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Top 5 Insane Anti Cheating Methods In School

VO: Adrian Sousa

Script written by Katia Vaccao

Beware; teachers are armed to the teeth with ways to ensure you are taking tests honestly. From anti-cheating hats, to a no bra tolerance, these methods are madness. WatchMojo counts down the Top 5 Insane Anti Cheating Methods In School.


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Script written by Katia Vaccao

Top 5 Insane Anti Cheating Methods In School

Beware; teachers are armed to the teeth with ways to ensure you are taking tests honestly. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 5 most insane anti-cheating methods in school.

For this list, we’ll be looking at strategies used by teachers to stop students from cheating. And in that regard, there are no restrictions. We will be looking at everything, from simple tests to high caliber exams throughout the world. This will make you think twice before etching your notes on the inside of your arm.

#5: Anti-cheating Hats

At Kasetsart University in Thailand, teachers came up with a rather basic method to prevent students from cheating. In order to bring an end to side-glances, they came up with the idea of making students wear paper hats. Staple white pieces of paper on either side of a headband and you’re all set. A picture posted on Facebook opened up a debate regarding the sweet new head attire, and the University was forced to provide an explanation. They justified this method as a way for students to concentrate on their work. However, we’re not so sure this racing blinders method is the best approach.

#4: No Bras Allowed

The girls studying in the province of Jilin in China are faced with mass discrimination. They are obliged to remove their bras when passing their gaokao exam, which is the equivalent to a B.A. And the reason is beyond bogus. The Ministry of Education states that metal bra liners can be used for cheating, as they may contain electronic tools which can be used to share information. The Ministry has also placed metal detectors at the entrances of the classrooms. This exam is extremely important, as you’ll need top results in order to attend university. But, one has to wonder if such drastic measures are really necessary…

#3: Soldiers in the Classroom

After noticing an increase in cheating in Indian colleges, the Indian Ministry of Education decided to seek controversial measures. Soldiers were hired to form a squad that supervises students during their B.A. and certification examinations. The goal of this surveillance is to raise awareness among students regarding cheating. Four out of 44,000 students for the certification and six out of 30,000 for the B.A. were caught. Having an armed soldier next to you obviously makes you think twice before cheating. This method is an overwhelming success, but it’s still just a little bit insane.

#2: No Internet Allowed During Exam Periods

During examination periods in Iraq, the government decided to cut down on the internet throughout the entire country. All Iraqi citizens are sidelined from the rest of the world, at least internet-wise. This interruption, which usually lasts about 3 hours, was denounced by several humanitarian groups, as it is detrimental to businesses. The goal is to outsmart students who are able to smuggle their smartphones into the examination room. It is apparently very effective though, as the cheating rate has declined significantly. But, it’s still a drastic measure that affects more than just the students.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- No watches Allowed

- Outdoor Exams

- Exams Under Surveillance

#1: Completely Naked During Exams

The top pick takes it to a whole new level! In the state of Bihar, India, the competitive exam to enter the army is very popular. But in order to avoid cheating, the Indian army orders all students to strip down. They are only allowed to keep their underwear. Well spaced out, wearing nothing but their undies, they are supervised by soldiers in a uniform. The army defends itself by saying it “saves them time when having to conduct a search on a big crowd.” The practice originated in 2015 after a huge cheating incident occurred, which led the government to act in such a radical way.

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