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Another Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Sam Cossey One mistake with these dudes is one too many. Welcome to and today we’re counting down Another Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games! Be sure to check out our first list on the topic if you haven’t already! Special thanks to our user “MikeyP” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Another Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games

Mind your head, because it may not be there in a few seconds. Welcome to and today we’ll be looking at Another Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies.
Once again we’re taking a look at enemies where as the title suggests; can off you in a single hit. We will make an exception for enemies in RPGs that who’s hits you can sometimes survive if you’re a totally twinked out high level character – but who still own noobs for breakfast. If there are any instant deaths on this list that you think we missed out, don’t forget to check out our previous video on them.

#10: The Slenderman - “Slender The Eight Pages” (2012)

The words “You can run but you can’t hide” have never been more true than in this popular survival horror game. As you wander about in the pitch black woods searching for 8 pages scattered throughout, you’ll have to do all you can to watch out for the suit and tie wearing monster that is the Slenderman. Not only does this silent killer make us quiver in fear due to our limited sight and his random appearances, but as you gradually collect the pages he’ll only pop up more and more until he finally gets his hands on you.

#9: Calo Nord - “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

This is not your typical bounty hunter scum. He may not be as well known as the more slick looking Boba Fett, but Nord is regarded as being the deadliest of his time. This is mostly due to how he studied the techniques from his pursuers when he had a price put on his own head as a child. With that in mind, you may not want to get too buddy buddy with this guy when you first meet him. In fact maybe it's better to just not talk to him at all. Though your eventual fight with him later may not end as quickly as it can here, he still makes his point clear, don’t make him get to 3.

#8: Berserker - “Gears of War” (2006)

These hulking beasts might not share the same mental capacity as their more organised locust brethren, but that certainly doesn't get in the way, when it comes to killing off Cogs. Shown as being brutal beasts that are near indestructible and can very easily tear the limbs off any man, they also rely heavily on smell and sound due to their blindness. Their only noted weakness has been exposure to extreme levels of heat, or a little help from the satellite powered weapon that is The Hammer of Dawn. With such an intimidating monster to contend with you’d best start running now.

#7: Lurker - “Resident Evil Zero” (2002)

While the Resident Evil games have scared the proverbial pants us all with their extensive collection of undead beasts, we’re often reminded of how terrifying nature can be when you simply let things grow a little bit more. While giant Spiders and Snakes are bad enough, it’s the Lurkers from Resident Evil Zero that prove to be the most shocking. Although they may not look as deadly compared to some of the series more grotesque monsters, their appetite for humans is still very much there. Getting caught by their tongues means you’ll be quickly feasted on, if you don’t get to that trigger fast enough.

#6: Giants - “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

Within the open lands of Skyrim most creatures can usually be split into two groups, those that see you as another wanderer exploring the world, and those that see you as lunch. However when it comes to the roaming giants of this cold land, you're sadly just a nuisance in there eyes. While many won’t attack you out right when you catch their attention, they will however get easily mad if you get within a few feet of them, or if you try to disturb any of their mammoths. Our best advice, maybe bring a parachute.

#5: The Witch (On Expert) - “Left 4 Dead Series” (2008-)

When having to deal with the hordes of the undead in this 4 player zombie shooter, make extra sure to listen out for the faint cries of a woman. No it’s not a lost survivor, it’s one of the undead's deadliest. Sitting on the floor, waiting for its prey to approach, this fierce woman will burst into a rage fueled frenzy when approached, or has caught the slight glimpse of your flashlight. While trying to take her out is hard enough, it’s when playing on expert mode that she will tear into you within seconds.

#4: Mimic’s - “Dark Souls 3” (2016)

They say that curiosity can be a dangerous thing and that is pretty evident here. A main stay from the series beginning, the mimic camouflages itself as a simple chest and waits for the moment a loot craving adventurer gets a little too greedy for themselves. Sprouting arms and biting down hard, Dark Souls 3 iteration also gives the mimics legs, and almost no escape for those unlucky to be caught in its grasp. If you happen to survive, or pick up on its disguise you are welcome to go toe to toe with it, or simply use an Undead hunter Charm so as to knock it out and walk away with some booty.

#3: Banshee - “Mass Effect 3” (2012)

What were once peaceful members of the Asari species have now been synthetically mutated so as to act as another form of infantry to the humongous alien invaders known as the Reapers. As the name would imply their main attack comes from their down right painful screech, that if done at a close range can stagger you along with depleting all your shields. On top of that it’s bad enough that they can teleport right up close to you, but if they grab you, it can lead to you ending up in their razor sharp hands.

#2: Everything - “Hotline Miami” series (2012-)

This bloody pixel styled game is not one to go easy on you. You play as a random man who is forced to perform hits on multiple hideouts, each containing rooms filled with of armed criminals, all while wearing various animal masks. What makes much of this game a challenge for the player is just how easy it is to die, when all it takes is just one hit for you to be the one lying bleeding on the carpet. By using both the environment and timing to your advantage, you’ll keep that fragile head of your safe, until the next mission at least.
Before we unveil our top pick, here is our only honorable mention this time.

“Grand Theft Auto III & Vice City” (2001/02)

#1: Xenomorph - “Alien: Isolation” (2014)

Do you run or do you hide? Both options seem pretty bad in this deadly game of cat and mouse between the daughter of Ellen Ripley Amanda and the terrifying Xenomorph. Displaying all the animalistic traits of its film counterpart, the Xenomorph will stalk you everywhere and find you just about anywhere. Whether it be under a table, up in the vents or just trying to remain breathless in a locker. While you can find and craft various equipment to help you in avoiding this creature's jaws, such as a motion scanner and a short burst flamethrower. In the end it will do very little to best this ultimate predator.
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