Top The Last of Us Season 2 Rumours Explained

Top The Last of Us Season 2 Rumours Explained

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The first season of "The Last of Us" only just ended, but that hasn't stopped Season 2 rumors from spreading. For this list, we'll be looking at the most exciting and interesting reports about the next season of this acclaimed apocalyptic show. If you haven't seen the first season or played the games, beware of spoilers ahead. Our list includes A 2025 Release Date, Increasing The Amount of Infected, A Big Video Game Actor Could Reprise His Role, and more!

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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top “The Last of Us” Season 2 Rumours Explained. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most exciting and interesting reports about the next season of this acclaimed apocalyptic show. If you haven’t seen the first season or played the games, beware of spoilers ahead. What do you want to see most in “The Last of Us” season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Season 2 Won’t Fully Adapt “Last of Us Part 2”

The first nine episodes of this post-apocalyptic show managed to cover all the major events from the first game and the biggest beats from the “Left Behind” side story. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the writers and creatives also added scenes that didn’t exist in the games. Although they were able to pack a ton of story into one installment, they’ll be taking a different approach with season 2. We know that the show will follow the time jump between the first two games and skip ahead five years. However, the writers won’t try to tell the entire story of “The Last of Us Part 2” in one shot. According to multiple behind-the-scenes interviews, the series will take a lot more time to portray the events of the sequel. Fans know that the follow up game had a much bigger and more detailed story. So, they wouldn’t be stretching the plot too thin by letting all the events breathe across multiple seasons. While we don’t know exactly where they’ll stop adapting part 2’s story, it’s safe to assume they’ll pause the story at a jaw-dropping moment.

A Big Video Game Actor Could Reprise His Role

Although the show found clever ways to recast video game actors in new live-action roles, Merle Dandridge was the only actor to play the same role in both mediums. But she might not be the only one after season 2. The most exciting rumor that’s been circulating is that Jeffrey Wright could be brought in to reprise his role. In “The Last of Us Part 2”, the actor played an influential and brutal military commander named Isaac. The morally gray character’s driven nature and complex personality made him one of the most exciting new additions to the world of the games. Since Isaac looks to be around the same age as Wright, bringing the actor would be both appropriate and a no-brainer. What better way to bring the performer back to an HBO show than by casting him on “The Last of Us?”

A 2025 Release Date

If you loved watching “The Last of Us” as much as we did, then you’re probably hoping that this rumor isn’t true. It would be great if we could hop onto HBO Max and click on a screenshot of Pedro Pascal to get new episodes in January 2024. Unfortunately, rumors suggest that we’ll have to wait a little longer. As of March 2023, nothing has been filmed for the second season. We know that it took 200 days just to get all the footage for the first installment. And after all that, the team still needed to do post production work. While there’s still a chance we could see new episodes in the 2024 holiday season, that would be a tight turnaround. It’s more realistic to assume that the show will return in January…of 2025. On the bright side, if other HBO rumors are true, we’ll have another season of “House of the Dragon” to look forward to in 2024 to keep us busy.

We May Have Already Met Ellie’s Biggest Love Interest

Those who have only seen the show may find it impossible to picture Ellie being with anyone but Riley. However, gamers know that the immune survivor eventually finds love again and starts a relationship with a Jackson Community resident named Dina. This monumental love interest may have been introduced to audiences earlier than expected. When Ellie first arrives in the Jackson community on the show, she scares away a local girl. Fans immediately started to speculate that the shy resident was actually Dina. If this rumor proves to be true, then Ellie will have a hilarious story to tell when people ask her how she met her girlfriend.

Increasing The Amount of Infected

While many fans loved how much the series focused on character development and quiet drama, some members of the audience still wanted an extra action sequence or two. Fortunately, early reports have hinted that more infected action is coming. There are rumors that we might see new enemy types like the powerful and disgusting rat king. Additionally, there’s a small chance that the second season could bring spores into live-action as a method of infection. And there’s a strong possibility the next installment will explore the hive mind concept introduced in season 1. All these rumors suggest that the live-action Ellie and Joel have a much tougher and adrenaline filled road ahead of them.

Expanding the Backstories of Part 2 Characters

One of the best creative decisions the live-action series has made to date was slowing things down to show us more of Bill and Frank’s relationship. Since that episode was near universally praised, it’s not a stretch to assume that the writers will expand other backstories too. Gamers know that a new character named Abby gets a fair amount of attention in Part 2. Outside of her, the show could give us more insight into the histories of newcomers like Jesse and Lev. “The Last of Us Part 2” notably made gamers dive deep into the lives of a few of Ellie’s antagonists. By spending an episode or two on an enemy, viewers may start to debate who the real heroes and villains on the show are.

Casting Abby

Since we’re still not trying to spoil everything for tv-only “The Last of Us” fans, trust us when we say that Abby will play a major role in the narrative going forward. The character is extremely determined, a great fighter and one of Ellie’s biggest enemies. Abby’s importance in the story has made fans think deeply about who could play her. Some fans think Peyton List’s role as the tough and complex “Cobra Kai” Tory makes her a great choice. Meanwhile, others want the fantastic Sophie Turner to join her “Game of Thrones” castmates on “The Last of Us”. Speaking of Thrones, House of the Dragon’s “Emma D’Arcy” has also been suggested by fans. Black Widow actress Florence Pugh and “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence have also been discussed. But the most persistent rumor is that Shannon Berry will ultimately be chosen to play Abby. Not only does she look exactly like the character, but “The Last of Us” co-creator Neil Druckmman follows her on social media. And the actress has demonstrated that she has the fierceness and dramatic chops required for the role. Time will tell if the rumors about Berry or another fan pick as Abby are true.