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Top 10 Underrated Beauty YouTubers

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
If you’re not familiar with these gurus, get ready to hit subscribe. For this list, we’re looking at some lesser known YouTube beauty experts, as well those who do have plenty of followers but who still don’t get the recognition they deserve. Our list includes Stephanie Nicole, ThatGirlShaeXo, emilynoel83, Gothamista, Jamie Paige, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Beauty YouTubers.

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Top 10 Underrated Beauty YouTubers

If you’re not familiar with these gurus, get ready to hit subscribe. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Beauty YouTubers.

For this list, we’re looking at some lesser known YouTube beauty experts, as well those who do have plenty of followers but who still don’t get the recognition they deserve.

#10: Hot & Flashy

Most beauty gurus are in their 20s or 30s, but this pro shows that you can be beautiful at any age. Angie of Hot & Flashy is an expert when it comes to skincare and makeup for more mature women, and created her channel for those in their “hot flash” years. By offering up content for this often ignored demographic, she has carved a niche for herself on the platform. But the best part is, her videos are totally applicable to just about anyone, regardless of age. Her informed and calm demeanor helps to make her one of our favorites.

#9: Stephanie Nicole

If you’re ready to do a deep dive into skincare, look no further than Stephanie Nicole. For those who feel intimidated by the idea of crafting a skincare routine for themselves, Stephanie breaks down all the information you could possibly need (and a whole lot more). When it comes to choosing sunscreen, figuring out what type of vitamin C serum you should use, or knowing the difference between a retinol and a retinoid, she’s your own personal YouTube expert. Her reviews are always refreshingly honest, and you know she’s never swayed by collabs or sponsorships.

#8: ThatGirlShaeXo

This relatable YouTuber has been in the game for years, and yet has never really made it big. She offers up great tutorials and product reviews, and her channel is light on gimmicky concept videos if you like to avoid those. She also often shares lifestyle posts, and has brought viewers along with her on her weight loss journey. Because she consistently comes across as down to earth and laid back, Shae is the type of vlogger who you feel like you could be best friends with. She was actively preparing for her wedding towards the end of 2018, so for any brides to be looking for makeup inspiration, be sure to check her out.

#7: BlakIzBeautyful

Many of the top beauty gurus on YouTube are white women, but in recent years there has refreshingly been several breakout channels that are run by women of color. One of the best is BlakIzBeautyful, which was created by Jenell B. Stewart who also founded the website Both her site and YouTube channel focus on natural products, and natural hair care. Stewart has been seen as an expert by many in the community, and if you’re a woman looking for guidance to transition to natural hair, you needn’t look any further.

#6: emilynoel83

If you’re looking to take a break from your standard beauty YouTubers, make sure to check out emilynoel83. Emily is the definition of relatable, and puts a major focus on affordable drugstore products - because most of us can’t afford to blow our entire pay cheques at Sephora! She gives direct and to the point product reviews, and you can always trust that she’s sharing her honest opinion. One of the highlights of her channel are the Emily Awards, where she highlights her favorite products in a number of different categories for that year.

#5: Gothamista

This skincare expert has blown up in terms of popularity recently, and for good reason. Renee of Gothamista will teach you everything you could possibly need to know about skincare, and gives tons of product recommendations in a variety of price ranges to help you set up a perfect skin care routine. Her presence is always soothing and serene, but every single one of her videos is packed full of useful knowledge. You may find yourself wanting to take notes as you watch, because her channel feels like a beauty masterclass.

#4: Samantha Ravndahl

This YouTuber definitely has a solid following with nearly a million subscribers at the time of writing, but we still want to draw attention to her because of her unconventional approach. She may have made a name for herself following the typical beauty vlogger formula, but her brash and bold personality have always made her stand out from the crowd. More recently though, she has drawn back the curtain on what it’s like to have a career as a beauty YouTuber, and given her fans some insight into the industry and the perils of being part of it. If you want a glimpse behind the scenes into this world, her channel is for you.

#3: Jamie Paige

Jamie Paige has almost half a million YouTube subscribers, and we’re totally confident that as time goes on she’ll just continue to amass more. Jamie is cool and relatable, offering up do-able makeup tutorials and thorough product reviews. She works with lots of old favorites, and while she does of course cover new product launches, she sticks to some tried and true staples. One of our favorite series that she does is “5 Best and 5 Worst”, in which she looks at the five best and worst products in a category. Also, as a bonus for the Canadians out there: Jamie is a Montrealer and always offers up product pricing in Canadian dollars.

#2: Nyma Tang

If you’re into the beauty community, it’s very likely you’ve heard of Nyma Tang’s series, The Darkest Shade, but it’s possible you don’t actually follow her channel. Tang made a name for herself by calling out brands by testing the darkest shade of foundation they offered on her deep toned skin, revealing that many companies don’t have a very diverse or representative shade range. Though this is a cornerstone of her channel, she also offers up tons of tutorials for darker skinned makeup lovers as well as offering some universally applicable tips for everyone.

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#1: Mariah Leonard

When you watch even just one of Mariah Leonard’s videos, you’ll quickly come to feel like you already know her. She almost always sticks to wearable, neutral looks, and she has tons of tips for creating a natural final effect by using the right products and a light hand. She doesn’t waste time in her reviews, always appearing to be well informed on whatever topic it is that she’s covering. She also has a hilarious deadpan sense of humor and honesty about her, which make her someone you’d probably want to hang out with in real life.

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