Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos



Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos

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Script written by Shane O'Gorman

The Internet can be a dark, scary place. In this installment of TopX we take a look at the scariest YouTube videos out there. Full warning, you may have nightmares after watching this. These videos range from intentionally scary short films, cryptically disturbing montages and found footage clips that make us question reality. Watch this one with the lights on unless you want the beejeezus scared out of you!

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Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos

Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we’re looking at our picks for the Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos.

For this list, we looked at videos uploaded to YouTube that were spine tingling-ly spooky for a variety of reasons. These videos range from intentionally scary short films, cryptically disturbing montages and found footage clips that make us question reality. Watch this one with the lights on… unless you want the beejeezus scared out of you.

#10: Mass of Daddy Long Legs in a Tree

KILL. IT. WITH. FIRE. In this video clip, someone from Arizona felt compelled to disturb a cluster of daddy long legs gathering together (for whatever reason). Anyone with serious arachnophobia watching this… avert your eyes! While daddy long-legs aren’t necessarily a harmful arachnid in comparison to other spiders in the world, the manner in which they scatter across the tree with those freakishly long legs of theirs definitely unsettles us. The second the person filming pokes them with a stick, they scramble into every possible direction and, even though we know there is a computer screen separating us from the creepy crawlers, we can help but be nervous that they might overflow right onto our laps. Ugh!

#9: Hand Thing

Have you ever done the ‘hand thing’? No? Neither have we, and we doubt we ever will after watching this creep-fest. In this video, two people that have dressed themselves up to look like giant dolls speak to each other in very squeaky voices, while talking about and performing the ‘hand thing’. They make incredibly strange noises as they repeat the same hand movements over and over again. The repetitive nature of the video generates a heavy sense of madness, as we are sucked further and further into this mind numbing and off putting cycle of unparalleled insanity. It may not have grotesque monsters or unexpected jump scares, but ‘Hand Thing’ proves that a descent into pure, inexplicable lunacy can sometimes be more effectively terrifying than anything else.

#8: I Feel Fantastic

We feel ANYTHING but fantastic after watching this one. In this disturbing video, a mannequin is dressed up in a variety of different outfits and placed into a plain looking room. Seems more weird than scary with just the visuals alone, but it’s the combination of both the off-beat imagery and chilling audio that truly sells the scares this time around. The eerie soundtrack provides a calm but altogether unnerving atmosphere, as the lifeless doll does little but stare at you while the strange melody continues on. While we’re at it, what the hell is up with that video description? It brings up Greek mythology and the philosophies of what true beauty is (Commenter makes shiver sound). It kinda makes us feel like they are confusing the terms “fantastic” and “frightening” a little here.

#7: The Disneyland Ghost

Who is up for something more light-hearted to take a break from all of this horrifying material? How about a trip to Disneyland! Disneyland is the exact opposite of spooky! It’s the most approachable, friendly, charming place that we can think of (show footage of the ghost) …and, uh, WHAT WAS THAT?! Unfortunately, it seems like not even the wonderful world of Disney is safe from the supernatural entities of our universe, as cameras have captured strange footage of a ghastly presence prowling the grounds at night. Some people have hypothesized that this is the spirit of the man himself: Walt Disney! Whether it’s an actual ghost or just a video glitch, the image seen here will not be leaving our subconscious anytime soon.

#6: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

How could a video featuring colorful, happy-go-lucky puppets gathering together to ‘get creative’ be even remotely scary? Well, let’s just say that “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is the very definition of expecting the unexpected. Everything seems to be calm and collected at first, but the slow burn of the terror to come begins to build until the ending where the intensity reaches a fever pitch and things GET NUTS. Shocking, split-second shots of hearts, bloody pies and thunderstorms are accompanied by an ear-scratching soundtrack, all of which results in an incredibly disturbing experience. We never expected a seemingly Sesame Street-style video to get so dark, so fast. Don’t follow the instructions in the video’s title; please hug us, we’re scared.

#5: Obey the Walrus [aka Obedece a la morsa]

This entry defies any sense of logic or explanation. After a brief and unexplainable inclusion of the villain Andross from the Star Fox video game series, the video suddenly bombards the viewer with a kaleidoscope of colors and visual patterns before the ‘main attraction’ begins. The video is apparently a product made by a Latin Amerian cult of people who worship an otherworldly entity known only as the ‘walrus’; whatever the disfigured individual dancing around has to do with this ‘walrus’ is anyone’s guess. Supposedly, bad luck will follow anyone shortly after they witness this video so…if your life gets crappy shortly after watching our countdown, we’re sorry for dragging you into this.

#4: Body of a Pig

Let’s play count the ‘nopes’, shall we? ‘Nope’ number one: the cameraman and his colleagues are exploring a dark and desolate environment. ‘Nope’ number two: said environment was highly rumored to be haunted! ‘Nope’ number three, and this one is the kicker: the decide to open a big, red, metallic door to see what is on the other side. Almost immediately upon opening the door, a grumbly voice is just barely audible, with the video repeating the sound several times just in case you don’t catch it. After being slowed down and cleared up, a voice can be heard saying “I have the body of a pig” just before making grunting sounds. What they heard, however, is nothing compared to what they saw.

#3: Bedfellows

We can all take some comfort in knowing that this video is 100% fake, as it is a short horror film, identifying itself as a work of fiction. However, this doesn’t make it any less scary. A woman lies in bed next to who we can only assume to be her husband, due to the numerous photographs of them that we are shown throughout the video. However, things take a twisted and unexpected turn when the woman gets a phone call from her husband, who is just letting her know that he went for a little walk. Well, that’s all well and good… but if that’s her husband on the phone…then who’s lying next to her? Cue the heart stopping jump scare in three, two, one.

#2: Dining Room or There is Nothing

Upon clicking the video, you are immediately shown a pale woman in drab clothing while a fire rages behind her. Things only get creepier from there as the woman stares blankly into the camera. As it pulls back, it reveals an empty looking room and what appears to be a bowl set for someone sitting opposite of her. She also says phrases that can’t really be understood in her eerily monotone voice and we can’t help but jump in our seats when she suddenly smashes her face into her bowl. We aren’t really sure what’s happening here, but horror works best with that element of the unknown… and this video has it in spades.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Wyoming Incident

Local 58: You Are on the Fastest Available Route

Salad Fingers: Episode 1

#1: Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

Scary, horrifying, disturbing, creepy; take your pick over which words you wish to use to describe what happens in this video, because by the end, it left us completely speechless. It starts off innocently enough, with a woman providing helpful hints and suggestions for make-up advice. However, if ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ taught us anything, it’s that even the cheeriest setup can go south very quickly. The woman is proceeding to demonstrate various makeup techniques when, out of nowhere, her live feed is interrupted by what looks like a darkened room. After this, she seemingly becomes possessed by... something, loses control of her own body, and she proceeds to violently smash her face into a bloody and broken mess.

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