Top 10 Funny Seth Rogen Movie Moments



Top 10 Funny Seth Rogen Movie Moments

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If Seth Rogen had a catchphrase, this is where we'd put it. From Neighbors to Superbad to Pineapple Express, Rogen has has been in plenty of great comedies, and we're looking at his funniest moments from all of them. WatchMojo counts down the top funniest Seth Rogen moments in movies.

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Script written by Andrew Tejada

Top 10 Funny Seth Rogen Movie Moments

This funnyman has entertained us for years with his comedic timing and infectious laugh. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funny Seth Rogen Movie Moments.

For this list, we're looking through his film resume to find his most hilarious lines and scenes. And since this is Seth Rogen we’re talking about, a mature content warning is in effect.

#10: Finding the Airbags

“Neighbors” (2014)
This gag is simple yet genius. New parents Mac and Kelly get into a war of wits and fists with the fraternity that lives next door. One morning, Kelly discovers that her car’s airbags have been stolen. Mac finds them quickly when he sits on his work chair and is launched into the air. The height he’s catapulted by this advanced whoopie cushion is absurd. Laws of physics aside, we can’t help cracking up as Mac groans in pain before watching his coworker get launched as well. The lesson here is obvious. Don’t mess with Delta Psi Beta.

#9: War of the Nerds

“Fanboys” (2009)
You’d expect a movie called “Fanboys” to have at least one nerdy conflict. However, we still didn’t see this funny fight coming. A group of “Star Wars” fans decides to insult some trekkies - excuse us, trekkers - led by Seth Rogen’s admiral character. The two sides take light jabs at each other’s franchises before the admiral crosses the line. Pandemonium breaks out, prop weapons are used and Spock ears go flying. All the while, the admiral hilariously orders his fellow trekkers to fight without stepping in himself. Rogen’s role in “Fanboys” may be brief, but his dedication to the character would make Captain Picard proud.

#8: Disastrous Family Dinner

“Pineapple Express” (2008)
Meeting your significant other’s parents can be hard. When you’re a 25-year-old man, you’ve just witnessed a murder and your girlfriend is 18, it’s pretty much impossible. Rogen’s Dale goes to a family dinner to convince his girlfriend Angie and her parents that they’re all in danger. Unfortunately, her parents don’t believe there’s a threat and react poorly. Things go from bad to worse when Angie stabs Dale’s drug dealer right before her father pulls out a gun and starts shooting. The insane dinner sequence is one of the best parts of this stoner comedy. We hope to never have a meal go this badly.

#7: Shrooms & Cirque De Soleil

“Knocked Up” (2007)
In “Knocked Up”, Rogen plays an underachiever named Ben. When a one-night stand with Alison leaves him on the verge of fatherhood, he has trouble dealing with the stress. After one bad fight, Ben goes to Vegas, eats shrooms and sees Cirque du Soleil. As he watches the show, we hear some hilarious commentary. But when the drugs really kick in, his facial expressions grow wilder until he runs away at the sight of a big baby performer. It’s hard to say what’s more entertaining: the Cirque show, or Ben’s reactions to it. Fortunately, this scene gives us the best of both worlds.

#6: Exposing a Cheater

“50/50” (2011)
Kyle’s friend Adam discovers he has stage 4 cancer. Although Rogen’s character is not above using his friend’s diagnosis to hit on women, he still deeply cares about Adam’s well-being. So when Kyle catches Adam’s girlfriend cheating, he can’t hold back his rage. His righteous rant adds a lot humor to the devastating reveal. And just when you think that Kyle has left the conversation, he comes back not once, but twice to insult the unfaithful Rachael. Rogen’s passion and timing are pitch perfect throughout the scene. Getting bad news should always be this entertaining.

#5: Dead Bird

“Paul” (2011)
One of Rogen’s strangest roles came when he played an alien in “Paul.” In the movie, the extraterrestrial finds traveling companions in two UFO enthusiasts played by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. When the trio accidentally hits a bird, they stop to inspect it. All of a sudden, Paul cradles it and concentrates. Beautiful music plays as the bird springs back to life. And then Paul eats it. Frost and Pegg’s horrified expressions are pure comedy gold. Paul’s nonchalant attitude is just the icing on the cake. Although we won’t advocate chomping down on a live bird, we can endorse this weird movie moment.

#4: Bad Police Work

“Superbad” (2007)
After the innocent Hawaiian named McLovin is assaulted by a robber at a liquor store, it’s up to officer Michaels and officer Slater to bust the perp. Unfortunately for McLovin, their investigation doesn’t go well. While trying to get a description of the robber, Michaels and Slater misunderstand everything that the clerk says. At one point, they even think the thief looks like an anthropomorphic piece of candy. Their hilarious incompetence makes it clear that the robber is getting away with this crime. Michaels and Slater may be terrible police officers, but they’re fantastic at making us laugh.

#3: High at a Church

“The Night Before” (2015)
After taking a few too many drugs, Isaac trips his way into midnight mass with his wife Betsy. His unfamiliarity with Christian tradition makes for some funny gags from the start. But when the drugs kick in, Rogen’s Isaac takes it to a new level. He hallucinates a vulgar baby and starts to freak out after he sees Jesus on the cross. Despite Betsy’s best efforts to keep Isaac’s strange behavior quiet, it is all for naught when he throws up in the middle of the church. The disastrous mass manages to mix wacky antics with social commentary. It’s a role tailor-made for Rogen.

#2: A Difficult Hiding Place

“The Interview” (2014)
In this controversial comedy, Rogen plays a producer named Aaron Rapaport. When Rapaport and talk show host Dave Skylark are invited to interview Kim Jong Un, the CIA asks the duo to poison the North Korean leader with ricin strips. After they misplace the first strip, the CIA airdrops a capsule with more poison. But when guards start to close in on Rapaport, he’s forced hide the capsule where the sun don’t shine. The words of encouragement he receives while shoving the package way up there make the tense scene into an absolute laugh riot. Maybe Skylark can leave this incident out of his memoir.

Before we highlight our top pick, here are few uproarious honorable mentions.
- Pineapple Express Sequel
“This Is the End” (2013)

- Awkward Car Ride
“The Guilt Trip” (2012)

- Garage Escape
“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” (2016)

#1: A Crazy Climax

“This Is the End” (2013)
Fictional versions of Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel are trapped on earth during a biblical apocalypse. After Jay’s honesty earns him a skybeam straight to heaven, Seth attempts to hitch a ride. But when his presence causes the beam to start fading, Rogen lets go so his friend can ascend. Just before he falls into Satan’s mouth, a beam of light saves Rogen as an epic song booms. We can’t decide whether it’s Satan’s dismemberment, the Whitney Houston music or the silly laughter that make this scene so hilarious. This epic ending leaves us with plenty of reasons to consider it as Rogen’s funniest moment.