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VOICE OVER: Samantha Clinch WRITTEN BY: Gia Bradford
Can you feel the love tonight? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the animated Disney films that show us love is real. Plot points will be discussed, so this is your spoiler warning. Our countdown includes movies "Hercules", "Beauty and the Beast", "Frozen" and more!

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the animated Disney films that show us love is real. Plot points will be discussed, so this is your spoiler warning. Which of these Disney love stories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#10: “The Incredibles” (2004)

While attempting to blend in as civilians, a family of superheroes end up coming out of forced-hiding to save the world. At first glance, that doesn't sound too relatable. But you know what is relatable? Working through relationship problems. Helen and Bob aren’t some picture-perfect couple. Life gets to them, and there’s a strain in their marriage. Originally, he sets out to do superhero work without telling her or the kids! But they find their way, because they’re meant to be. As she and the rest of the Incredible clan get entangled in the journey, Bob sees the power of family. How can you not believe in love after watching that? Despite its fantastical elements, this is a story about valuing your nearest and dearest.

#9: “WALL-E” (2008)

It’s not easy to be lonely, even if you’re a machine. Over centuries of cleaning up an uninhabited Earth, our titular robot has become sentient, and longs for love. When he meets another bot, EVE, he grows attached to her. WALL-E’s dedication to her is inspiring, and teaches us that sometimes, it’s okay to dive in head first when you’re drawn to someone. The process is slower for EVE, but it’s also incredibly special. From trying to send him home from the mothership to their dance to her distress at the thought of losing him, the slow burn is adorable. Watching as her feelings flourish could make a hopeless romantic out of even the most robotic human being.

#8: “Lady and the Tramp” (1955)

Opposites attract in this musical romance. After being mistreated by the family member looking after her in her owners’ absence, the sheltered Lady finds herself on an adventure with a stray named Tramp. Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, yet whenever she stumbles into trouble, he’s there to help. Even after she sends him away, he saves her owners’ kid. That alone has us swooning, but let’s also not forget the super romantic spaghetti dinner. It inspires all of us to step up our dating game! By the end, they build a family, as Tramp finds a home in the process. It’s a reassuring reminder that you can find your soulmate in the most unexpected ways, if you just trust your heart.

#7: “The Little Mermaid” (1989)

What are you willing to do for true love? After becoming enamored with a person, a mermaid who’s fascinated with life on land is turned human by a dangerous sea witch with an agenda. Sacrifice is a natural part of relationships, and Ariel’s devotion to building her connection with Eric is admirable. It’s hard not to root for them! Sure, it’s an unconventional pairing, and the amount of obstacles they face is wild. Eric getting bewitched and villain Ursula nearly taking over Atlantica for good definitely weren’t part of the plan. But who said happy endings were easy? Despite the odds they face, their romance prevails, proving that the best things in life are worth fighting for. It’s heartwarming to see that love prevails.

#6: “Tangled” (2010)

After being locked away and lied to for years, Princess Rapunzel finally gets the opportunity to explore the world and learn who she really is thanks to a thief, Flynn Rider. They may get off to a rocky start, but their connection grows until it’s undeniable – lantern scene anyone? There’s nothing more satisfying than watching bad boy Flynn open up, even sharing his real name with Rapunzel. If that’s not romantic enough, he also goes from being self-serving to sacrificing himself to save her from captivity. This film is amazing because it shows us how love can change our lives for the better. Who knows where the pair would have ended up if they hadn’t met each other?

#5: “Frozen” (2013)

There are different kinds of love in “Frozen.” Of course, there’s the romantic kind. Hans’ betrayal is unbelievable, while Kristoff’s loyalty to Anna drives home the message that you deserve a partner who values you for who you are. But perhaps more importantly, there’s also the familial kind, which comes through Anna and Elsa’s sisterly bond. The former spends part of the movie trying to find the latter and save the kingdom from staying frozen. But once Anna’s heart is accidentally hit with ice, the quest to save her with “an act of true love” begins. And wouldn’t you know it, that act happens to be one of sacrifice between sisters. Whenever we need to remember that love will triumph over fear, “Frozen” delivers.

#4: “Beauty and the Beast” (1991)

Love is about what’s on the inside, not the outside. When an arrogant prince is turned into a beast, he yearns to break the curse. Unfortunately for him, the solution is to love – and find someone who reciprocates those feelings. This wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t extremely closed off. Thankfully, he slowly warms up through Belle’s presence. The booksmart protagonist still treats him with kindness despite his grizzly appearance and behavior. He, in turn, ultimately lets her go knowing she needs to save her father. These two lovebirds convince us that love is transformative, and that it can enrich your life if you just let it in without pretense or vanity.

#3: “Hercules” (1997)

Self–discovery can lead to the best romantic connections. Hercules is a demigod who embarks on a quest to prove his heroism. In the process, he meets and falls for Megara – she becomes so important to him that by the end, he chooses her over life as a god – aww! Meg’s backstory, meanwhile, pulls at our heartstrings. In order to rescue her now-ex, she gave her soul to the villainous Hades. It would’ve been romantic if he hadn’t dumped her. But fear not! With Hercules, she learns to love again. She’s reluctant to let him in at first – anyone who’s dealt with a breakup can relate to that – but she does it anyway. If she can do it – and find something so special – so can we.

#2: “The Princess and the Frog” (2009)

Tiana wants nothing more than to have her own restaurant, but the finances aren’t easy to sort out. She thinks she has a solution when she meets prince-turned-frog Naveen, but ends up becoming a frog alongside him. It’s wild, yes, but what’s deeply persuasive is the way they grow as individuals while connecting with one another. She learns about the importance of balance, while he matures. In other words, they complement each other beautifully. By the end, all that matters is that they’re together, whether as humans or amphibians. If their story isn’t enough to convince you that love is real and worth fighting for, the way Ray completely gives himself to Evangeline – a star – surely will.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Aladdin” (1992)

Opening Our Eyes to a Whole New World of Love

“The Emperor's New Groove” (2000)

Pacha, Chicha & Their Kids Are Family Goals

“Robin Hood” (1973)

Robin & Maid Marian Were Meant to Be Their Whole Lives

#1: “Up” (2009)

On the surface, “Up” is a story about adventure, as the elderly Carl ties countless balloons to his house in a bid to travel to Paradise Falls. Naturally, shenanigans ensue. But the reason he’s embarking on this journey is to honor his late wife, Ellie. In the film’s opening, we see the pair go from childhood friends to spouses, and they build a rich life as true partners. We watch big occasions like their wedding, and see them do everyday things, like renovating and reading. Of course, there’s also hardship. By the end of the largely wordless segment, Ellie has passed away – but the love lives on, fueling Carl and tugging at our heartstrings. It’s true, pure, and so sincere you just know it’s real.