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Top 5 Cartoon Characters Who Fail at Romance

It’s Not Me, It’s You

It may have become easier to deal with rejection nowadays, with the option of hiding behind our technology rather than facing up to vulnerability, but these popular cartoon characters remind us that the journey to heart eye emojis can be quite grueling. For this list, we’ll be looking at 5 cartoon characters from various shows and networks that can’t seem to find the love they are so desperately searching for. A special thanks to MyMojo user TheMichaelCityMaker for leaving this idea on our Suggest Tool and to everyone who voted and made it the trending suggestion of the week! If you want to find out what other cartoon characters made the list, check it out: Top 10 Cartoon Characters Who Fail at Romance and leave your vote! We’ll be picking a new suggest page every week to feature on the blog, so don’t forget to leave an idea while you’re there. Now, let’s get into some rejections…

#5: Dipper Pines – “Gravity Falls”

As one of the main characters of the Disney Channel animated series “Gravity Falls”, we see Dipper Pines go through a number of romantic ups and downs, although the latter seem to take precedence over the former…His romantic journey centers around an undying desire to be with Wendy, an older local girl with a laid back attitude that he can’t get over. Through multiple attempts to let go of Wendy, Dipper encounters some short-lived love interests such as Candy and Pacifica Northwest, even attempting to flirt with multiple girls through false-confidence in “Roadside Attraction”. All of his attempts ultimately lead to nothing and Wendy’s response after he tells her how he feels was pretty much the cherry on top: “I’m like super flattered, but I’m too old for you, I mean…you know that, right?” Straight to the friend zone, Pines!

#4: Juandissimo – “The Fairly OddParents”

Too bad this muscular fairy god parent can’t grant himself a wish because he definitely needs a little help with his romantic endeavours. Juandissimo is introduced as the fairy god parent of one of Timmy’s enemies Remy. Although he proves to be more likeable than the villain we expected him to be and manages to build somewhat of a rapport with Timmy, Juandissimo is still in love with Wanda, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. His countless attempts to win her back, including flexing and shirt-rip after shirt-rip, are always met with failure. Looks like Wanda and Cosmo are still fairy happy together.

#3: Brock – “Pokémon”

He just can’t seem to catch ’em all…or any. As the Gym Leader of Pewter City, Brock connects with Ash on his adventures to become a Pokémon breeder, although his motifs quickly shift towards falling in love with every girl he meets like Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny and basically any female character the series introduces. He eventually leaves behind his position of Gym Leader to his father and aims to become a Pokémon breeder as well, although hopefully his battle skills are better than his pick-up lines, because every region on the planet has its fair share of potential love interests and so far none have reciprocated an admiration for Brock.

#2: Pepe Le Pew – “Looney Tunes”

He stinks…at romance. This french skunk, originally from Warner Bros. American animated series of comedy short films “Looney Tunes“, spends all of his screen time attempting to find love and admiration, with no such luck. His romantic efforts are typically aimed at a female black cat named Penelope, who he mistakes for a skunk like himself, and who tirelessly escapes his advances on account of his putrid odour and aggressive mannerisms. His narcissism and tendency to mistake rejection for shy infatuation are definitely not helping either.

#1: Johnny Bravo – “Johnny Bravo”

We’re still unsure whether this egocentric Elvis sound-alike is more in love with himself or the endless array of women that shut him down on a daily basis. When he’s not trying to maintain his buff physique or comb through his gravity-defying blonde hair, you can likely find Johnny Bravo becoming instantly infatuated by every and any woman that passes him by. Despite his multiple womanizing efforts, Johnny is never successful, luckily his “Mama” keeps him grounded and his dedication never fades, so perhaps the woman of his dreams is within reach. Maybe she can convince him to take off his sunglasses when he’s inside?

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Before you go, check out the video below! These cartoon characters might not be known for failing at romance, but their social awkwardness probably doesn’t help.

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