10 Times David Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek
Trivia 10 Times David Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek



10 Times David Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek

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Many times, David Rose was the best character on "Schitt's Creek." Our countdown includes David talks trust with Alexis, David likes the wine, not the label, David decides to stay in Schitt's Creek, and more!

Top 10 Times David Rose Was the Best Character on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times David Rose was the Best Character on Schitt’s Creek.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those moments when David Rose was among the funniest, most insightful, and likable characters on TV.

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#10: David & Moira Rose’s Christmas Routine
"Asbestos Fest"

Any traditions good enough for Christmas are good enough for the Asbestos Fest. When Moira's decision to stage a one-woman show for Schitt's Creek's residents proves to be a touch too ambitious for the veteran actress to pull off in a single day, David jumps in to save his mother. David and Moira put on a show for the ages, one defined by “Christmas” sweaters, funky hairdos, and dad jokes. While David has chemistry with everyone, his scenes with Moira tend to be especially hilarious and, in this instance, also quite touching.

#9: David Throws Jocelyn Schitt's Sprinkle
“Baby Sprinkle”

From the second a frustrated Jocelyn walks into Rose Apothecary and masterfully manipulates David into taking charge of her baby shower, the laughs do not stop coming. In the lead-up to the event, David learns about the existence of a sprinkle, figures out that booze and fish are probably not great for pregnant women, and has a close encounter with a creepy pinata. While he spends most of this episode in varying states of exasperation, David does manage to pull off a pretty great shower, even if it basically involves turning Jocelyn into a state fair game.

#8: David Helps His Mom Destroy the Pictures
“Sebastien Raine”

What screams love more than destroying a memory card filled with less-than-flattering photos? When David's ex, Sebastien Raine, approaches Moira for a photoshoot, it soon becomes apparent that perhaps the handsome artist's intentions are not as they seem. Moira comes to regret the session, prompting David to take matters into his own hands and confront Sebastien. Culminating in a sweet victory for the Roses as a unit and David as an individual, this is a delightful moment that illustrates how much both characters on the show had grown in the span of three seasons.

#7: David & Patrick Brewer’s First Kiss
"Grad Night"

Even if the pair's first meeting does not go perfectly, sparks fly from the second David and Patrick share a scene. Over the course of roughly half-a-season, these two go from being strangers to owning a business together, setting the foundations for one of the best relationships on the show. After a successful soft launch and a sweet birthday dinner, the stars finally align as David and Patrick share their first kiss. This moment is not only one of the most satisfying in the series, but it changes the entire trajectory of David's life.

#6: David Decides to Stay in Schitt’s Creek
"Start Spreading the News"

As the Roses' financial fortunes finally turn, David, and by extension Patrick, have a tough decision to make: relocate to New York or put down roots in Schitt's Creek. Pre-Patrick, David would not have hesitated to go to New York and prove everyone who doubted him wrong, but a lot can change in six seasons. Through a string of powerful but still funny scenes, David makes his decision, climaxing in a touching moment that serves as a great precursor to the couple’s wedding. Schitt's Creek might not be the stage for the rest of their lives, but it’s exactly what David and Patrick need right now.

#5: David Talks Trust with Alexis
"Driving Test"

With every passing episode, the Roses grow more open with each other, and that is perhaps the most evident when it comes to David and Alexis. The siblings share plenty of memorable exchanges and hugs throughout the series, (xref) but things get surprisingly emotional when Alexis questions why David does not trust her. David's speech hits right in the feels and shows that while the Roses always protected each other, Schitt's Creek allows them to admit it. It’s kind of hard to believe that these are the same people who once argued about who should die first in case of a break-in.

#4: David Likes the Wine, Not the Label

"Schitt's Creek" applies a deft touch when it comes to themes revolving around sexuality, and perhaps the greatest example of the show's sensitivity and inclusivity is David's wine metaphor. After a one night stand with Stevie, David reveals that he likes all sorts of wines and that he is only interested in the contents rather than the labels. Pansexual characters are rarely presented on TV, making "Schitt's Creek" quite unique; however, David is hardly defined by his sexuality. Like David with wine, this is a character who cannot be reduced to a label.

#3: David Tells Ted Mullens That He’s Got “It”
"Singles Week”

While David and Ted don't have too many scenes together, they make the most of each one. During a time when both characters are trying to find the resolve to reciprocate a declaration of love, David tells Ted what he knows and helps the veterinarian find the courage to pursue a new relationship with Alexis. Although this speech helps Ted, David is also talking to himself, and he takes his own advice. In many ways, the fact these two characters are not especially close makes this scene even better, as David's openness shows his character growth.

#2: David Supports Patrick as He Comes Out to His Parents
"Meet the Parents"

"Schitt's Creek" serves as a masterclass on how to inject comedy into dramatic situations without undermining the character's emotional experiences. For Patrick's birthday, David sets up a surprise party and invites his boyfriend's parents. This decision initially backfires when Johnny accidentally outs Patrick, leading to David's day getting messy and potentially quite dark. The character is at his supportive best throughout this episode, as David gives Patrick the room to handle this situation at his own pace. Like always, David manages to produce plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to go along with the heartwarming scenes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

David & Moira’s Enchiladas, "Family Dinner"
Because If These Two Somehow Got a Cooking Show, the World Would Be a Better Place

David’s Panic Attack, "Wine and Roses"
Because, as David Learns, Panic Attacks Are Real

David Does Karaoke, "The Dress"
Because David Is a Good Friend & a Fun Singer

David Does Baseball, "The M.V.P."
Because Few Things Scream Love Like David Playing Baseball

David Helps Wendy Kurtz Sell Blouse Barn & Get a Better Price, "Lawn Signs"
Because David Takes After His Father & Is One Incredible Businessman

#1: David Performs “The Best” for Patrick
"The Olive Branch"

Whenever Tina Turner is involved, "Schitt's Creek" becomes untouchable. As an apology for being a touch greedy, David decides to stage a one-man show for Patrick, and it’s nothing short of awesome. A callback to that time Patrick serenaded David during an open mic night at Rose Apothecary, this performance is endearing, sweet, and naturally quite funny. David has been burned so often that vulnerability does not come easy, so this unwavering demonstration of passion is a huge deal for the character. There is no song more appropriate for David and Patrick than Tina Turner's "The Best."