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Top 10 Worst School Rules Ever


Script written by Sean Newman

Rules are made to be broken… especially these ones. From no Advil in your locker, to the no gum-chewing rule, to the no piercings regulation, these rules are questionable. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Worst School Rules Ever.

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Script written by Sean Newman

Top 10 Worst School Rules Ever

Rules are made to be broken… especially these ones. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst School Rules Ever.

For this list, we’ll be specifically looking at rules frequently found in school, with little reason behind their implementation. So class is officially in session, grab a pencil and binder, and let’s dive in.

#10: No Advil in Locker

Illicit drugs obviously have no place in school, and sometimes, prescription and over-the- counter drugs are abused by users as well. But we’re at a loss for any example of an individual abusing Advil to get high. Playing devil’s advocate, perhaps the biggest reason for this rule is to prevent students from popping pills disguised as headache relievers. Look, if anyone’s genuinely planning to pop a Xanax during school hours, they certainly won’t do it at their locker in front of everyone. And what’s the consequence of this narrow-minded regulation? Nothing on most days, but we’ll all encounter headaches in class eventually, and sadly a quick fix is not within some school’s boundaries.

#9: No Chewing Gum in Class

We’ve all been there. An aimlessly wandering hand traces the bottom of a chair, and next thing you know, you’ve accidently touched gross, old gum, that was recklessly placed there lord knows how many days ago. Why would someone do that? Perhaps, because it’s the only way to get rid of gum, without swallowing it, or getting caught disposing it in the trash. 99% of people know how to chew gum without distracting other people. Yet it’s one of the most infamous rules out there. We the people demand an explanation!

#8: No Piercings

Piercings are an ever-popular form of expression that is utilized by both men and women. Aside from a few extra minutes spent at airport security, there are few valid arguments against them. Most high schools will graciously allow stud piercings, but will effectively eliminate the myriad of other choices available. Since pierced tissue tends to close up quickly, this makes it difficult to remove piercings during school hours. Are teachers afraid these will mess with the earth’s magnetic field? Or do they think this rule will stop us from channeling our inner Holden Caulfield? Hey, at least belly rings and certain other choices should still be able to fly under the radar.

#7: No Hair Dyeing

What’s the most common response to any school rule rebuttal? Teachers follow the rules and therefore, you should too. The thing is, there are certainly more than a few teachers who dye their hair on a regular basis. According to an article in The Atlantic, 70% of American women use hair-coloring products, but even half that number nullifies any argument here. Just because a teacher would choose brown over blue, doesn’t make their case any different. What’s worse, compliance with this rule may result in cutting off the majority of your hair if informed after the fact.

#6: No Cellphones

Okay, so this rule requires a more nuanced look at it. Nonstop texting during class can in fact be rather distracting. But many among us have had our phones taken for simply being on during class. This means a faint vibration or ringtone may result in detention. The teacher has a duty to instill order in his or her classroom, but this rigidity is a bit over the top, especially considering they can be used as a learning tool. If a student’s phone usage gets in the way of that, action must be taken. But perhaps this rule should be dialed back a few notches to a more reasonable level?

#5: No Social Media on School Computers

A typical high school computer’s firewall is strong enough to keep a would-be Edward Snowden out of it. What’s more, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are typically not included in the greenlit sites. We don’t always have homework during free periods and study halls, begging the question, what better use of this time is there than brushing up on some WatchMojo content? But alas, social media likely won’t be showing up on school computers anytime soon… meaning precious data must be used to keep up to date on friends and family during school hours.

#4: No Wearing Hats

In the history of state mandated education, has any school official actually explained the rationale behind this rule? In all fairness, the brim of a hat could be used for cheating during an exam, but that just requires turning a hat around whenever there’s a test. Is there a head lice epidemic we’ve somehow missed? Is there a killer gang whose secret symbol is every baseball cap ever? Not a chance. Perhaps this mother of all dumb school rules was never given proper thought, and has been around for long enough that people are simply too stubborn to change it.

#3: Seating Charts

The sentiments behind most of these frustrations, is the tendency for these rules to inhibit our freedom of expression. In a person’s teen years, individuality is of utmost importance, and a strict rule is bound to suggest that we can’t think for ourselves. Finding a seat in class is one of the most basic concepts out there, yet a seating chart is required in many classrooms. The daydreamer won’t pay attention more if they’re 5 feet closer to the front. The class overachiever won’t drop out to work at McDonald’s because they’re exiled to the back. Instead, this unyielding rule is bound to unnecessarily take just a little more personal freedom from students.

#2: No Food in Class

Most of us learn to do two things at once a rather early age, and taking in information while eating a snack is not exactly a mental feat to be proud of. Conversely, are we really expected to believe that this would impede our ability to learn? Food is notorious for being allowed only during the very brief time allotted for lunch while at school. On top of this, there is a practically universal response by teachers for chowing down in class: Did you bring enough for everyone? Maybe someone should stay after school and write some new jokes.

#1: Can’t Use the Restroom During Class

Pro tip: If you ask to use the restroom in college or the real world, everyone will look at you like you’re crazy. That’s because few scenarios outside of high school require permission for the most basic of bodily functions. Worse yet, if it’s an emergency, you may be required to “make your case” if denied access upon first request. Sure, only allowing one person to go at once kinnnnda makes sense, but not being allowed near a toilet when your bladder is about to burst is just plain ridiculous. School is embarrassing enough without having to deliver a 30-point presentation on why you need to go to the can.


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