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Top 10 Party Schools in America

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands

Are you looking for a quality education, the “college experience”, or both? From the University of Maine, to Lehigh University, and Colgate University, these students party. HARD. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Party Schools in America.

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Script written by Michael Wynands

Top 10 Party Schools in America

Are you looking for a quality education, the “college experience”, or both? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Party Schools in America.

For this list, we’ll be looking at American Universities with the biggest reputations for being party schools, as established by the yearly Princeton Review, which surveyed over 137,000 students from more than 380 schools in search of the hardest partiers.

#10: University of Maine

Orono, ME

This classic, ivy-adorned campus is everything you’d expect from a New England University. With so much natural beauty around you, there’s no shortage of activities to keep the health-minded outdoorsy type busy, like skiing and hiking. That being said… there’s also plenty to keep you busy right on campus. UMaine knows how to party. Even if you aren’t interested in pledging, many fraternity parties are open house, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to cut loose and get wild without committing to going Greek. Add to that the abundance of house parties, dorm parties and events organized by campus groups and you’re going to find yourself with a very busy social calendar.

#9: Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA

Heading over to Pennsylvania, we arrive at Lehigh University, where things seemingly never stop. Students describe the environment as being “"extremely hard-working, both academically and socially." “[They] work hard and have fun doing it." Greek Life is a big presence on campus, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to cut loose and overindulge. But the student body also prides itself on its many alcohol- and drug-free events, which means that you can still socialize and embrace the party atmosphere without feeling pressure to consume any substances. Some schools have a narrow-minded approach to partying, but not Lehigh. Sure it’s a party school, but more importantly… it’s a school with many diverse social opportunities.

#8: Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

This relatively small campus in the state of New York has a great academic reputation, in no small part thanks to the dedicated and often-praised faculty. Of course, studying and higher learning aren’t all that this Liberal Arts School is known for. Greek Life is pretty all encompassing on campus, and the amount of partying that goes down is allegedly so intense that it has caused tension between students and the administration inrecent years, bringing about certain changes. That being said, most of these initiatives simply aim to offer more diverse activities, and you can rest assured that they’re still partying far harder than most.

#7: University of Colorado--Boulder

Boulder, CO

This remarkable university, nestled in the bustling college town of Boulder, boasts impressive alumni and the sort of programs and facilities to keep on producing more of them. Its credentials are unquestionable, and, proving that a single University apparently can do it all, the same applies to their reputation as a party school. As a member of the student body, you’re never at a loss for something to do when you feel the need to cut loose. A college town in the classic sense, Boulder weekends feel like one big party, but the social scene here is far from one-note. When you don’t feel like partying, there are tons of outdoor alternatives.

#6: University of Delaware

Newark, DE

Wayne and Garth might be at a loss as to do what to do in Delaware, but the students at the University of Delaware certainly aren’t! The school is renowned for its hard-partying ways. Between Greek Life, special events and local house parties, those looking to get wild rarely need to look far in search of entertainment. Of course, this doesn’t mean that partying is all-encompassing or impossible to avoid for those who prefer a quieter sort of social activity. The University regularly hosts movie nights, and there are plenty of campus clubs for people with specific interests.

#5: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, WI

Students at Wisconsin-Madison are a studious bunch, known to keep their noses buried in books Monday through Friday. But come the weekend… they more than make up for it. Be it on or off-campus, the weekend is dedicated to having fun. There are plenty of parties to attend, as well as special events, but it’s their dedication to tailgating before games that really sets this student body apart from the pack. That being said, if you’re not into sports, you can always immerse yourself in the local bar or club scene. But really, you haven’t experienced Wisconsin-Madison until you’ve been to one of their house parties.

#4: Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

If you’ve ever been to Colgate University and thought to yourself that that must be the hardest partying school in New York State, you’d be wrong - and that’s saying a whole lot. At the heart of this drive to party is one very powerful force -“school spirit.” And at Syracuse University, they have got it in spades. The campus has been described as feeling “electric,” with the party atmosphere reaching a fever pitch on any given game day. Sports fans or not, many students will be heading to a bar or frat house come evening time, because at Syracuse... the party never really stops if you know where to look for it.

#3: Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA

At this Pennsylvania University, it’s estimated that roughly half of all students participate in fraternities or sororities. Given the Greek Life’s well-documented penchant for partying across the nation, this translates into a serious party scene. This student body is clearly committed to the task, coming out to party, rain or shine. Oddly enough, while most Universities go hard on the weekend, it’s actually Wednesday nights that are the stuff of legend at Bucknell. We can’t imagine that Thursday mornings are very fun, but hey, you don’t crack the top 3 party schools in America without losing some sleep.

#2: West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

At West Virginia University, people are super social. At West Virginia University, school spirit is incredibly high. At West Virginia U… the question “you goin’ downtown tonight?” is likely to be overheard every day. Translation? West Virginia University is the perfect storm to be a mecca of partying. Campus life and Mountaineer pride are enough to keep your social calendar full, but the bar and club-lined High Street in downtown Morgantown offers a whole other layer of partying opportunities. From the most intense tailgates you’ve ever experienced to the seemingly never-ending series of student events, WVU can provide a veritable gauntlet of partying for loose looking to get wild.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana & Champaign, IL

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

#1: Tulane University

New Orleans, LA
Tulane might not be a household name for viewers outside of the United States, but in America (or at least in Louisiana), it’s earned itself a reputation as the hardest partying school in the country. And considering the fact that it’s situated in New Orleans, an iconic party city, we can’t really say we’re surprised! It’s widely accepted that the school’s unofficial motto is “work hard, play hard,” with up to 45% of students participating in the raucous Greek Life on campus and even more generally embracing the active nightlife. As one student put it, at Tulane, “[they] don’t just get drunk, [they] party with a purpose.”


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