Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Haven't Aged Well
Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Haven't Aged Well

Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Haven't Aged Well

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Time is the great equalizer. For this list, we'll be looking at older WatchMojo lists that have admittedly become dated due to the subject matter, the rank, or changing mentalities. Our countdown includes Top 10 Likeliest Theories About Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments, Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad, and more!

Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Haven’t Aged Well

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Haven’t Aged Well.

For this list, we’ll be looking at older WatchMojo lists that have admittedly become dated due to the subject matter, the rank, or changing mentalities. We’re only focusing on lists from the core channel, meaning we won’t be discussing MsMojo lists like Top 10 Times Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Made Us Believe In Love. That one still bums us out.

Which WatchMojo list do you think didn’t age well? Please leave us a COURTEOUS comment.

#10: Top 10 Likeliest Theories About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Published: Oct 27, 2017
Luke was right; that did NOT go the way we thought. Snoke wasn’t Darth Plagueis, Rey wasn’t Obi-Wan’s granddaughter, and there was no mention whatsoever of the Gray Jedi. Kylo Ren did redeem himself, but even that didn’t happen until the next movie. To our credit, we don’t think anyone predicted that Snoke would get unceremoniously cut in half, Luke would literally force himself out of the franchise, and “The Last Jedi” would be so controversial that people would develop a new appreciation for the prequels. We guess that means the Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels are Hated hasn’t aged well either, especially with 40K downvotes. Seriously, though? We’re cool with Jar Jar and Midichlorians now? Okay, whatever you say…

#9: Top 10 Live Action Anime Adaptations No One Asked For

Published: Nov 19, 2018
When we published this list in November 2018, the most divisive entry was probably “Speed Racer.” But looking back almost three years later, the most out-of-place entry has got to be “Alita: Battle Angel,” which received its wide release in February 2019. Like many, we wrongfully jumped to the conclusion that this adaptation wouldn’t work, also including it on our list of the Top 10 Upcoming Movies That Might Suck in 2019. We’ll be the first to admit that we shouldn’t have been so quick to judge, as “Alita” turned out to be a visually stunning, well-acted and passionately directed film that captured the spirit of its source material. It’s easily one of the best live-action anime or manga adaptations ever made - although we stand by everything we said about “Dragon Ball Evolution.”

#8: Top 5 Things Wrong with DC’s Titans

Published: Jul 20, 2018
Again, you can’t always write something off based on its trailer alone. When the trailer for “Titans” dropped in July 2018, we jumped on the “Hate It” bandwagon without giving it a fair chance. We misguidedly assumed that the show would be a disaster based on Dick Grayson’s dark turn, Raven looking like a gothic ​​Eleven, and the overall angsty tone. Once the series premiered three months later, though, we were pleasantly surprised to find it was actually pretty good. It’s not one of the greatest superhero shows of all time, but it’s a solid interpretation that stands on its own. Even some of the problems we initially had aren’t that infuriating in retrospect. Cyborg may be MIA, but at least he’s on “Doom Patrol.”

#7: Top 10 Hilarious Peeing Scenes in Movies

Published: Jul 31, 2015
Here at WatchMojo, we pride ourselves on producing high-brow material that stimulates the mind and ignites in-depth conversations. So in 2014, we made a list of the Top 10 Hilarious Movie Toilet Scenes. Then about a year later, we released the Top 10 Hilarious Peeing Scenes in Movies. Fun fact, both lists were written by the same person currently scribing this list… and he isn’t sure how to feel about that. We’re not above laughing at bathroom humor, but in retrospect, the peeing list in particular kind of leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. Well, no more shall we lower ourselves to such juvenile subject matter! Henceforth, expect nothing but cultured content. Unless Top 10 Farting Scenes in Movies is in high demand...

#6: Top 10 Reasons Spider Man Will Suck Without The MCU

Published: Aug 21, 2019
In August 2019, Disney and Sony broke the internet for all the wrong reasons. A month after “Spider-Man: Far From Home” left us on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, the studios announced that Spidey’s MCU journey was over. This bombshell went over about as well as you might expect. WatchMojo gave our two cents in this video, detailing why Spidey’s sudden exit would be a horrible move for Marvel, Sony and fans. We doubt our video had any impact on the powers that be (and it was certainly not as persuasive as that drunken, crying phone call Tom Holland claims to have made), but later in September, the studios reached an agreement to share the character. With “No Way Home” coming, we’re glad this list is no longer relevant. If Sony and Disney ever clash over revenue again, though, everything about this video would still apply.

#5: Top 10 Surprisingly Down-to-Earth Celebrities

Published: Dec 25, 2016
We’d say that about 80-90% of this list still holds up. The part that doesn’t, however, is glaring. Our #2 entry, Ellen DeGeneres, was the definition of a friendly, giving, down-to-earth celebrity... in 2016. DeGeneres became a much more divisive figure in 2020 when numerous former employees described her talk show as a toxic work environment. An investigation was launched, three executives were canned, and Ellen issued multiple apologies before announcing that the show would end in 2022. Only time will tell if DeGeneres can find redemption in the eyes of the public and the people she’s worked with, but her image as a down-to-earth celebrity may be beyond repair. And don’t worry: we made up for Keanu Reeves’ absence on our Top 20 update.

#4: Top 10 American Male Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

Published: Jun 6, 2013
If you’re wondering why this list didn’t age well, look no further than the thumbnail. Obviously, we’re not talking about Jerry Seinfeld or George Carlin, but the comic smack dab in the middle. In 2013, Bill Cosby was generally viewed as a wholesome comedian and positive role model. One year after this video was published, the public’s perception of Cosby was forever altered. And honestly, it’s hard to watch his material or this video without cringing. What’s more, the list also includes Louis C.K., who’s been embroiled in controversy since 2017. On top of all that, how did Dave Chappelle, Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield not make the Top 10? As Jack Duff commented, “this has aged poorly in so many different ways.”

#3: Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments

Published: Jan 29, 2013
The year was 2013. Brainstorming ideas, the WatchMojo staff thought, “Hey, how about the craziest Donald Trump moments? It’s not like the guy is really going to run for president, shockingly win, leave the nation divided, cause even more controversy during a global pandemic, fail to attain a second term, feed into false accusations of voter fraud, get kicked off Twitter, and start asking his supporters to carry ‘Trump Cards,’ one of which misspelled ‘official’... right?” The list is only made more ironic thanks to the #1 entry, “Trump Can Take a Joke” - unintentionally foreshadowing what’s to come. User M D summed it up with this comment: “Most of these wouldn’t even make a top 50 list of his crazy moments today.”

#2: Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad

Published: Feb 28, 2015
As the years have gone by, we’ve tried to steer clear of lists that might be construed as “tabloidy” or “exploitative” - and truly, we don’t want to hurt anyone. That said, we have some regrets about making this video in 2015. In hindsight, simply labeling figures like Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, and Britney Spears as “good girls gone bad” not only feels cheap, but also wrong. In many of these cases, mental health, tough upbringings, and other nuanced issues were at play. The media didn’t help with its coverage of their stories and this video is no exception. What’s more, several individuals on this list have gone on to achieve enormous success and deserve our support. The Free Britney movement, in particular, shows why this list was a misstep.

#1: Top 10 Reasons 2016 Was THE WORST

Published: Dec 3, 2016
As heartbreaking as all the celebrity deaths were in 2016, there were tragedies with higher death tolls that probably should’ve taken the top spot on Reasons That Year Was the Worst instead. Rank aside, the notion that 2016 was the worst year ever is now laughable. The same goes for 2017 and 2018. Simply put, 2020 blows its predecessors out of the water, emerging as the most infamous year in modern human history - or, at the very least, the most infamous year since WatchMojo started making videos. Naturally, we made a list on why 2020 was the worst, but at least we won’t have to produce another video like this… depending on how the rest of 2021 plays out, that is. In any case, we suppose 2016 is like a “Star Wars” prequel: people dumped on it, but things can always get worse.
I might be wrong, but I feel you should have Top 10 Hated Celebrities of 2018 on here, specifically talking about Johnny Depp being on that list. That Amber Heard had lied about him abusing her, and that, in reality, she was abusing him.