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Top 10 Hardest Achievements In Video Games

Curse you achievements! You always know exactly how to entice us, nowhere more so than with these almost impossible tasks. They get so ridiculous that we can’t help but try to earn them. We’re not sure if we admire or just feel pity for those who went out of their way to gain these…

#10: Impossible Boy

If you thought that Super Meat Boy was tough before, then just you wait until you take on these punishing levels. Can you get through them all without a scratch? We doubt it.

#9: Master

Completing all Battle Missions and Survival Mode in Star Wars: Battlefront is almost as tough as taking a lightsaber to the head.

#8: My Kung Fu is Stronger

You need to earn one hundred victories, perform one hundred fatalities, land one hundred and fifty X-Rays, spill ten thousand pints of blood and go through twenty four hours of gameplay…with every single Mortal Kombat character!

#7: Universal Explorer

Grab a mount and take in the scenery, because you have to visit every area in World of Warcraft as well as its multiple expansions to get this one!

#6: 7 Day Survivor

Killing zombies is all well and good, but can you play Dead Rising for fourteen hours straight without pausing?

#5: Seriously 3.0

To say you have to do everything in Gears of War 3 to get this is an understatement, but these are some of the highlights you have to accomplish; reach level one-hundred, make six thousand kills with every single weapon and complete the campaign on insane difficulty.

#4: The Bladder of Steel Award

You will have truly earned the title of Rock Band champion if you succeed in playing through eighty four songs back to back without pause and without failure.

#3: Emperor!

Climbing to the top of a leaderboard has never been more difficult, especially with how your faction has to control the majority of Tamriel in order to do so.

#2: Mr. Perfect

Do you consider yourself a master of Mega Man 10? Well, prove it by playing through the whole game without taking a single bit of damage!

#1: 90 Day Streak

You have to digitally recreate the inner mechanics of various guns without making a mistake for ninety consecutive days! Who does that?!

Do you agree with our list? What do you think are the hardest achievements in video games? With new top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo!

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