON Network

In 2015, with her YouTube celebrity status firmly established, Michelle Phan decided to embark on a new video venture. Icon is a “digital lifestyle network” that produces tutorials and other inspirational content on beauty, fashion, food and more. Phan partnered with a production company called Endemol Beyond USA to make it a reality. As of early 2017, Phan seemingly no longer produces videos for her personal channel, but rather shares her new content on the Icon channel. In 2016, Phan released a beautifully shot video entitled “New Chapter” on her personal channel, which showed her visiting Vietnam. But to see her various adventures in the country, you need to head over to Icon.

#3: She's a College Dropout

Phan reportedly attended both Ringling College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art and Design but dropped out of both schools because she was unable to pay her tuition. She reportedly worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant while she was in school to try to make ends meet. Once she became a success, Ringling College honored Phan in March 2014 by awarding her an Honorary Doctorate of Arts Degree - even though she didn’t complete her studies. It just goes to show that even if you don’t take the path most travelled, you can still achieve great success.

#2: Phan Is the Co-Founder of ipsy

Fans of Michelle Phan and other YouTube beauty gurus love getting recommendations from their favorite stars on what products to buy. Ipsy’s subscription service takes it one step further by saving you the work and sending you a sampling of new products every month. The monthly “glam bag” includes both sample size and full sized products ranging from makeup to skincare to fragrance. So if you want to emulate Michelle’s flawless look, all you have to do it subscribe to the $10 a month service. Phan also started her own makeup line called EM Cosmetics which, although originally part of the L’Oréal company, was sold to Ipsy in 2015.

#1: She Has Nearly 9 Million YouTube Subscribers

Though she started her channel filming low quality videos on her school laptop, Michelle Phan had a quick rise to fame. In 2015, Forbes listed Michelle Phan as number seven on the top ten list of YouTube earners, citing her income that year as approximately $3 million. Her total lifetime view count for her videos has soared past a billion! For a girl who grew up worrying about money and struggling with a tough family situation, this success story is a truly inspirational one.