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Top 10 Weirdest Schools in the World


Bet you didn’t know you could learn THIS in school! From Elf school to Cannabis college, there are some unique schools out there. WatchMojo is counting down the strangest schools in the world!


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Top 10 Weirdest Schools in the World

Are you fed up of formal education? Are you interested in receiving unheard of diplomas? Well your search ends here with these crazy alternatives.

Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten weirdest schools in the world.

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On this list we’ll go over all sorts of different teaching methods, from playful ones to the most controversial. Some of you might feel troubled by this video, but these off the charts schools deserve to be recognized.

#10: The Elfschool

If you’ve always dreamed about getting a diploma on elf research, hop onto the next flight to Reykjavik. They have an unconventional school that studies the customs and habits of these creatures. Magnus Skarphedinsson, the school principle, creates his courses based on testimonies of several hundreds of people who claim they’ve seen and communicated with these supernatural beings.

But this folklore might just be real. A member of the Icelandic Parliament does in fact believe that an elf saved him from a car accident, after all. It’s almost like a Harry Potter book.

#9: Ruchika Train Platform School

In 1985, an Indian teacher named Interjit Khurana, came up with a brilliant idea to fight illiteracy among children. While taking the train to work each day, she noticed that a great deal of poor children were begging or working on the rail beds. She therefore decided to bring the school to them on the platform and teach them how to read and write in a fun way. The Ruchika School now has over 4,000 students. She also helps parents meet the basic needs of their children. Great work Mrs. Khurana!

#8: Freerunning Academy

So what’s freerunning you may ask? You remember the movie, Yamakasi? Well, that’s freerunning. It’s physically demanding and kind of useless, but it’s so cool. Nowadays, there are several freerunning schools around the world, including many of them in France. These schools teach you how to run around the city by jumping on rooftops, climbing up walls and doing acrobatic flips.

They also teach you Ukemi: the art of falling without getting hurt. But don’t worry, students first learn these techniques using props in a secured room… I know your mother will be happy to hear that.

#7: A Cave School

The Dongzhong School in China is located in a somber humid place. In this rather poor, small village in the mountains, children learn mathematics and history in a cave redesigned as an elementary school. This community, which is sorely lacking in subsidies, decided to use this surprising location to welcome its students. Some children from nearby villages have to walk up to six hours just to go study in this cave of knowledge. Sadly, the school closed in 2007, as the government didn’t want China to be perceived as a “society of cavemen.” It’s too bad though…

#6: Floating Schools

In India, weather conditions can hinder residents’ daily activities. In fact, floods often prevent students from going to school. But the Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha organization refuses to leave these children uneducated! They built floating schools that pick them up at home, drops the anchor during teaching time and brings them back home afterwards. We can learn from anywhere, all we need is a little bit of imagination.

#5: Cannabis College

Oaksterdam is the first American Cannabis School. The curriculum is very diverse and all the branches of the industry are explored. There are, however, some repercussions to offering courses related to a drug.

In 2012, the IRS and the Antidrug Agency got involved in the school’s business and almost had it close down its doors. But there’s good news for those who are interested, international students are also accepted, but be prepared however to dish out 1,000 Euros for a 14 week course.


#4: Santa Claus School

You don’t just become Santa Claus overnight. Luckily there is a Santa Claus School. For $384, experts will teach you how to become a professional Santa Claus in only 3 days. This school located in Michigan is considered the Harvard of Santa Claus schools. Courses include dance, singing and laughing classes.

It also gives practical tips of how to always maintain a fresh breath and ways to manage your wig. For a successful Christmas, make sure to visit the Santa Claus school.

#3: Witchcraft School

If you’re dying to be like Harry Potter, the wait is over! Go visit the school of Witchcraft in Roseville, USA. If this is too far from home, you can also follow online courses. But after visiting their website, we sure hope they’ve got more talent when it comes to magic than IT… This school will teach you how to: master your magic wand, cook magical meals, and other magic spells.

#2: A Rule-Free School

Rebellious. No-rules. These are the words we go by at the Burguess Hill School. Founded in the 60s, near London, this school had zero rules. Students replaced pencils with cigarettes and uniforms were banned. Wearing one was perceived as a protest. Animals were welcome in class. Motorcycles were permitted on campus as well as listening to music all day long.

Unfortunately, or should we say fortunately, this school no longer exists. Effects on students were a disaster. Instead of making fulfilled beings, they were mostly outlaws.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- Abo Elementary School: First underground anti-nuclear school

- Clown school

#1: A Prostitution School

Our top pick is a real shocker. There is a prostitution school in Spain. The Trabajo ya school teaches men and women, the art of the oldest job in the world. A week of theoretical and practical lessons are given and working to the key is offered at the end of the program.

Nothing is missed here, including the use of sex toys and the rules of the Kamasutra. Although prostitution is legal in Spain, the government still keeps an eye on this controversial school.

Considering the two biggest newspapers freely publish prostitution adds, why not invest in a school to teach it.


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