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Top 10 Must-Watch YouTuber Room & House Tours

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
These are the best YouTuber/ House tours! For this list, we’re looking our favorite explorations of prominent YouTube stars’ homes. we’ve included YouTubers like Garrett Watts, Tati, Shane Dawson, Cloe Couture, Cole & Save, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson! Which apartment/ House tour is your favorite?

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Top 10 YouTuber Room/House Tours

Getting to see where your favorite vloggers live is always an exciting look behind the scenes. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTuber Room/House Tours.

For this list, we’re looking our favorite explorations of prominent YouTube stars’ homes.

#10: Garrett Watts

Garrett Watts is often referenced in terms of his connection to another major YouTuber: Shane Dawson. But over the years, he has amassed a serious following in his own right, with well over 2 million subscribers. And while some vloggers clearly create their home tours as a sort of humble brag, that’s definitely not the case for this guy. Watts is someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and his tiny home (and home tour) definitely show that. It’s just as wacky and zany as he is, and gives you even more insight into his life.

#9: Tati

With nearly 5 million subscribers, Tati is one of the most popular beauty vloggers out there. And because of that, her legions of fans are always clamoring for her to create a specific video: the beauty room tour. This is a popular subgenre of video among YouTubers who specialize in makeup and beauty tutorials, because it means fans get to see how they organize the thousands of products they inevitably own. Tati’s beauty room definitely doesn’t disappoint, and the lipstick section in particular will make any girl swoon.

#8: Cloe Couture

This 20 year old YouTuber has been making videos since 2011 and has developed a niche on the platform for creating unique and whimsical content geared at teens. It should come as no surprise that her followers wanted to see her home life, so when her family moved into a new space she was ready to show it off. She posted this home tour in 2014 when she had only 700 thousand subscribers and now several years later, her Clovers have expanded to over 5 million.

#7: Shane Dawson

This guy is one of the OG YouTube vloggers, and over the years has accumulated over 27 million subscribers on his various channels, making him one of the most followed YouTubers out there. Just like his friend Garrett Watts, Shane Dawson put together a home tour that is unconventional and to be honest, kind of weird sometimes. It’s dark, it’s chaotic and it’ll make you kind of dizzy. The fact that his puppy is wandering around the house while he’s filming totally redeems it though!

#6: Cole & Sav

Vloggers Cole & Sav were both making videos separately before they met and became a match made in heaven. They quickly got engaged after a whirlwind fairytale romance and have now settled in as a happy little family who is hugely popular on YouTube. Their home tour is a great middle ground between the vloggers who show off ostentatious mansions, and the ones whose tours are kind of a disappointment. Their home, which is decorated for Christmas at the time they’re showing it, is a perfectly adorable family house that suits their brand to a T.

#5: James Charles

James Charles quickly rose to fame starting in 2016 after becoming Covergirl’s first male spokesmodel. He caught the brand’s attention when his yearbook photo went viral because of his perfectly applied makeup and lighting . He is now a beauty vlogger sensation, and in 2018 finally showed his fans around his downtown LA apartment. He decided to share the video because he was in the market for bigger digs; but when you see it, you’ll agree that his current place definitely isn’t bad! There’s also a lot of affordable inspo because he gets so much of his stuff at Ikea!

#4: Jaclyn Hill

Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill is one of the biggest in the business, with her partnership with co brand Becca helping her to rise to even greater fame. She’s known for her over-the-top personality; and when she shows her fans around her closet, she definitely has a good sense of humor about it. Though she is clearly successful and has plenty of things to make her followers envious, she downplays things by not taking herself too seriously.

#3: Brooklyn and Bailey

These teenage twins from Texas got their start modelling for their mom’s channel, but have risen to become YouTube stars in their own right. In 2015, Business Insider named them on a list of "13 up-and-coming YouTube stars you should be following" and were listed as top influences by Forbes two years later. Though they had previously given a tour of their bedroom (which was familiar to their subscribers), it was the full house tour that their fans were really anticipating. And it delivered, showing off a gorgeous family home with members of their large clan all making appearances. And now they’re at college!

#2: Rosanna Pansino

This YouTuber is known for her elaborate themed baking projects, but has also grown to become a lifestyle vlogger who showcases many different aspects of her talents on her channel. Her series Nerdy Nummies is particularly popular, in which she recreates food items from popular fandoms. The home tour she posted in May of 2015 shows off her freshly professionally decorated house and, of course, the ins and outs of the kitchen where she films her videos. She did an updated tour when she moved into a new home a couple of years later!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jenna Marbles
We Bought A House

David and Liza

Bretman Rock

EMPTY HOUSE TOUR - BretmanRock (Hawaii)

#1: Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson is back, but this time he’s showing off someone else’s house instead of his own. Jeffree Star is one of the most controversial figures on YouTube, and has found himself in hot water several times for a whole variety of reasons. So when Dawson decided to pull back the curtain and give his followers an inside look at Star’s home, they were rapt with attention. In a three part series where he switches lives with Jeffree Star, fans of both major vloggers got to see what Star’s world looks like. And it is seriously fabulous.


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