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Butch Hartman Leaving Nickelodeon: 3 Things You Need to Know

After almost twenty years with the network, animator Butch Hartman has left Nickelodeon. Hartman made the announcement in a YouTube video on February 8, 2018, just about a week after cutting ties with the company on February 2nd. Getting his start with Hanna-Barbera, Hartman moved to Nick after being selected for Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Having worked with Nick since December 1997, Hartman’s daughter is almost as old as some of his animated characters.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hartman’s past, present, and future:

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3. Who Exactly is Butch Hartman?

Butch Hartman might not be a household name, but he’s responsible for some of Nickelodeon’s biggest hits. After Oh Yeah! Cartoons picked up a short called The Fairly OddParents, Hartman was given the chance to develop several more toons centered on Timmy Turner, Cosmos, and Wanda. The shorts proved so popular that The Fairly OddParents was eventually picked up as a full-blown series. The show was an instant hit with critics and audiences. While some of the later seasons haven’t been as well received, it remains Nick’s second longest-running animated series after SpongeBob SquarePants. In addition to Fairly OddParents, Hartman also created the cult favorite Danny Phantom, which arguably gained an even stronger fan base despite only lasting three seasons. Hartman is also responsible for T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered in 2017.

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2. Why Is He Leaving Nickelodeon?

As for why he’s leaving Nickelodeon, Hartman simply stated in his video that “it’s time to go.” He had nothing negative to say about the company, however, describing his time at Nick as “fantastic.” Production on Bunsen Is a Beast is wrapping up after just one season. It’s unclear what Hartman’s departure means for The Fairly OddParents, although there’s speculation that the show’s 10th season will be its last. In any case, Nickelodeon will retain the rights to the four shows Hartman created.

1. What’s Next For Hartman?

Although Hartman’s time at Nickelodeon has ended, he’s not giving up his passion for animation. Hartman is currently working on a show for his YouTube channel called Elf Detective. He’s also under contract with Pocketwatch, Inc. and is working on a top secret project for them. The road ahead may be uncertain, especially for those dying to see a Danny Phantom revival. Yet, Bartman says that his “future is bright,” assuming Dinkleberg doesn’t get in the way.

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