Top 10 Friendship Moments on Schitt's Creek



Top 10 Friendship Moments on Schitt's Creek

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We can all learn from these friendship moments on "Schitt's Creek." Our countdown includes dance in barn, Roland stands up for Johnny, David reassures Stevie, and more!
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Top 10 Friendship Moments on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Friendship Moments on “Schitt’s Creek”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at instances when the residents of Schitt’s Creek were synonymous with friendship goals.

What’s your favorite “Schitt’s Creek” friendship moment? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Alexis & Twyla Say Goodbye
“Start Spreading the News”

Upon arriving in Schitt’s Creek, Alexis frequently advertises her former rich girl lifestyle. In direct contrast, the humble Twyla neglects to mention that she’s a millionaire - until the penultimate episode, that is. As Alexis prepares to leave for New York, we see how these two have helped each other grow over the years. No longer viewing herself as the center of the universe, Alexis gives Twyla some of her designer dresses and graciously turns down a generous handout. Twyla, who constantly thinks of others, is inspired by Alexis to spend her money on something special for herself. Through their friendship, Alexis learns the value of selflessness while Twyla learns the value of a smile. It’s a touching farewell shared between Dan Levy’s on-screen sister and his real-life one.

#9: David & Ted Talk About Heartbreak
“Singles Week”

There aren’t a ton of scenes where David and Ted interact one-on-one, but that’s not the only reason why this conversation stands out. Dropping off some dog sweaters, David finds himself in the middle of someone else’s personal affairs when he finds Ted mulling over Alexis’ “I love you” bombshell. Ted has a bombshell of his own, confiding in David that he’s newly single. While still visibly uncomfortable by the situation, David tells Ted just how much he means to Alexis. The two find common ground in heartbreak, but David encourages Ted not to let true love slip through his fingers. Both benefit from the heart-to-heart, as Ted is motivated to declare his feelings for Alexis, while David is reminded never to let go of what he has.

#8: Patrick & Stevie (Lovingly) Make Fun of David
“Girls’ Night”

It’s important for your BFF to get along with your significant other, even if it leaves your ego a little damaged. Patrick and Stevie don’t have a lot in common, outside of the fact that they both love David. They also know David’s eccentricities inside and out, which ultimately brings them together in this episode. Unpleased with the slight changes Patrick has made at Rose Apothecary, David claims that he’s capable of compromise. Unable to contain their laughter, Patrick and Stevie test David’s patience by displaying plungers and toilet brushes at the entrance. The two get a mutual kick out of seeing David so annoyed. While the teasing leads to David calling Patrick his boyfriend, it also cements Patrick and Stevie’s status as best-friends-in-law.

#7: David & Stevie Sit on the Car
“Start Spreading the News”

David thought he had everything before moving to Schitt’s Creek. Through people like Stevie and Patrick, though, he comes to realize how empty his lavish lifestyle was. Nevertheless, David finds himself torn between returning to New York or settling down in a quaint house with Patrick. Stevie put things into perspective, telling David that his so-called friends from New York aren’t even coming to his wedding. David has nothing to prove to them, as he’s found true happiness right here. This isn’t just about David’s relationship with Patrick, as Stevie can’t imagine life without her best friend. While Stevie is usually the source of sarcasm, her words and tearful embrace come from a place of sincerity. If only the farm smell didn’t spoil the moment.

#6: Stevie Gets David an Engagement Present
“Life Is a Cabaret”

Stevie is the first person that David tells about his engagement to Patrick. The news overwhelms Stevie with happiness, but when she goes missing right before the debut of “Cabaret,” David fears that his big news may’ve driven her away. It turns out that David was indirectly responsible for Stevie’s disappearance, but he didn’t send her into a panic. Arriving just in time for the show, Stevie reveals that she was picking up his engagement present: monogrammed towels. When
David asked Stevie for an extra towel in the first episode, we never expected such a touching payoff years later. Stevie also shares that Patrick asked for her blessing to propose weeks in advance, which speaks volumes about how deep her bond with David is.

#5: David Reassures Stevie
“New Car”

Stevie isn’t known for showing her vulnerable side and David isn’t exactly the sentimental type either. When Stevie’s great aunt Maureen dies, however, David offers a helping hand, albeit with some awkward reluctance. Preparing to scatter the ashes in a parking lot, Stevie evaluates her own life and future. Stevie fears that she’s on the same trajectory as her late great aunt, destined to die alone and unfilled. Of course, Maureen never had a friend like David, who assures Stevie that no matter what happens, her decisions will carve out an extraordinary path. Nevertheless, Stevie isn’t sure how to move out of Maureen’s shadow after inheriting the motel. Just as David predicted, though, Stevie’s decisions on how to run the motel would be different and great.

#4: Roland Stands up for Johnny
“The Pitch”

At first, Johnny is generally annoyed by Roland’s sloppy demeanor, oblivious nature, and more obnoxious habits. While Roland is more welcoming, he does repeatedly force Johnny out of his comfort zone. Nevertheless, the two do come to develop a mutual friendship and respect for one another, even going into business together. After a seemingly successful pitch, Roland overhears several potential investors making fun of Johnny. Retrieving his briefcase, Roland gets real with Johnny’s critics. Although Roland is usually played up as a doofus, this scene exposes a deeper side to him. It also shows how much he admires Johnny as a business partner and a friend. It breaks his heart to see Johnny fail, but fortunately, they managed to reach one person in the room.

#3: Dance in the Barn
“Happy Anniversary”

Who says that friendship and family can’t be one and the same? The Season 2 finale marks a significant turning point for the Roses. They not only begin to come together as a family, but also as friends who enjoy having each other around. The Roses are joined by Stevie, Twyla, Ted, Mutt, Jocelyn, and Roland at Mutt’s barn party, uniting almost all the new friends they’ve made since arriving in Schitt’s Creek. Surrounded by friends, the Roses wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here. It might not be the fanciest venue, but the Roses have come to regard Schitt’s Creek as their home… for the time being. “Precious love” can blossom in the most unexpected places.

#2: Roland & Jocelyn Name Their Son After Moira
“Singles Week”

When Jocelyn goes into labor, Moira is there to escort her to the hospital. Granted, Jocelyn drives them there, but Moira remains by her side even with Singles Week underway. Jocelyn assures Moira that Alexis can handle her duties, noting her growth over the past few years. Even during a stressful time, Jocelyn is a comforting friend. Moira finds that Alexis does have things covered and upon returning to the hospital, she meets the newest addition to the Schitt family: Roland Moira Schitt. Although Johnny can barely hide his laughter, the name is a truly loving gesture that demonstrates how much Moira means to the Schitts. It’s a moment that finds just the right balance of awkward and sweet, naturally capping things off with Moira holding the baby.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Spa Weekend, “The Jazzaguy”
David + Stevie = BFFs

Stevie at the Wedding, “Happy Ending”
The Look on Her Face is Simply the Best

Twyla Gives Alexis Advice, “The Presidential Suite”
With Just a Few Words, Twyla Sends Alexis on the Right Path

Alexis & Twyla Go to the Bar, “Girls’ Night”
Inspiring Each Other to Take Risks

Moira Assures Stevie She’d be Good in the Play, “Life Is a Cabaret”
The Moment That Moira Officially Welcomed Stevie Into the Family

#1: The Roses Find True Friends in the Schitts
“Happy Anniversary”

Before heading over to Mutt’s barn party, Johnny and Moira plan to spend their anniversary at an upscale restaurant. While there, they encounter Bev and Don, a snobby couple they once called friends. The four are then joined by Jocelyn and Roland, who help keep up the charade that the Roses are still well off. Johnny can’t hold his tongue, however, when Bev and Don mock “Schittsville” and its residents. After losing everything, the Roses received no help from Don, Bev, or anyone else from their old life. The Schitts, meanwhile, have helped the Roses get back on their feet while asking for virtually nothing in return. It dawns on Johnny how fortunate he is to have the Schitts and what true friendship looks like.