Top 10 Best David & Patrick Moments on Schitt's Creek
Top 10 Best David & Patrick Moments on Schitt's Creek

Top 10 Best David & Patrick Moments on Schitt's Creek

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These David and Patrick moments on “Schitt's Creek” prove why these two are simply the best! For this list, we're looking at the landmark relationship moments between David Rose and Patrick Brewer. Our countdown includes David's oopsie-daisy, their first date, the proposal, and more!

What can we say? This couple is simply the best. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 David and Patrick Moments on “Schitt’s Creek.”

For this list, we’re looking at the landmark relationship moments between David Rose and Patrick Brewer. That means moments that were more about each character as an individual - even if they were there to support each other - will not included. Also, if you’re not up to date, please consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

#10: Their First Meeting (& the Aftermath…)
“Motel Review”

If you can see the smirk on Patrick’s face in this scene without squealing about what’s to come for these two, you’re stronger than us. Aside from Stevie, Patrick is one of the first characters David encounters in Schitt’s Creek that challenges him - and that was evident from Day 1 of their relationship. David is trying to incorporate his business, but has some trouble articulating his plans. He leaves the meeting in a defensive huff, and yada yada yada there *may* be some unfortunate chemically-induced voicemails as a result. But the best part is that, fortunately, Patrick seems to speak David’s language and completes his business plan for him - the first of many times these two manage to work together effortlessly.

#9: Patrick’s Investment Offer
“The Affair”

Patrick stops by Rose Apothecary and somehow manages to resist Alexis flirtatiously bossing him around long enough to hand deliver David’s FRAMED business license. But, as it turns out, Patrick isn’t just there to drop off the license. Okay, yes, there is a very clear vibe going on, which - thank goodness - Alexis sees from a mile away. But actually, Patrick sees the potential in David’s business, so he offers his expertise to help make it a success. And just like that, David ends up with the partner he never new he needed - in business and in life. Also, we’re just gonna say it: Patrick’s confidence about his ability to secure those grants is super hot.

#8: David’s Amazing Inability to Compromise
“Girls’ Night”

Flexibility is a vital quality when it comes to relationships. Is this a quality we’d say David Rose has in spades? Ummm… Throughout this entire episode, Stevie and - in particular - Patrick both seem to be trolling David and teaching him a lesson in compromise. The end result of this, however, is a spontaneous diatribe where David lets loose his very strong opinions on what is correct and what is not correct, whether it’s plunger placement or rugged footwear. But, his accidental admission that he thinks of Patrick as his boyfriend is signal enough for Stevie to hightail it outta there, to leave the happy couple alone to commemorate this relationship milestone with some smirks and a kiss.

#7: David’s Oopsie-Daisy
“The Incident”

How they made a “wetting the bed” storyline romantic, we’ll never know. David wakes up in a puddle next to Patrick and is mortified to realize his “nighttime enuresis” has made a comeback. Mother Moira is able to shed some light on the subject for Patrick, and even somehow turns it into a compliment for him. While David is mortified by the entire ordeal, Patrick calmly and patiently deals with the whole situation, without judgment and with both a mouthguard and nose… thing. As showrunner, episode writer and David actor Dan Levy has said, he was trying to find a moment that would cement this relationship. This is definitely unexpected, but also a very real way to bring these two characters even closer.

#6: The House
“Start Spreading the News”

Since minute one of their time in the titular town, the Roses have been desperate for a way back to their glamorous, shallow lives. But life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, and while they did ultimately find a way out, they also put down roots that - in some cases - run deeper than their connection to the past. David is trying to convince Patrick to be excited about New York, but all along Patrick has quietly been planning their future. While it seems like David has a tough decision to make, the choice to stay in Schitt’s Creek is actually incredibly simple. “I just don’t think I’m finished with this place.” That’s a sentence we never expected any of them to say - least of all David - but life never looks quite how you expected, does it?

#5: First “I Love You” (& “You’re My Mariah Carey”)
“Singles Week”

Every member of the Rose family goes through a significant transformation during their time in Schitt’s Creek, and this is when David finally opens himself up to happiness. Patrick comments on how brave Alexis was for admitting her feelings to Ted and he decides to add to David’s distress by doing the same. Worse, he invokes Queen Mariah herself in his declaration of love. It may take David much of the episode, but ultimately - in giving advice to Ted about his situation with Alexis - David comes to his own realization that what he and Patrick have is real. At that point, saying “I love you” is no longer hard for him - although remembering tea still is. Well, good to know some things never change.

#4: Their First Date (& First Kiss!)
“Grad Night”

Moderately edible food? Check. Witty banter? Check. Third wheel? Check... Patrick and David’s first date starts with the birthday boy unsure that his partner is even into him. But business major and straight leg, mid-range denim notwithstanding, Patrick gifts David with a sweetly sentimental present that proves he’s not only interested; Patrick really sees David. Stevie drops an approval thumbs up and leaves, letting the couple-to-be happily dine on their freezer-burned mozzarella sticks. Their car conversation is where we get to see how good Patrick can be for David: he’s open and earnest, BUT he won’t let David get away with anything. Of course, without David they may never have had their first kiss, so we’d say these partners balance each other out perfectly.

#3: The Proposal
“The Hike”

The words “David Rose” and “hike” had likely never been uttered in the same sentence before this moment, but as David - and the rest of the Rose family - have learned: if you open yourself up to new experiences, something beautiful might be waiting for you - and, no, we’re not just talking about the view. Okay, the hike itself is a bit of a disaster: David is disgruntled about the physical activity and Patrick gets stabbed in the foot. But, seeing David’s growth as he takes care of and even carries the injured Patrick is such a great payoff. When the moment finally comes that Patrick gets down on one knee and pops the question, we’re as overcome as David. Also, SOLID ring(s) choice.

#2: Their Wedding
“Happy Ending”

Rain on one’s wedding day isn’t quite as ironic as Alanis might think, but it can definitely put a damp-er on an outdoor ceremony. As per usual, Patrick swoops in to save the day while David indulges in some much-needed rest, relaxation and… more. But when the drama is finally set aside, the town comes together to give the happy couple the day of their dreams. The town hall is bedecked with flowers, the Jazzagals sing, Moira is a vision, but ultimately it all comes down to the vows: Patrick allows Mariah Carey’s words to speak for him, while David lets go of the past and jumps into this marriage with his whole heart. After everything these characters have been through, it’s so fulfilling to see them get their happy ending.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some cute honorable mentions:

Patrick Did Everything David Forgot to Do
“Friends and Family”

Patrick Doesn’t Want to Cheat on David with Pointy-Shoed Ken
“Rock On!”

David Makes Patrick Feel Right
“The Barbecue”

Being Spontaneous
“The Crowening”

“I Think Our Paths Crossed at the Right Time”

#1: “Simply the Best”
“Open Mic”

If David Rose is your spirit animal, you’re uncomfortable with genuine emotion and public displays of affection. But even the most cynical among us would melt if serenaded this beautifully. Patrick plans an open mic night to make Rose Apothecary feel more welcoming - something David feels is less “cute” and more “ew.” Even worse, David’s “butter-voiced beau” hosts AND performs at the event. But David - and Moira, actually - are visibly moved by the concert, and it becomes clear that, while they are in a room full of Schitt’s Creek residents, Patrick is singing to him and only him. This song not only comes back later in David’s epic apology lip sync but also at their wedding, so it’s hard not to look at these two and think they’re “simply the best.”