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Top 5 Facts About Plastic Surgery

VO: Lisa Yang
These days plastic surgery is just as common as getting your nails done. It seems like everyone’s doing something to their bodies these days, and for many countries, it’s even become a cultural norm! Everyone’s heard of bits and pieces of information on plastic surgery but before you go under the knife here are Top 5 Things you should know about plastic surgery! Many people have gotten plastic surgery in order to look like their favorite celebrities, WWI helped shape modern plastic surgery, plastic surgery was originally done on the deceased and men are increasingly getting work done!

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Top 5 Facts About Plastic Surgery

Before you decide to go under the knife, you might want to check out this list! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Facts About Plastic Surgery.

#5: People Use Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities

Are you really surprised? In our image-conscious world of ever-intensifying celebrity worship, many people have turned to plastic surgery in an effort to look more like their idols. Take Jordan James Parke for example, a young Brit who has spent over $150,000 to look more like Kim Kardashian. This strange cultural phenomenon has now reached a point where you can walk into a cosmetic clinic and ask for “Cara Delevingne eyebrows” or “Angelina Jolie lips.” Imitation might be the greatest form of flattery, but talk about taking it to the extreme. Just remember this: plastic surgery isn’t like buying a t-shirt. If you take it home and realize it isn’t a good fit, it’s a lot harder to return.

#4: WWI Helped Shape Modern Plastic Surgery

WWI was a bloody and brutal conflict that tore nations apart and left countless men broken and disfigured. New developments in warfare meant that doctors and surgeons were faced with injuries, the likes of which they’d never had to deal with before. And so, they were forced to get creative and develop a number of new techniques to address the distinct needs of their patients. Their efforts and discoveries would go on to birth the modern plastic surgery industry. Driven by the pioneering Dr. Harold Gillies, facial reconstructive surgery techniques were developed to treat the many severe shrapnel wounds suffered by soldiers. During this time, major advancements in skin and muscle grafts were made as well.

#3: Men Are Increasingly Getting Work Done

From breast augmentations and tummy tucks to booty lifts and eyebrow transplants, we tend to think of plastic surgery as a predominantly female undertaking. And while this may have been the case in the past, the male population is catching up. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of procedures done on men, since the organization starting collecting information in 1997, has risen by a staggering 273%. Even procedures such as breast reductions are on the rise when it comes to men, with more than 27,000 being performed in the United States in 2015 alone. That year, they accounted for over 40% of all breast reductions.

#2: Plastic Surgery Was Originally Done on the Deceased

Ancient Egypt was among the most advanced societies of its time. The civilization, which lasted nearly 3000 years and was responsible for such awe-inspiring accomplishments as building the great pyramids, was also pretty keen on making their dead bodies look good. According to the beliefs of the time, once a person died, their body entered the afterlife. In order to ensure that they be recognized by their peers on the other side, minor facial alterations were be done to draw focus to and accentuate their most prominent and distinct features. Some of these techniques included inserting seeds, small bones and other earthly materials into the skin. Clearly the plastic surgery industry has come a long way!

#1: Medical Tourism Is a Thing

When most people plan a vacation, it’s usually to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. Whether it’s a trip to Disney World or a weeklong all-inclusive, most vacationers are thinking relaxation… not plastic surgery. However, medical tourism is an industry on the rise, with many countries offering competitive prices for those looking to enhance their look through artificial means. These aren’t back alley operations either, it’s a high-tech industry. It’s also big business… medical tourism contributed $4.7 billion to Thailand’s economy in 2013. Most people don’t mind the added travel costs either, because getting the procedure done in their home country often means paying twice as much!

Do you agree with our list? What interesting facts do you know about plastic surgery? For more entertaining Top 10s and awesome Top 5’s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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