Top 10 Hottest Guys on YouTube

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Script written by Regan Fischer These are the hottest guys on YouTube! We’ve included famous YouTubers like the Dolan Twins, Daniel Howell, sWoozie, JacksGap, FinnHarriesGap, Anthony Padilla and Casper Lee. Did we miss anyone? Who would you nominate? Let us know!
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Top 10 Hottest Guys On YouTube

It’s pretty clear why these cuties have so many followers. Welcome to MsMojo and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hottest Guys on YouTube.

For this list we will be looking at those YouTubers who are not only known for their content, but also for their great looks. We will be looking at more than just their physical appearance though, as we’ll also be considering the different characteristics that make them so attractive to so many fans.

#10: Mark Fischbach [aka Markiplier]


He is one of the most successful and wealthiest gaming YouTubers around, so he has that going for him. Other than his impressive 20 million plus subscribers, Markiplier, real name Mark Fischbach, has quirky good looks and a personality to match. His gaming channel showcases his great sense of humor, sweet-natured personality, and of course, his unbelievably sexy voice. But even with those deep dulcet tones, Markiplier isn’t afraid to show off his more sensitive side, and when the waterworks start flowing, you just want to hold him in your arms and tell him everthing’s gonna be alright.

#9: Caspar Lee

Caspar, morecaspar

Caspar Lee is British-South African, so he has that amazing accent going for him, which pairs perfectly with his beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. His good boy charm shouldn’t fool you, as Caspar can also be quite the heartbreaker. A boy who strikes the perfect balance between charming and bad boy is undoubtedly a certified hottie. Caspar is also seeking fame beyond the realm of YouTube, having ventured into the world of film. Whatever he does, we know he will have a sea of fans following him.

#8: Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell, danisnotinteresting

Dan Howell is pretty much the definition of “adorkable” and his sole purpose through his videos is to make people laugh. He is the quintessential nerd, in the best possible way. Dan frequently collaborates with another lovable nerd, Phil Lester, and the two even had a radio show on BBC Radio 1. His many ventures prove him to be much more than just a good looking YouTuber, as he has also released a book and made videos outside of his usual comedic style. Overall, Dan is someone you’d want to spend the day playing video games with, in between stealing glances at him of course.

#7: Adande Thorne


Swoozie shares his illustrated videos through his YouTube channel which features animated tales of his daily life. From stories of kissing another YouTuber, to his annoying parents, Swoozie has a refreshing openness with his fans. Though the focus is on his drawings, Adande Thorne does sometimes appear in videos in the flesh. Swoozie himself is quite the lady killer, which he shows through his many videos about various girlfriends. Regardless of whatever his current relationship status may be, though, we can’t help but still be interested.

#6: Kevin & Keith Hodge

askhodgetwins, Hodgetwins Vlogs, TheHodgetwins, TwinMuscle

These identical cuties make Superman look like a twig. Keith and Kevin are a couple of super built dudes with several combined channels, one of which is all about their workout routines, and perhaps ironically, their love of junk food. The two are dark skinned light eyed beauties who could probably stop traffic, if not with their stunning good looks then quite literally with their muscles. On top of their bulging biceps and welcoming smiles the two are genuinely good-hearted, and they always stay committed to their fans!

#5: Ethan & Grayson Dolan

Dolan Twins

What’s better than one hot YouTuber? Two of them! The dynamic between these two lookalikes only endears us towards them more. With their matching strong jawlines, hazel eyes, and not too shabby biceps, these brothers make fans everywhere swoon. Ethan and Grayson got their start on the app Vine, but when their act was given more than 6 seconds to shine they really became popular, boasting over 5 million subscribers on their channel.

#4: Jack & Finn Harries

Jack Harries. JacksGap, FinnHarriesGap

Sure, they haven’t uploaded a video in years, but that doesn’t make them any less cute. Jack and Finn have their own channels but are often featured on each other’s page. The brothers say their idea to start their own YouTube channels stemmed from their love of travel and adventure, and their desire to share that with other people. Their looks might draw you into subscribing, but their good hearts will keep you watching. Both have also done significant charity work: Finn works to come up with solutions to Climate Change whereas Jack is an advocate for animal rights.

#3 Anthony Padilla

AnthonyPadilla, previously of Smosh

Anthony Padilla used to be one half of Smosh, which has accumulated over 22 million subscribers with its pointed, topical humor. Using the success of Smosh, Padilla decided to branch out and create his own self titled channel, leaving his previous partnership behind. Turns out he had enough clout to make it on his own, and even if he didn’t, his dashing appearance would have done it for him. Padilla just seems like the type of guy you’d introduce your parents to, and his boyish good looks would have any of your friends fawning over him.

#2: Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

Where do we even start with Joey Graceffa? With his green eyes? His perfectly coiffed hair? Or his smile that can reel you in from a mile away? Whatever it is that attracts you to him we can all agree that he deserves a spot on our list of one of the hottest YouTubers. Other than his tantalizing good looks, Joey has made a name for himself outside of YouTube as well. He has written multiple books, appeared on “The Amazing Race” and has become an inspiring advocate in the LGBTQ+ community.

Before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions:

Ryan Higa

nigahiga, HigaTV

Connor Franta

Connorfranta, More Connor

Joe Sugg

ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeVlogs, ThatcherJoeGames

#1: Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler, JustMarcus

Marcus Butler... should we even talk about his videos or just go straight into what makes him so hot? Both are impressive but we just can’t take our eyes off him. Butler is a British comedian who took his talent to YouTube, creating videos specific to his brand of humor. Marcus always has the perfect amount of scruff on his face, paired with a smirk that lets you know there’s always trouble in store. You can quite possiblly wash clothes on his abs, and though the color of his hair often changes, his appeal never will.

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