Mariah Carey Makes HOW MUCH at Christmas?! | Ozzy Osbourne Cryprobatz NFT's | daysormay Interview

VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A
Hey everyone! This week on Innersleeve, Joe and Cassius are joined by Vernon, BC's musical group daysormay! Lead singer/guitarist Aidan Andrews, twin brothers, bassist Nolan Bassett and drummer Carson Bassett join the SoundMojo crew to discuss their new album 'Just Existing', single '25'/message behind the accompanying music video, experimenting with their sound, their creative DIY flair and much more!

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0:00 Intro
3:15 How much Mariah makes at Christmas
7:09 Ozzy Osbourne Announces Cryprobatz NFT's
11:03 desormay interview
14:21 New album "Just Existing"
16:40 New single '25'
18:58 Working dynamics
21:06 Diverse musical range
21:54 Features & Spotlights
23:36 DIY mentality
25:50 Advice for Indie artists
27:41 Unfinished songs
29:18 Daily schedule
29:54 Producer Steve Bays
31:26 Working with other producers
34:15 Live performance
35:31 What's it like being an artist today?
38:21 Dream Collaborations
39:33 Dream venue to perform at?
40:56 Interview takeaways

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