Another Top 10 Best Celebrity Pranks
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Another Top 10 Best Celebrity Pranks

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Not to diminish the difficulties that come with being a celebrity, but it's nice to see celebrities getting pranked and feeling a little anxiety once in a while. And, sometimes the top pranksters are the friends of those celebrities! On this list, celebrities get pranked by the likes of Jason Sudeikis, Dominic Monaghan, Sacha Baron Cohen, Dennis Quaid and The Terminator himself: Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Another Top 10 Best Celebrity Pranks

When you live in the public eye, you want to be sure to get the last laugh. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for another Top 10 Best Celebrity Pranks.

For this list, we’re continuing our celebration of above average celebrity pranksters. They can be targeting fellow celebrities, family, friends, fans or the general public. The only pranks that will not be considered are those that were part of television series that are solely dedicated to pranking. If you feel a particular prank is missing from this list, be sure to check out our first video of the Top 10 Best Celebrity Pranks. Whoopee cushions at the ready!

#10: Roman Atwood TPs Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel has made this very clear - he loves pulling pranks, but he HATES being the victim of one. Unfortunately for him, his own son has befriended one of the biggest practical jokers in the game - modern YouTube celebrity prankster Roman Atwood. Call it juvenile or immature, but TPing a house is a time-honored classic. That being said, few people have ever taken it to extreme. The admittedly impressive end result allegedly cost Howie $2000 in cleanup. But hey… Mr. Mandel can likely afford it, and considering Roman had an accomplice on the inside (Mandel’s son Alex), it’s not like he’s going to press charges.

#9: Smosh Pranks Colleague with Emma Watson Interview

As impossible as it may seem… Emma Watson may be even more impressive than Hermione Granger. She’s incredibly talented, intelligent, classy and a humanitarian. But her most impressive feat just might be the grace and compassion she displayed when made the unwitting accomplice to this cruel but funny prank during a SMOSH interview. You see, SMOSH Games co-host Joven has more than a little crush on Emma Watson. So the SMOSH team surprised him by prepping him to interview Logan Lerman, only to bring out Emma Watson instead. She’s an excellent sport… even calling his “I (heart) Emma” tattoo cute when she could’ve said “creepy”. Thankfully… SMOSH received a taste of their own medicine courtesy of Jennifer Lawrence and friends.

#8: Dominic Monaghan Fake Interviews Elijah Wood

At least Emma Watson wasn’t the butt end of her joke interview. Elijah Wood… wasn’t so lucky. When doing promotion for “The Return of the King,” he was subjected to an absolutely outlandish interview with a strange German man. Elijah becomes increasingly more confused, uncomfortable and generally bewildered as the interview progresses, and you can’t help but feel for him as he attempts to treat the interview with respect and keep it on track. Little does he know, it’s his fellow onscreen Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan, faking an accent and asking him these odd questions. By the end of the interview, Elijah is in absolute stitches. It’s truly the DVD easter egg special feature to rule them all.

#7: Jason Sudeikis Makes “Friends” with Jennifer Aniston

Not all pranks need to be uncomfortable. Sometimes they can be downright sweet. During this comedy, there’s a family-for-hire song-along to the TLC classic “Waterfalls”. It’s a pretty charming moment in the life of this drug smuggling faux-family. As revealed by the closing credit outtakes however, when you give Jason Sudeikis control of the radio, his song picks tend to deviate from the playlist. In a great example of onset trolling… he cranks the famous theme song from Friends, “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts. His young co-stars Emma Roberts and Will Poulter get in on the fun, leaving a bemused Jennifer Aniston shaking her head and glaring at the camera... then breaking into uncontrollable laughter.

#6: “Jackass” Abducts Brad Pitt

What’s more surprising than finding Brad Pitt at a hot dog joint? Seeing a van full of men show up in masks and forcefully shove him into their vehicle and drive off. But that’s exactly what people witnessed one fateful night while waiting in line at Pink’s Hot Dogs. By this point, Jackass was on its third season and had been a huge hit for MTV. When Knoxville had a chance encounter with Brad at Spike Jonze’s house, the famous actor expressed his interest in making a guest appearance. The skit was less than a minute long... but talk about a prank with a heavy impact. The bystanders freeze up as the frantic celebrity is dragged away screaming for help.

#5: Terror Taxi from “Jackass Number Two”

By the time Jackass #2 came around, these daredevils, drunks and delinquents were bona fide celebrities in their own right and were pushing the boundaries of comedy, safety and good sense at every opportunity. The wildly offensive “Terror Taxi” sketch gets real serious... real fast. The actors involved quickly lose their composure when the taxi driver they think they’re pranking goes crazy, kidnaps them and pulls a gun. It’s all revealed to be an elaborate ruse however - the taxi driver is an actor, and the pranksters in costume are, unbeknownst to them, the actual targets. Of course, no Jackass skit would become complete without a healthy dose of pubes. In fact, pubes were the inspiration in this case.

#4: General Aladeen Introduces Ryan Seacrest to Kim Jong-Il

Oh Sacha Baron Cohen. Hadn’t the joke already gone far enough when you came to the Oscars dressed as your fictional dictator? Apparently not. You brought Kim Jong-il’s ashes in an urn sporting an image of his face as your guest. And then, as your COUP de grace, you poured them all over poor Ryan Seacrest’s Burberry suit, leaving him nice and sooty on the red carpet. Thankfully, the “ashes” were really just pancake mix. Seacrest couldn’t contain his initial anger, but eventually regained his composure, tweeting “'A lot of people hitting up afterparties I'm hosting a pancake breakfast tomorrow“. Talk about being a good sport… General Aladeen would’ve just executed everyone.

#3: Dennis Quaid Goes to Starbucks

Ellen is multi-talented. She’s a great conversationalist, sick dancer and an all-around inspiring human being. But above all else… she is a master puppeteer with human marionettes. We will never get tired of seeing her take control of celebrities. While her exploits in controlling Adele or Bruno Mars were certainly memorable… Dennis Quaid takes the win. Why? Partly thanks to Ellen’s excellent material, which consists of having him talk loudly, announce his arrival and inappropriately shout “DAY-O!” at the staff. But what really makes this an award-worthy piece of comedy is Dennis Quaid’s commitment to the role. Typically a serious actor, he brings his usual gravitas to this ridiculous performance. It was such a hit that it actually spawned multiple sequels.

#2: Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Back to His Roots

When you’re as recognizable as Arnie, going undercover is tough, especially if you appear to be incapable of putting on any accent apart from your own. But the Terminator gives it his best shot to help promote the After-School All-Stars fitness program and general health awareness. Adopting the identity of Howard the regional manager, Arnold flexes his acting abilities as he interacts with clients at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. He greets unsuspecting guests at the front desk and walks around giving ridiculous tips. He even slips in a few well-placed quotes from his many famous roles. A good-natured prank, you can tell that people are thrilled when they realize who’s actually under that ridiculous wig and moustache.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jennifer Aniston Strives for “Worst Interviewee Ever”

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Homeless

Aaron Paul and the Fake Spinoff

#1: Jimmy Kimmel vs. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Jimmy Kimmel is the undisputed king of Late Night television pranks. But he may have met his match in celebrity powerhouse couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. The couple fired the opening shot years ago when they broke into his house and decorated it with holiday lawn ornaments. Since then, this good-spirited war has gone nuclear. Real life reindeer poop, office re-decorating, gift-wrapped homes and zombies have all been deployed. In 2014, Krasinski and Blunt presented Kimmel with three nights of prank-mas, ending with the destruction of Jimmy’s car. Well, Jimmy got even by organizing an unsanctioned Krasinski family yard sale… with just a splash of eggnog for good measure. We guess there’s a little Jim Halpert in all of us.

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