Top 10 Christmas Themed Music Videos
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Top 10 Christmas Themed Music Videos

Script written by Aaron Cameron

Top 10 Christmas Themed Music Videos
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Tis the season to be silly and jolly! In this countdown we take a look at the Top 10 Christmas themed music videos! We've included music videos of various genres including “Jingle Bell Rock”, from Hall & Oates, 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny's Child, “Dick in a Box” by the Lonely Island, “Last Christmas” from Wham, “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC, Sleigh Ride” by TLC and “Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)” by the Darkness.

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Top 10 Christmas Themed Music Videos

These Christmas music videos always get you in the spirit, no matter how many times you’ve seen them. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Christmas Themed Music Videos.

#10: "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" (1998)

When Santa's down for the count with a fever there's only two things for head-elf Gary Coleman to do: panic, and bring in N'Sync. We may never know why Santa has an autographed photo of the band, or why Gary was fully dressed in green leather but you can't argue with the results, even if they are flying sideways 90% of the time. Ostensibly meant to fill in for Big Papa Christmas, the guys get side-tracked and instead wind up doing the conga with a girl in short-shorts and opening presents with some junior executive secretaries. Mind you they also find time to feed some homeless folks- which as if you’re gunna get side-tracked, it might as well be helping out the whole peace on Earth thing.

#9: "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)” (2003)
The Darkness

Here we find the men of the Darkness getting warm by the fire. Justin Hawkins is seemingly posing for the cover of “Dudes in Silly Pants” magazine while his brother Dan occupies himself with his acoustic guitar. But when a Gibson EDS-1275 guitar is unwrapped the walls of Christmas sanity come tumbling down. Justin finds an empty thong in his oversized stocking, while robots and laser rifles attempt to earn their place in the Christmas lexicon. Following a brief performance outside- with blatant disregard for their instruments- Justin is joined by carollers, some of whom seem happier about it than others.

#8: "Sleigh Ride" (1992)

Preformed for the Home Alone 2 soundtrack, TLC’s rendition of Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” manages to be comforting, heart warming and mellow all at the same time. Despite the title, very little of the video takes place outdoors, instead showing the girls spending time with loved ones and bringing Christmas cheer to those in need. While hip-hop and Christmas may not traditionally go hand in hand, empathy, love and fun are two things TLC knows how to deliver by stressing the more romantic aspects of the original song. “Boop”

#7: "Jingle Bell Rock" (1983)
Hall & Oates

Did you know there are actually two, albeit near identical, videos for “Jingle Bell Rock”? Both Daryl Hall and John Oates recorded a lead vocal for the track, although Hall's take tends to dominate the Christmas playlists. Recorded during Daryl's “rockabilly phase”, the video sees H&O trimming their tree before welcoming some- but not too many- guests. With the party animals trapped outside, the fellas give Granny Smith her gift- but what could it be? Is it a boat paddle? Oversized frying pan? A spade? That... other... kind of shovel? No, it's National Studio 66 guitar! Hall and Oates, you shouldn't have! When Granny rocks out, the boys finally start singing an- HOLY CRAP, IT'S SANTA!

#6: "8 Days of Christmas" (2001)
Destiny's Child

At an every day Christmas toy store, three women in matching outfits walk in and shut the place down. Do they want trouble? No, they just want to shop- in style! With quickly filled carts and dreams of diamond belly rings, the ladies of Destiny's Child and their posse shop and strut down the aisles like they own the place. New-millennium music law dictated that at least one person per video have an exposed midriff and do the “look around me dance” and just like Santa, DC delivers. The girls rhyme off some of their Christmas loot- from gift certificates to an entry level Mercedes- while they are joined by a guy with a passing resemblance to Prince and a guy with no resemblance whatsoever to Jay-Z before finally letting the toy hungry kids in on the fun.

#5: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (2011)
Michael Bublé

Setting us up for a swanky version of “The Cat Came Back”, Buble pulls a bait and switch and gives us a big band treatment of this Christmas chestnut. Doing his best Gene Kelly, Buble's just singin', singin', singin' in the snow... and running a serious risk of splitting his well tailored suit. Buble then stares down the camera in a way that suggests he's going to jazz someone to death. At just a minute forty seven, the crooner only makes it two doors down from where he started but it doesn't stop the production from being anything short of glorious.

#4: "Christmas in Hollis" (1987)

In yet another potential Christmas disaster, Santa’s delivery is held up by a tardy elf. It's crisis averted this time, but the mishaps don't end there. The mischievous elf starts mixing up the naughty and nice while Santa's still in frame, and then he completely violates the collective privacy of Run DMC! On the good list for returning his wallet, Saint Nick gives the band a big bag of cash, a full MC and DJ set up, and all the hats, chains, and sneakers a late 80s rap group could ever want- but then that dastardly elf returns to steal some of their haul! More than just a tongue in cheek addition to the season, “Christmas in Hollis” raises some important questions- like why did Santa even hire that asshole elf?

#3: "Dick in a Box" (2006)
The Lonely Island

Okay... so this isn't so much a music video as it is an SNL sketch, but it was filmed, it was recorded, and it counts. Effectively the debut of the Lonely Island, the song was written and recorded on a Thursday, video shot on Friday, and sent out to the world on Saturday night- all just so Justin Timberlake could mix the jokes with music. Collecting an Emmy, the song was an instant classic and garnered 28 million YouTube views in a year. Featuring a bearded, shaded, and suited JT and Andy Samberg running through all your favourite R&B plays, the video outlines not only the perfect Christmas gift but how you yourself can make one as well. Just look at Kristen Wiig's face- she's impressed, she's intrigued, and she's pleased.

#2: "All I Want for Christmas is You" (1994)
Mariah Carey

One of two original- and three overall- videos for the song, the best known of the bunch was filmed and directed by Mariah herself. Taking on the look and feel of vintage home videos we see Ms Carey put her tree together, flirt with reindeer, and somehow look impossibly gorgeous in a snowsuit. With quick flashes of Santa, the singer in a sassy Mrs Claus outfit, a reindog, and a terrier playfully attacking her hat we get to see a fun, personal side of Mariah. Meanwhile the snowy imagery, and subtle use of a kaleidoscope lens means this video screams Christmas without being sappy or over sentimental.

Before we unveil our top pick here are a few honourable mentions.
“Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto” (1996)
Snoop Dogg

“Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)” (1987)
The Ramones

#1: "Last Christmas" (1984)

Nothing can spoil Christmas in the Alps... except a broken heart. From the moment George Michael and the other guy arrive, the scene is rife with tension. Included in the party is Michael's ex-girlfriend, a woman who just the year prior received a brooch only to re-gift it on Boxing Day. While co-Whammer Andrew Ridgeley is getting on fine, George struggles to keep it together and relives his heartache each time he looks in the wrong direction. His ex, meanwhile, seems unhappy regardless of who she's with, be it George Michael, her new bae, or a snowman. Released on the duo's final album, the song has been an enduring Christmas hit- hitting #2 in 1985 and returning to the UK charts 11 different years since. It may not be the classic Christmas, but it's one many can relate to.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favourite Christmas Themed Music Videos? For more yule time Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

Christmas is on December 25th.