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Top 10 Things We NEED to See in This Is Us Season 2

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Nick Spake This show will leave you in tears, so get ready for the waterworks. Season 1 left us with a lot of questions we need to see in Season 2 of this acclaimed NBC show. Some of the questions we have are: When Will Dr. K Return? How Did Jack Pearson Die? Did Rebecca and Miguel Get Together? Will Kevin Choose Sophie or Ron Howard? We’d like also like it if they showed us Rebecca’s present day life.

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Top 10 Things We NEED in Season 2 of This Is Us

This is it! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We NEED in Season 2 of This Is Us.

For this list, we’re taking a look at questions from the first season of “This Is Us” that remain unanswered, as well as storylines we want to see in Season 2. Oh, and if you haven’t caught up with Season 1 yet, beware the following spoilers.

#10: When Will Dr. K Return?

Although he’s only appeared in a few episodes, Dr. K left a huge impression. Actor Gerald McRaney even earned a Creative Arts Emmy nomination for his heartwarming guest appearance. After delivering Kevin and Kate, this widowed doctor emerged as a grandfatherly figure, giving both Jack and Rebecca meaningful advice about being a parent. The Pearson family returned the favor when Dr. K found himself on an operating table years later. While he survived that surgery, his ultimate fate remains a mystery. Did he cross paths with the Pearsons again? Did he ever truly move on from his wife’s death? We need answers and more tear-jerking speeches about making lemonade.

#9: Give Kate Storylines That Aren’t Related to Her Weight

“This Is Us” has done a respectable job at addressing Kate’s weight issues and Chrissy Metz performance makes us feel for this character every step of the way. That being said, Kate’s weight has seemingly become her defining trait. From her childhood insecurities, to her relationship with Toby, to the grief of losing her father, everything about Kate somehow ties into her body image. Sure, this has made for some powerful moments, and we want to see Kate overcome these struggles, but do all of her storylines need to revolve around her weight? By expanding Kate’s horizon in Season 2, she could evolve into a more complete human being.

#8: How Did Randall & Beth Meet?
Randall and Beth Pearson share the kind of relationship most couples want. They’ve raised two beautiful daughters, and support each other unconditionally. However, the show has yet to explore their early courtship. Beth’s background in general hasn’t been given that much attention. All we really know is that she grew up with 14 other people in a three-bedroom house. While we have learned a great deal about Randall’s upbringing, there’s still a considerable gap missing in which he first met Beth. Hopefully Season 2 will give a flashback that reveals how exactly these two fell in love.

#7: Where Are Miguel’s Kids?

Miguel is one of the show’s biggest question marks. Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that his first marriage ended in divorce. While we’ve seen a bit of his ex-wife, Shelly, his two children have only been mentioned in passing. Now married to Rebecca in the present, Miguel has an uncomfortable relationship with the Pearson children, especially Kevin. But what’s Miguel’s relationship like with his own children, though? Does he get along with them? Do his kids get along with their stepfamily? Actor Jon Huertas is slated to become a main cast member in Season 2, which might mean we’ll learn more about Miguel and his mysterious offspring.

#6: Will Kate’s Singing Career Take Off?

Where Kevin caught the acting bug, Kate inherited her mother’s passion for singing. Due to her self-conscious tendencies, performing in public proved exceedingly difficult for Kate. Toby gave her a much-needed push to share her talent with the world, however, and by the end of Season 1, she finally summoned to courage to launch a singing career. This could mean that we’re going to see a more confident, outgoing Kate going forward. But, like losing weight, the road to fame is often an uphill battle. Regardless, this is a journey we definitely want to follow Kate on. We could listen her sing “Time After Time”, time after time.

#5: What Will Randall Do for Work Now?

Following a nervous breakout and the death of his biological father, Randall was finally motivated to quit his stressful job as a weather commodities trader. So what will Randall do for work now? Even he isn’t entirely sure. All Randall knows for sure is that he’s going to be slowing it down a little, walking in the morning rather than running. He’s also expressed interest in adopting a child with Beth, just as Jack and Rebecca took him in. So whatever Randall does, it’ll likely allow him to spend more time with his family. That’s one way to honor William’s legacy.

#4: Will Kevin Choose Sophie or Ron Howard?

After leaving “The Manny” in the past, Kevin proved his acting capabilities on a New York stage. This resulted in a call from director Ron Howard, who offered Kevin a part in a movie. Will it star Chris Hemsworth? Tom Hanks? Russell Crowe? Well whatever the film is, it would most certainly give Kevin the career boost he’s been chasing. The only downside is that Kevin was just starting to reconnect with his ex-wife, Sophie. While he could potentially have it all, there may come a time in Season 2 when Kevin has to choose between his dream job and his dream girl.

#3: Show Us Rebecca’s Present Day Life

Rebecca’s received plenty of development through flashbacks, which have delved into her relationship with Jack, her early days as a mother, and her aspirations to become a singer. Her present life has been somewhat glanced over, however. We know that she’s remarried to Miguel, although there’s been limited interaction between the two. For that matter, present day Rebecca has barely interacted with anybody outside of Randall’s family. Any screen time Rebecca shared with Kevin was fleeting, while Kate has said that she’s no longer speaking with her mother. Aside from exploring her current relationships, it’d be nice just to see what Rebecca does on a daily basis now.

#2: How Did Rebecca and Miguel Get Together?

Miguel was not only Jack’s best friend back in the day, but he always envied his relationship with Rebecca. In an ironic twist, it’s revealed that Miguel and Rebecca are happily married years later. How they got there, that's anyone's guess. It’s likely that their romance blossomed following Miguel’s breakup with Shelley. But did Miguel and Rebecca get together before or after Jack’s death? If Jack was still alive when they first hooked up, it must’ve made for a pretty intense love triangle. Of course it’s also possible that Jack’s death is what brought Rebecca and Miguel closer together. In any case, the showrunners have some blanks to fill.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Will Randall Find His True Purpose?

More of Jack & Rebecca Dating

#1: How Did Jack Pearson Die?

Jack Pearson’s death has been clouded in mystery from the beginning. It looked like we might get some answers in the Season 1 finale, but it instead ended with Jack and Rebecca taking a break. We don’t even know if Jack and Rebecca were still separated at the time of his passing. As for what we do know about Jack’s death, it’s been implied that the Pearson kids were older when it happened. Kate notably blames herself for his death, although it’s unclear why she feels this way. Whether we get the whole picture in Season 2 or later down the line, Jack’s death is going to hit us hard.

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