Top 10 David & Stevie Moments on Schitt's Creek
Trivia Top 10 David & Stevie Moments on Schitt's Creek



Top 10 David & Stevie Moments on Schitt's Creek

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These David and Stevie moments on "Schitt's Creek" are #FriendshipGoals. Our countdown includes wine preferences, monogramming, besties, and more!
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Top 10 David and Stevie Moments on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 David & Stevie Moments on Schitt’s Creek.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest, sassiest, and most heartwarming moments shared between these besties.

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#10: Towels: A Rude Awakening
“Our Cup Runneth Over”

David is mortified upon arriving at his new home and the lack of towels in his bathroom practically moves him to tears. Although his request for more towels is reasonable, Stevie responds to David’s business center query with some of her signature sarcasm. Taking little pride in her job as a “concierge girl,” Stevie doesn’t put David’s needs at the top of her to-do list. She eventually decides to help, but only because David used the magic word: “rude.” Although they don’t get off on the best foot, we quickly see how similar David and Stevie are despite their different backgrounds. Both are snarky, both wish they were elsewhere, and neither should give lessons on politeness. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

#9: Just Friends
“The Candidate”

After hooking up the previous season, David and Stevie struggle to sort out their relationship status. David expresses jealousy when Stevie plans on going to a bar to have her needs met. She reluctantly brings David as her wingman, but it’s slim pickings for both of them. With nowhere else to turn, the two decide to see where a kiss takes them. They immediately decide that it doesn’t feel right, solidifying their friends only status with a game of pool. In a more conventional sitcom, Stevie and David would’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship, accumulating with them getting back together. “Schitt’s Creek” wisely stuck to its instincts, maintaining their platonic friendship for the remainder of the series without ever looking back.

#8: Fungal Cream & Cereal Boxes
“General Store”

Considering they started at opposite ends of the track, David and Stevie would’ve arrived at very different destinations if their lives didn’t intersect. Had it not been for Stevie’s motivation, Rose Apothecary likely wouldn’t be a Schitt’s Creek staple. David isn’t surprised that the general store is closing due to the inventory and management. We mean, who mixes skincare products with breakfast? Stevie encourages David to put his suggestions and Blouse Barn money to effective use. Although Moira has reservations, she soon comes around and Stevie is there to give an extra push. Most importantly, if Stevie didn’t support David’s idea, then he wouldn’t have applied for a business license, meaning he wouldn’t have met Patrick. All roads lead back to his friendship with Stevie.

#7: David, Stevie, & Jake
“The Throuple”

While Stevie and David don’t revert back to being friends with benefits, they do find themselves in an awkward love triangle with Jake. At least David and Stevie find the situation awkward. Jake is totally casual about it, leading to an especially uncomfortable proposition. Jake believes that they should all be together, catching David, Stevie, and the audience off guard. As Jake holds their hands, the two share hilarious expressions of shock and confusion. Slowly realizing that nobody was on the same page, Jake kisses his lovers goodbye with no hard feelings. Although it’s a bittersweet breakup, Stevie and David take solace in knowing that their friendship can resume without any further complications. Of course, “Pony” does have a few more run-ins with Jake.

#6: Wine Preferences

“Schitt’s Creek” has been trailblazing in its portrayal of sexual identity. The Season One finale establishes David as pansexual, which Johnny explains to Roland. Having recently slept together, David opens up to Stevie about being pansexual, using wine as an analogy. Stevie only drinks red wine and she previously assumed that David only drank one wine as well. David tells her that his palate is in fact open to many different wines, red included. While David has enjoyed a wide variety of wines, he’s never been too focused on the label. Whether it’s red, white, or rosé, David mainly cares about the taste… and the size of the bottle. After last night and the night ahead, the two could definitely use some wine.

#5: RIP Stevie’s Great Aunt
“New Car”

It’s not often that Stevie lets down her defenses, even in front of David. So, when Stevie’s Great Aunt Maureen dies, it takes David a bit to comprehend that this isn’t her twisted sense of humor at play. Although consoling people isn’t David’s forte, he agrees to see Stevie through this depressing time. Of course, David underestimates just how depressing matters will get. Stevie becomes overwhelmed by the situation, fearing that one day she’ll end up just like Maureen: alone and scattered in a parking lot surrounded by garbage cans. While David’s first instinct is to crack a joke, he sees that Stevie needs a confidence boost and that’s exactly what he gives her. The more David comforts Stevie, though, the more fate intervenes.

#4: Monogramming
“Life Is a Cabaret”

Despite being sort-of exes, nobody is happier about David’s engagement to Patrick than Stevie. And since Stevie is incapable of faking sincerity, we know that the joy on her face is 100% genuine. She has no problem sharing her big night with David, so much so that she almost misses her performance of “Cabaret.” Showing up not long before the curtain rises, Stevie reveals why she was late. Patrick asked for Stevie’s approval before popping the question. She thus took the liberty of ordering monogrammed towels as a present, but she wasn’t prepared to pick them up so soon. It’s a touching and funny callback to the day they met, showing how far their friendship has come. Some things are worth waiting for, towels included.

#3: Platonic Sleepover
“Stop Saying Lice!”

When Alexis gets lice, David needs a place to crash. Although Patrick extends an invite, David isn’t sure if his business partner wants to be more than that. Even if he did, David has doubts about taking that step. So, Stevie opens her door and bed to David, but they have no trouble keeping things platonic. There’s also fortunately no mirror above Stevie’s bed. During their sleepover, she steers their conversation away from eggs and towards Patrick. Stevie can tell that these two would make a great fit, but David needs some convincing. They ultimately come to three conclusions: Patrick is Bill Gates, Stevie needs to buy a fresh carton of eggs, and David is flustered about at least one of the above.

#2: Besties
“The Jazzaguy”

There are several instances where the creators could’ve revisited David and Stevie’s sexual history. The most notable example comes in Season 4 when David questions where he stands with Patrick and Stevie takes him on a spa getaway… with honeymoon benefits. Even as the waitress throws rose petals their way, though, the idea of Stevie and David hooking up again is never humored. Patrick remains on David's mind and Stevie reassures him that their relationship can overcome this hurdle. It’s not only an important chapter in David’s romance with Patrick, but also his friendship with Stevie. The episode’s true love story is one between best friends. It’s among the show’s many uplifting moments. If only the lovers’ curry didn’t come up with it.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: You’ve Won
“Start Spreading The News”

Throughout the series, David Rose learns that he can still be David Rose no matter where he lives. He also finds that the extravagant lifestyle he once lived might not suit the person he’s grown into. A happy ending stares David in the face as he sits in front of a dream house that Patrick picked out for them. Deep down, David knows that this is what he wants, but New York seems well-tailored for his big dreams. Stevie helps David realize that he can fulfill those dreams here with Patrick and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Thanks to her, David sees what true love, friendship, and victory look like, although the verdict is still out on what that smell was.