Top 10 Times Alexis Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek

Top 10 Times Alexis Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek

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Because we all need a little bit more Alexis, here are the times Alexis Rose was the best character on "Schitt's Creek." Our countdown includes her emotional growth with Ted, any time she has a STORY, going back to school, and more!

Top 10 Times Alexis Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Alexis Rose was the Best Character on Schitt’s Creek.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the times that Alexis stole the show and/or showed how far she came as a character.

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#10: Helping David Secure a Better Buyout
“Lawn Signs”

Through his job at Blouse Barn, David learns the value of work and the true meaning of “tax write-offs.” When David’s poor financial decisions force Wendy to sell the business’s name to a retailer, Alexis helps him negotiate a superior deal. Since David and Alexis haven’t been very practical with money in the past, you wouldn’t expect their tactics to be effective. Alexis in particular, however, is surprisingly good at playing an intimidating lawyer. She also knows how to dress the part and even comes up with a catchy name for her new persona. Walking away with enough money for Wendy to retire, David and Alexis prove themselves to be smarter and more capable than anyone anticipated. It’s reminiscent of “Legally Blonde,” minus the blonde.

#9: Alexis May Be Wearing a Wedding Dress
“Happy Ending”

Even when she isn’t trying, Alexis inadvertently makes herself the center of attention. Wearing white to a wedding that isn’t your own is one thing, but Alexis dons what’s clearly a wedding dress for David and Patrick’s big day. Of course, Alexis is in denial, claiming that it’s just a floor-length gown that happens to be white. She also has a fancy way of saying “veil.” It isn’t until the ceremony that Alexis realizes she might be wearing a wedding dress. Instead of dwelling on her fashion choice, David takes this opportunity to tell Alexis how proud he is of her. She returns the favor by walking him down the aisle. Although they argue frequently, these siblings are there for each other when it counts.

#8: Telling a Client That Their Cat Died
“Ronnie’s Party”

Having grown up surrounded by money, Alexis doesn’t have a ton of work experience. When Alexis lands a job as Ted’s receptionist, she quickly establishes that filing and answering phones aren’t her strong suits. She may not be the most professional employee, but Alexis makes up for this with her people skills. After Doris’ cat Mittens passes, Ted isn’t sure how to break the news. It’s Alexis who ultimately lets the cat out of the bag. What starts off as a cringe-worthy exchange ends on a comforting note, as Alexis consoles Doris. Good bedside manner doesn’t come to everyone naturally, but Alexis shows how essential empathy and social skills are in a profession like this. She even sets up a love connection in the process.

#7: Saying “DAVID!” (Especially If Preceded by “Ew”)

How could we have this list without her catchphrase? Alexis and David share one of the most relatable sibling relationships we’ve ever seen on TV. While they do love each other, there are times (especially in the beginning) when they’d gladly see the other murdered. Alexis encapsulates all of this animosity by simply exclaiming her brother’s name, oftentimes adding an “Ew!” for good measure. Without even realizing it at first, actress Annie Murphy turned, “Ew, DAVID!” into an endlessly quotable line. It may not seem like anything special on paper, but thanks to Alexis’ distinctive voice and delivery, this phrase has found its way onto merchandise, memes and more. While it’s hard to single out our favorite “DAVID!,” Alexis’ “apology” regarding a neglected text deserves a shoutout.

#6: Her Emotional Growth with Ted

Early on, Alexis seems destined to end up with Mutt while Ted fills the thankless “other” guy position. Mutt becomes the other guy, however, although it takes Alexis some time to realize that Ted is better suited for her. It isn’t until she starts working with Ted that Alexis begins to truly mature as a person. Taking notice of her growth, Ted gives Alexis the confidence to go back to school. After Alexis declares her love for Ted, the two develop one of the show’s healthiest relationships. Alexis loves Ted so much that she’s willing to let him go to pursue his dream job. While they do handle long-distance well, the two ultimately realize that they need to part ways in a bittersweet mutual breakup.

#5: Pursuing Her Dreams Solo
“Start Spreading the News”

Ted isn’t the only one with dreams, which is why he lets Alexis go as well. Preparing to start a new life in New York, Alexis decides to give her extra dresses to Twyla. It turns out that Twyla could buy Alexis’ whole wardrobe, as she won $46 million in the lottery a few years back. Inspired by Alexis to buy something that’ll make her happy, Twyla purchases the cafe. In a genuine act of kindness, Twyla also gives Alexis a check for being there for her. Showing how far she’s come, Alexis turns down the money, but gladly settles for Twyla’s friendship. Alexis is ready to make it on her own, even after learning that her family won’t be accompanying her to New York.

#4: Singles Week Speech
“Singles Week”

Ironically, Alexis is encouraged to confront her feelings for Ted while organizing Singles Week. Not expecting anything to come from her proclamation of love, Alexis channels her energy into the event. Ted remains on her mind, though, which becomes increasingly apparent when Alexis gives a beautifully-written speech at Singles Week. Reflecting on her relationships with Mutt and Ted, Alexis realizes that the key to true love should’ve guided her in a different direction. Alexis accepts her mistakes and prepares herself to find a new lock. Ted has a few words for Alexis, however, displaying his affection for her during a game of musical chairs. Embracing with a highly satisfying kiss, Alexis and Ted unlock each other’s hearts at long last.

#3: Any Time She Has a STORY

Before arriving in Schitt’s Creek, Alexis traveled around much of the world, from Bali, to Johannesburg, to Bangkok; the list goes on. Not only does her dating history include a Saudi prince and a Sultan’s nephew, but she was also taken hostage by pirates, escaped the Yakuza, and challenged a diamond smuggler to a game of pool. Alexis talks about her adventures so casually that they sometimes fly over our heads. If you connect all the dots, there’s a reasonable argument backing the fan theory that Alexis is an undercover spy. When asked about this theory, Annie Murphy replied, “It makes so much sense to me.” We’d love for Murphy to follow up on her idea for “A Little Bit Spy-Lexis,” as she put it.

#2: Going Back to School

Season 3 marks a major turning point for Alexis’s character arc. Receiving support from Ted, Alexis decides to get her high school diploma. It’s one of the first times in the series that Alexis wants to do something that’ll help her grow more independent. Being a social butterfly, it doesn’t take long for Alexis to befriend a couple of young students. She also commits to doing her schoolwork, although her father gets a little too involved. Despite that hiccup and a lice infestation, Alexis makes it through the semester with passing grades. It looks like Alexis may have to celebrate this milestone alone, but Ted, Moira, and the Jazzagals all show up to her graduation. Overall, this was a wonderful storyline for Alexis.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Moira & Alexis Have Lunch, “The Throuple”
An Awkward Mother/Daughter Day Out to Say The Least

Alexis’ Middle Name, “Bad Parents”
It’s Claire for the Record

Alexis Gets Sick, “Bob’s Bagels”
Moira Shows a Modicum of Motherly Instinct (After Mutt Came to Take Care of Her)

The Wink, “The Affair”
Alexis Suspects That Patrick Isn’t into Her, But Maaaaybe into David

Tamagotchi Negligence, “Roadkill”
Those Poor Digital Pets

#1: A Little Bit Alexis
“The Hospies”

Given her eccentric background, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Alexis was a reality TV star, albeit not for long. “A Little Bit Alexis” might not have been critically acclaimed, but we can safely say that it was critically reviewed. In hopes of landing a role in “Cabaret,” Alexis auditions with the title track from her show. Well, at least it’s a song that’ll play to her strengths as a performer. Actually, this scene pretty much sums up why Alexis isn’t cut out for the stage. On the plus side, Annie Murphy’s tone-deaf singing and uncomfortable dancing define why we love this character. Although “Schitt’s Creek” ended on a high note after six seasons, this moment leaves us wanting a little bit more Alexis.