Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities
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Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities

Script written by Q.V. Hough

Fierce, fabulous and female Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most stylish female celebrities.

For this list, we're focusing on celebrities who consistently look flawless, well, at least in public, and we're excluding fashion designers, as well as models like Alexa Chung, whose job it is to show off the latest trends.

Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities

Fierce, fabulous and female. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities.

For this list, we’re focusing on celebrities who consistently look flawless, well, at least in public, and we’re excluding fashion designers, as well as models like Alexa Chung, whose job it is to show off the latest trends.

#10: Gwyneth Paltrow

For years, this Academy Award-winning actress has been killing it with her elegant fashion game, and she’s never really had us questioning her outside of-the-box thinking when it comes to combining the hottest trends and classic staples. The iconic blonde locks are surely part of the look for Gwyneth Paltrow, and she often tends to complement the shade with some lighter styles. This woman always glows on the red carpet, with her elegant gowns, natural makeup and signature centre part hairstyle. She always wears clothes that compliments her body type and obviously works hard at presenting a healthy look. The face of Estee Lauder and the face of Coach, Gwyneth Paltrow keeps it 100 in the style department at all times.

#9: Blake Lively

Here’s a TV starlet that’s managed to accentuate her physique with an affinity for darker tops while switching it up from time to time with some colorful vibes. Her beauty itself conveys a classic Hollywood appeal, yet somehow Blake Lively finds different ways to capitalize on such elegance while keeping it fresh as well. Sometimes a pair of shades gets the job done along with the right accessory, but when you’ve got it like Blake Lively, any type of clothing immediately becomes en vogue when she sports it around town.

#8: Emma Stone

As a blossoming A-lister, this actress with perfectly timed comedy chops seems like a load of fun, and her elegant yet still age appropriate style make her even more endearing. It’s not uncommon to see Emma Stone rock the beanie and shades look on the street, and when she hits the red carpet, it’s always a colorful affair. Some say she’s got the manic pixie dream girl thing goin’ on, and her sleek physique must be a dream for both editorial and Hollywood stylists. Of course, this girl probably looks good wakin’ up too, and yep, you can tell she knows it.

#7: Sienna Miller

If Emma Stone kicks it Brooklyn-style, this British beauty is all about that boho chic. In other words, Sienna Miller’s commanding fashion sense reminds little of Hollywood, as she takes pride in somewhat of the “New York City to London personal jet” vibe. It’s a high-priced style in a variety of ways, considering that Sienna always seems accessible but in that “out of your league” kind of way. Just give her a pair of jeans and she WILL find a top to make you both jealous and admirable of her superb fashion sensibilities.

#6: Beyoncé

Street style. Music Video style. Mom style. This first lady of hip-hop can essentially do whatever the hell she damn wants when it comes to fresh threads, but it’s her selection that makes her such a boss. Some days, Beyonce sports a smiley and vibrant youthful vibe, and on others, she throws down the hammer with some of the fiercest ensembles of all time. You know the look – it’s the “bitch, don’t kill my vibe” mode, probably because she’s decked out in some seriously expensive gear. In a world full of waify cover girls, it’s always nice to experience some of the Bey flava.

#5: Emma Watson

She’s the subject of sweet dreams for legions of fan boys, but to the eyes of the style-savvy, Emma Watson has emerged as a classy fashionista unafraid to boast a bold look. At some point in time, Emma Watson changed from cute little Hermione into a legitimate sex symbol and fashion icon, and probably more of the latter. She’s got the kind of presence to show off her sensual side, yet Emma typically carries herself in a way that big city socialites can only dream of. She’s an icon-in-the-making, and along with Burberry and Lancome, we’re all in love with Emma Watson.

#4: Diane Kruger

Okay, so Diane Kruger may have modelled once upon a time, but since she quit to fully pursue acting, she counts for this list. Diane has gone through a huge style evolution since she first starred in “Troy” as Helen in 2004. She’s known for her classic, glamorous looks on the red carpet, with a street style that tends to be more edgy and experimental. Sometimes seen wearing a seemingly mismatched belt, clutch, or necklace, she always makes it work. She’s daring with her looks and always tries out new trends– in fact, the only consistent thing about her fashion sense is that it’s always on point.

#3: Lupita Nyong’o

Born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, and educated in the U.S. of A. Now, this gorgeous actress knows a thing or two about culture, and her vast array of radiant get-ups will probably stop you in your tracks when you see her. You may even cry a bit, and that’s… ok. Lupita is that “no hair, don’t care” kind of girl, and her beauty demands some equally jaw-dropping gear. Yeah, she can get down with some chic, bohemian wear, but when the spotlight is on, her bold-colored gowns and avant-garde fashion sense will make you shudder with envy.

#2: Kate Middleton

She does her own makeup, she buys dresses you can afford, she wears sensible heels and she's got a closet we'd all kill to raid. She's brunette beauty Kate Middleton, the goddess whose style will usually trump anyone's fashion game - especially in the wedding gown department. Given her family and her in-laws, it’s only natural that she has access to some outrageously supreme clothing, and whether it’s some solid headware goin’ on or a sprawling dress, she’s always the proverbial belle of the ball. Kate may only be a duchess in title, but she's a princess in style.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Michelle Williams

Zoe Saldana

Marion Cotillard

Michelle Obama

Taylor Swift

#1: Cate Blanchett

If you’ve seen the film “Carol,” then you probably sat in astonishment for a good 2 hours admiring the grace of our girl Cate Blanchett. How does this woman do it? Well, first you gotta own your style, whether you’re on stage or just cruisin’ down the street, and something leads us to believe that Cate know exactly who she is, certainly when it comes to not only wearing her clothes, but how to move with them on. As one of today’s most beloved actresses, Cate has mastered and manipulated every bit of clothing that she adorns, allowing us to enjoy a woman that understands her body from head to toe.

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