The Funniest Moment In Every Season of Schitt's Creek
The Funniest Moment In Every Season of Schitt's Creek

The Funniest Moment In Every Season of Schitt's Creek

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Kim Mabee
Every season of "Schitt's Creek" has funny moments, but which stand out above all others? Our countdown includes fold in the cheese, the number, Herb Ertlinger's Wine, and more!

The Funniest Moment From Every Season of Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the funniest moments from every season of Schitt’s Creek.

For this list, we’ll be looking at one scene from each season of this beloved sitcom that stood out as the funniest one of the season.

If we missed one of your favorite, laugh-out-loud moments from the show, let us know in the comments.

Season 1: Herb Ertlinger’s Wine
“Wine and Roses”

Moira had some of her most hilarious moments of the series in season one, like when she saved Johnny from giving a eulogy at Bob’s brother's funeral with a well-timed musical interlude. But it is her famous wine commercial that stands out as her funniest. While filming the spot, she stumbles over her words repeatedly until she can no longer speak. The final clip of the episode shows the finished product, which goes wrong in the most hilarious ways. Moira enjoyed a few drinks before shooting and the effects are obvious. She struggles to grab the wine glass, mispronounces crabapple, and is unable to say the winemaker’s name. Instead, she tries saying several different variations before giving up altogether.

Season 2: “Fold in the Cheese”
“Family Dinner”

The first two episodes of season two brought us some of the funniest moments of the series. In the premiere, David is nowhere to be found- despite the fact that he told Alexis where he was. Moira, however, seems much more concerned about her missing handbag than her missing son, which gave us major “Home Alone” vibes. However, we think the most laughable moment of the season comes in the second episode when David and Moira try to recreate the family’s enchilada recipe. The pair are left hilariously frustrated, and are mutually stumped by what “fold in the cheese” means. It becomes instantly clear that they have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen.

Season 3: David Calls Patrick While High
“Motel Review”

Johnny and Moira have a lot of funny moments throughout season 3. We are left in stitches by the extreme lengths they go to in order to buy a car, and by Johnny’s efforts to dedicate a town garden to Moira. We have to give the funniest moment of the season to David though. After he and Stevie smoke a little something they found at the motel, he calls his eventual husband about his business idea. David leaves a series of voicemails for Patrick that get more and more comical with each call, from calling him by the wrong name, to getting cut off, to the random use of Italian. This entire debacle left us, as well as Patrick and Ray, rolling in the aisles.

Season 4: The Number
“Asbestos Fest”

Season four brought a lot more humorous David moments, like when he and Stevie were mistaken for honeymooners at an over-the-top hotel restaurant. That said, our favorite funny moment is when we get to see this lively performance. At the “Asbestos Fest,” TV’s (or should we say, television’s?) Moira Rose is slated to perform, but struggles throughout the episode to figure out what to bring to the stage. After seeing his mother positively bedeviled, David volunteers to do the number with her, despite the fact that it’s normally only performed for the Rose’s annual holiday party. And Asbestos Fest is in the Summer. Patrick and Alexis can barely contain their glee while watching the mother and son duo perform, and neither could we.

Season 5: Ted Parties at Patrick’s Housewarming

After Patrick moves into his new place, he invites the gang over for a high school slumber party themed celebration. Ted decides to let loose at the party and goes a bit overboard as he can’t stop calling everyone “big guy” and he even mocks Alexis' incessant use of the word, “Ew.” One of the funniest moments of the night is when David and Ted kiss during “spin the bottle,” much to the shock and dismay of Alexis and Patrick. To even the score, Alexis and Patrick participate in the world's strangest rebuttal. This is far from the only time we see Alexis being hilariously awkward, as we also see her infamous “A Little Bit Alexis” performance in season 5.

Season 6: Moira Tries To Save Her Girls
“Smoke Signals”

In the season 6 premiere, Moira is still reeling from the fact that her movie is being shelved. To cope, she crawls into her closet wearing a particularly memorable white wig. After Roland starts a fire in the motel, he rescues Moira, who is unable to open the door, and ultimately needs to be carried. When she’s yelling for her girls to be rescued, Roland realizes she’s referring to her wigs rather than her kids, the wigs being one of her most prized possessions throughout the series. This whole incident leads her to realize she needs to slow down and smell the roses by retiring from show business, but lucky for us, that decision doesn’t last long.